Women who enjoy the Second Amendment (30 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=562164523 Brent Hand

    #29 has been floating around the net forever. Find Her!!

  • oliverklosov

    #6 & #9 Are too f'n hot,

  • ace

    your gun is digging into my hip

  • pooper

    seriously the best chive gallery ever! chive u just keep getting better and better!!

  • macman1987

    #3 Gun from shooter with marky mark??

    • jason

      Marky mark used a barret

    • Pull!!


  • jimbo

    #10 #19 #21 blew me away

    • jimbo

      meant #29, damn it.

  • jimbo

    I think I need to clear a round out of the chamber

  • lynch

    i wonder if #23 knows that for-grip functions as a bipod too. prolly not. oh well, she has boobs

    • Rampale

      What's that gun anyway?

      • Nerfherder

        I dont recall the manufacturer, but its a .45 semi/full auto sub machine gun with almost zero recoil. That boxy area between the pistol grip and the magazine well houses some special actuator that counter balances the recoil while shooting. Its basically a very efficient lead dispenser.

      • Pull!!

        Kriss is the manufacturer. And the way she is handling the weapon indicates some level of training. Notice the control on the trigger finger. Her safety is in her head, not yours.

  • karloz

    damn they all look sexy as hell

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #6 Shoot me!

  • http://twitter.com/oilfielddoc @oilfielddoc

    #1 Find her, and I will name ALL our children after THECHIVE… Also FLUTEPUSSY Shut the fuck up

  • Yep!

    #6 That is all!


    If I have to go out in a hail of bullets… I want it to be done by #2

  • Chuck

    #29 Gonna fuck up some Zombies real good!!

  • jdp

    #15 #16 #17

    Soooo hot….want to touch the hiney

  • Rick

    #16 = pickle patch

  • antitango

    #7 looks like an Oleg Volk picture, but I'm not sure.

  • Slamin


    Hot damn

  • Coldzilla

    #6 She had two 38s….. she also had a gun

  • penis

    half these bitches aren't even American, so how can they enjoy the 2nd?!
    dumbass Chive!

  • Spengler

    Nobody should own guns aside police and the military

    • tom

      Dumb ass liberal

      • Pull!!

        He's not liberal, at least not in the true sense. He is more Marxist or communist. And gutless. Maybe even a little short on brains.

    • Pull!!

      Fuck you Spengler. Just look at the countries where the Servants are getting wiped out by the gun toting thugs. What, when they come for you your going to jack off for em ya little pussy? That will be your defense.

  • togaen

    #2 #14 MOAR

  • hahaha

    wot the fuck is these bitches doin, now make me a sammich. how do i know your messin me about about

  • Thee adam

    Omg! More of number 6. 😀

  • laelow

    #16 #29 FTW.

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