Somebody sent me a video explaining Rugby, didn’t listen, took screen shots instead (30 Photos)

  • German

    just add mud and you got your self a nice good clean american mud wrestling

  • Bongzilla420

    I suddenly like rugby.

  • Short Bus All Stars

    I wouldn't be opposed to them tossing my balls around in such a manner…

  • Josh

    Even though I watched the video and "tried' to learn how rugby is played….. I still have not a clue

  • MooseMoose

    Q?: When it's blondes vs. brunettes who wins?

    A: We all do!

  • Blindsided5

    Too bad the World Cup didn't look like this.

  • bkfrijoles

    Still have no clue about Rugby…. but if it was only woman playing i'd watch every day

  • Stephen Harvey

    Where can I find the video

  • LTW

    #21 will be in my mind for while

    this whole post is full of win

  • torainca

    #24 good job, who needs the video, you're done for the day. go have a beer

  • Trey Shacksit

    Your series of screen captures is art unto itself. Seriously, someone would pay $ to see this as an exhibit.

  • PatDGroin

    High Def downloadable version for all of my various portable devices????

  • Tequila

    I don't think I remember a single word that was spoken.

  • Andrew

    Maybe you should have listened to the spiel on rugby, instead of just lusting after the girls in the clip. Last week the USA beat Russia in a rugby game in New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup. The same week as Monday night football got started here in the USA (a sport nobody outside the US gives a fu*k about) no airtime here was given to an event where a US national team beat the Russian national team in a sport played and watched around the world .

  • Jay

    cant wait for the women's rugby lingerie game up in QLD

  • SuperDanMan4290

    It has been a long time since i actually seen some footage from a Rugby Game….. But this is totallyawesomeuniverseiscomplete great way to explain the game. 😀


  • Matthew Kritsberg

    0:15…ahhhh what sweet jiggle.

  • spike

    soooooo i want to see this video
    what is it??
    please and thank you

  • chuck

    Hope you like its informative and super sexy

    • chuck

      i would like to let everyone know that even though its sexy a small procedute has changed on CPR

  • dsgds

    These girls can't play rugby for shit. I do love lynx commercials.

  • mtk

    U guys know that USA is playing in the rugby world cup? Playing against australia tomorow…good luck 😀

  • Irishstephen

    And this is not on Things That Bounce because why??

  • EyeNStein

    #7 Great guts.

  • Alex

    That was epic. GIFs NOW!!!!!

  • ruggerlogger

    where can i find this video???

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