From WWI to the Korean War, this is the Lewis gun (37 Photos)

  • BIll57

    amazing that it was state of the art for a long time

  • Firefighter23

    If it ain't broke don't fix it

  • Franklin

    This was also the basis for one of the big stormtroooper rifles in the original Star Wars.

  • Gabriela

    Yesterday I watched the priosescon of the Soldier from Terre Haute that was killed in Afghanistan on the computer from a live feed. It was so moving. Sgt. Griffin’s family gave permission to the media to release pictures of his return to Dover. His parent’s said they are encouraging the media coverage because they would like to put a face to the conflict in Afghanistan. His mother told President Obama that they needed more troops, because according to her son, there were not enough to do what they were there to do safely. He unfortunately was a casualty of that. Sgt. Griffin’s Flag draped casket will lead the Veteran’s Day Parade in Terre Haute tomorrow at 10 a.m. I am taking my children in hopes that they may learn at a young age the respect our service men and women deserve. I have explained it to the extent that you can to a 4 and 5 year old, but it is a lesson that I feel we need to instill early. I did not know this man, had met his parents in passing at a friend’s wedding. I just feel the need to do something. I called around and have made arrangements to take food tomorrow for the peace meal after the funeral. It is not much, but if we all do the little things we can do. Part of me feels guilty that I am doing this just to make myself feel better. But I guess we should feel good when we show goodwill towards fellow man.

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