Hot air balloons should all be so creative (30 Photos)

  • Vester

    Because I live in Alburqurque New Mexico I have seen most of these balloons at the Balloon Fiesta.

    • Dirteburton

      Haha same here

  • Capt Obvious

    #12 More believable than the "story" it takes its likeness from.

    • Not an idiot

      #12 Actually, if you look at the dimensions described in the Bible, you would see that it looks more like a modern day cruise ship. Just saying.

      • Capt Obvious

        Dimensions and age of builder aside, the ability to gather a pair of EVERY earthbound creature and house them amicably for the duration of the cruise….just seems illogical.

  • Rodrigo Liceaga

    #28 I was right next to that baby last year in an awesome balloon festival in Leon Guanajuato Mexico in my FB are some photos

  • joel

    in my opinion this is the best way to avoid the zombie takeover. i wonder how much it is to have your own balloon created?

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