Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (36 Photos)

  • dfgdf

    #34 😦

  • turd ferguson


    hey sailor

  • Wesley

    #25 is extraordinary, but it's her smile that truly seals it.

    • Wesley

      Sorry, meant #32.

      • Beattie

        #32 is Katerina Lylery she’s a buddy of mines sister. She also skate boards and snow boards.

  • chez18788

    Those future chiver and chivette onsies are awesome!!! I’m having my first baby in april so as soon as I find out the sex I’m getting one!

  • Coco

    #22 looks like its 1936…

  • poopstabber

    #22 the calendar is set 4 years in the future

  • Anonymous

    #30 and #31 make me proud to be a chiver

  • Art

    #30 #31 You know, sometimes I think you guys are real douches based on how you handle shirt sales, making it impossible and so difficult to get our hands on much wanted Chive merchandise….. And then you guys go and do something like this and I can't help but tip my hat to you and respect you a little more. Good job guys and congrats on the new twins, they're gorgeous little babies!

  • Liam

    #22 look at the calendar it's actually from 1936

  • http://twitter.com/tomjkolo @tomjkolo

    #15 How do I meet this girl?

  • Art

    #4 Can someone please direct me to this bar?

  • Bumman

    #7 Holy Bajeebers! Glad I’m a ass man

  • http://www.kneedeepinabottle.com Navin R. Johnson

    #7 could you pass me my drink, i can't seem to reach it

  • maggiemay13

    #19 I want to go camping in this forest … and bring my own version of trees. That would be the most relaxing camping trip.

  • movetoit

    Jesus i love the chive, but you did not just call one of the gods of modern dubstep "DJ" Excision
    This was fucking fantastic, but please change it, just for me?

  • Kirk

    #15, thanks for repping the organic chemist chivers and chivettes! I get bored reading that book too.

  • RetiredChief

    #30 and #31
    You guys rock!

  • Kirk

    #15, thanks for repping the organic chemist chivers and chivettes! I get bored reading that book too.

  • Chris

    Anyone know what cutter 33 was taken on?

  • acoustrix

    #4 i wanna go there…
    #21 and there, to do that
    #33 jugs! i mean jag!

  • Jeff barnett

    (jack in the shining)

  • takens05

    #27 #28 congrats!!

  • Ryan

    #18 Excision is a Chiver!? : D

  • NeonAngel

    #7 's reflection is kinda scary not gonna lie.

  • tim

    #22 the calender says its 1936

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