Deep down, you know you still love playing with your food (30 Photos)

  • claj

    Looks like an acid sugar cube

  • Diana Santos

    #17 love that one ❤

  • mattythegooch

    Didn't help my "wake N' bake"……………..#26

  • commodoresixtyfour

    #18 #25 these look fucking gross

  • LoveGifs

    I am at a lost for what number #3 is 😦

  • drew

    #26………….seriously??? i mean at least kill the lil fucker before u eat it.

  • bigcat72

    #1 i wouldnt want to eat cuz i wouldnt want to mess it up #6 however, i wan to make a larger version of kill myself with!

    • commodoresixtyfour

      I would take the slice that had "ninja" on it since it got mangled and i cant even tell what makes up the filling of this sandwich

  • lia

    #26 That is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen.

  • Brandon Brookens

    #26 fucking gross

  • cubanitagirl

    i dont think i would eat #26 lol.

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  • Amanda

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  • Rebecca

    its late at night and i'm hungry now

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