• MigraineBoy

    You should check out "How television ruined your life" on Youtube. It's from the same guy and has tons of funny stuff.

    • Dirtycod

      How did I not know of this? Cheers.

      • Juan

        And I was waiting for the new season of Newswipe… thx MigraineBoy.

  • 2cool4skool

    Wow, well summarized, I think I'll go make a news report…

  • Joel

    Funniest video i've seen on the chive since a while. Laughted my fucking ass off.

  • mike mike

    flippin LOVE brooker. this and screenwipe are some of the best gems on bbc 4

  • chong

    understood the humor didn;t laugh out loud

  • tdogg

    Chive needs to really ditch viddler. such garb

  • chivesworth

    The man's a genius

  • Dirtycod

    Charlie Brooker is a legend. Also check out screen wipe or news wipe

  • Lawrence

    This is Charlie Brooker for you. Honestly, him and Chris Morris are what it's all about. I'm British. Comedy should be dark, sarcastic, insulting, facetious and generally inappropriate. The channel 4 special Brasseye about summons it up. People thought it was reall… !!!!

  • Anonymous

    funny shit

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