Weirdest world records (28 Photos)

The new Guinness Book of World Records 2012 was recently released, here's some of the past craziest records.

  • Tuff GUy

    #3 #6 #10 #18 #28 Are these records really worth a lifetime of loneliness??

  • ahawkeyeguy

    And you… would be dumb. Nuff said.

    • Meh

      HA! Burn!!!one!!

  • The_Dood

    Hasn't #13 had that record since the 80's?

    • Ovla

      You're thinking of smallest penis.

  • Allen Schowengerdt

    Also, the company I work for set the record for most snowmen built in one hour at 1279.

  • thanksgd

    #8 dur dur dur dur ddddddd LONGCAT

  • thanksgd

    #28 tibet he knows

  • thanksgd

    #3 is that pinto?

  • Duke

    Most likely to be on welfare, can't work with those nails. Unless she works for nickles!

    • NebraskaGuy

      She couldn't pick'em up! Muahaha

  • Blindsided5

    #17 I'd probably, yeah…

    • Drewcifer

      all you bro…. out…

  • HectorGum

    I think #3 also won the nastiest.

  • James

    seriously dude? The guy with the nose is named Mehmet Ozyurek. And he's Turkish.

  • chivette

    fastest couch lolol epic

  • Coldzilla

    #24 Better wear a riot helmet and mouthguard if youre gonna motorboat those

  • Drsgos_Nei

    LOL still think his comment is hilarious!

    • Jewman

      Me too! LOL!

  • idunno

    #8 I see what you did there.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #8 Don't stretch that pussy out of shape!

  • Verbal_Kint

    #24 Remember when you were asking about too big? This is too big…

  • timok023

    #17 saw in London a busdriver with a tongue like that, scared the shit out of me

  • aaron

    is #21 lee corso?

  • PuckettSharlene

    I just got a $829,99 iPad2 for only $103,37 and my mom got a $1499,99 (HDTV) for only $251,92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37" HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78,24 for. I use

  • Mike

    # 17 I'd marry her just for that reason…

  • cubanitagirl

    eww #3

  • NotPaula

    #5 Was from 2005. The current record is 1810 lbs.

  • bkfrijoles

    #16 i want a ride on that

  • PopcornFarts


    I don't think he's at risk of having someone else beat his record.

    • MonkeyMadness

      His record is safe from me.

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