• Bantos

    see what i did there?

    • alicewhite

      You may change your life completely. People want to have another new found, a new kind of dating feeling. It is a great place for singles to get to know each other, and talk about religion, work, sports, life, relationship, or more. I can assure you that your will be happy here.

  • SenorWilson

    Bam Foom Boom Ohh! That was awesome

  • SkyVader

    It could be a Camero. A bitchin' Camero.

    • mike

      tony orlando in front

    • dorkfish

      Or it could be a Camaro

      • Relax

        Relax, spelling Nazi.

    • ZombieBootParty

      My parents just bought me a new car. They drove it up from the Bahamas.
      You're kidding!
      I must be the Bahamas are islands.

    • C-spot

      It's OK SkyVader, I'm old enough to get the reference. I

  • Lou

    Yeh, it had me on the floor too.

  • The JK

    Am I the only one getting "video not available"?

    • Mcfly707

      No you're not sir.

    • AmBush_Steve

      You're probably chivin' from work.

  • Downwithcanuks


  • lynch

    fuck helping that guy almost on flames, lets make a musical.

  • Dano

    OMFG!! Too funny…

  • AsciiAdam

    This is the best one yet. Better even than "snatchin yo people up"

    • Dave

      Not a chance!

      • Davey

        Obviously hasn't seen Backin' Up.

  • DemonDan

    the female reporter…..MOAR!

  • c4barry

    omg. lol. lmfao. rofl. roflmao.

    • no.

      stfu. plz.

  • Trinity

    I’m a loyal chiver here in Phoenix and I saw this on the news. The guy alone with his expressions were funny. But this, this had me laughing till my stomach hurt!

  • sixdeadelves

    i smell a hit

  • Lawndart

    Haha the funniest part is how the D-bag in the hat behind him kept changing positions back and forth. And yes that female reporter with the umbrella is kinda hot.

    • ZombieBootParty

      She sorta looks like Christina Applegate

    • scoob

      shes not a reporter, shes one of the people that puts these songs together. i forget her name.

  • Pants

    Too short but full of awesomeness nonetheless.

  • walkingtheriver

    Ending was epic!

  • Christopher Huddleston

    God, that was fucking stupid.

    • C-spot

      Sorry, but you are wrong. You are the one who is fucking stupid. Troll gets trolled. Reality hits you hard Bro.

  • dorkfish

    funny shit

  • mattythegooch

    This was neat…………the first hundred times they played it on Fox Az.

    Side note: we do have some hot reporters.

    • Don Mambo

      Except that Alexis left for S.D. – miss looking @ her in the a.m.

  • FoCoLivin


  • GernBlansten

    So I guess there is a silver lining to the unemployment rate after all

  • Trinity

    I'm a loyal chiver here in Phoenix and I saw this report originally and the guy's expressions alone were funny. This.. this just made it all the better and funnier!

    • elias

      Heres a cookie

  • Bud

    I just played it three times and I'm pretty sure everyone in my office now hates me.

    • Jay

      My coworkers wanna shoot me right now. 100% ignoring me now!

    • AmBush_Steve

      … one more time.

  • Lynne McNaught Sandilands

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH Fantastic 🙂

  • Coldzilla

    Was gonna say who uses autotune these days but that was kinda kule 😉

    • elias

      Yeah…because autotune isn't nearly as funny as a dipshit canadian commenting on the chive. You're so with it and cutting edge

      • Coldzilla

        Wow dude – pull the stick out out already o.0

        Were you actually going to comment on the subject at hand or are you just out for an afternoon troll?

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