Women who enjoy the Second Amendment (30 Photos)

  • ThornyDevil

    They could empty my pistol any day! 😉

  • Vanosh

    #14 is from the movie Bitch Slap, her name is America Olivo.

  • Stefan

    awesome selection chive thank you ,would love to ''Lock'n Load'' a few of them ,,

    Just disappointed you didn't post my Justin Bieber pics with his airsoft pistol :)))

  • Bathoris

    they all got lost on their way to the kitchen

  • Dano

    #10, #14, #29 Good Gawd, these gals are HOT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #15, #16 and #17… so freaking hot!!!

  • Pull!!

    Some are military service, not Second Amendment, there is a difference.
    And some are just poser's with a toy or what they think is a toy.
    Nice post altogether. T, A, and A.

  • Tyler G.

    even if she's eh, kinda cute, give that bitch a gun and she's sexy

  • Soupmanson

    Second Amendment title is fail, if only becuse there are girls from the IDF, Sweden, and, #1 is British, and a few other countires are repersented. This is what happens when you post pics of pretty girls, but have no clue about firearms or the Constitution. But hey, how hard is it to "Borrow" other peoples pics, and make stuff up. I'm in the wrong line of work.

    • Bathoris

      just shut the hell up and enjoy the pretty girls

  • Doc

    Lets go Zombie hunting!!

  • gharvx

    6, 12 & 21 – just another trio of model shots (and there's nothing wrong with that) – EVERYTHING ELSE – Wa-a-a-ay hot!
    Nothing hotter than a badass female!

  • Parkatola

    Okay, after looking at the pics of the girls (so no one will say "Know how I know you're gay?"), I have a couple of questions about the weapon in #7. First, what is it? Second, can someone explain how it works? Specifically, the clip is towards the back (behind the trigger?), but the ejector port is forward, under the front sights. How does the casing get from point A to point B? I don't know a lot about guns, but can understand simple physics Any help? Thanks.

    • Pull!!

      FN2000. 5.56mm bullpup.The ejection port is setup so that the rounds are pushed out the front and away from the shooter to the right. Fun to shoot.

      • Parkatola

        Thanks! Chive on!

    • Adde

      The F2000 uses a unique ejection system, ejecting spent cartridge casings forward and to the right side of the weapon—through a tube running alongside the barrel. Only when the ejection tube contains more than five cases is the first of them ejected forward through a port just behind and to the right of the muzzle.

      • Parkatola

        Thanks to you as well! And Chive on!

  • Alperen

    #1 is cute

  • James

    #23 what in the world kind of space gun is that?

    • Pull!!

      Its a Kriss.

  • konaehukai

    #6 Digging the gun bra!

  • Travis

    #3 real life Sarah Connor!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lukasvanderzee Lukas Van Der Zee

    For the Europeans here… what is the second amendment? :S

    • Pull!!

      The Constitutional right to Keep and Bear Arms. The first being Freedom of Speech. Look up US constitution.

  • Anonymous

    This is AWESOME!!!

  • hilt

    It's called "Women who enjoy the Second Amendment," yet consists mostly of female *soldiers* who aren't American. Hell, the title image is a Brit.

    Talk about a shit title.

    • Pull!!

      Yuppies who don't understand what they are looking at, sensationalist idiots, drunk frat boys, and monkeys who can type are all equally employed by the chive. I only stop by for a laugh….

  • F. Gump

    #6, #9, #14, #20 I enjoy woman who enjoy the 2nd Amendment.

    • Pull!!

      Poser, someones hot GF, poser, and poser.

  • FuBaR

    funny thing is that most of these women aren't americans

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  • Lior

    #13 = Israeli Defense Force

  • ClutchMedic

    Some Mesa Tactical and Magpul love in there! Tits Clips and Lead

  • dylaan

    6,7,14,19,20,&29 make me wanna fire off a couple rounds

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