• Irishstephen

    Interesting concept, but I don't think I could live there. What happens when the pool starts to leak?

  • tigress

    It’s not bad, but I think the pool should be see thru, it would make the surrounding walls more interesting

  • soda pop

    Just looks like a glorified pool then a house.

  • jkmcdermott

    #11 – cool pool, great spot, but it's kind of a shack, no? Also, #9 – you would undoubtedly fall to your death after a couple of Coronas.

  • Bing

    Hmm, pool full of water, inches away from where your head sleeps at night… nope, no problems there.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #1 has a decent surfable break…………….

  • Logan

    You would never leave that house?!?! I've seen way better…

  • Ben

    This typical construction, not design of many vacation homes in mexico. Some have no power or plumbing and nearly all have no central air. Though I guess I could get by without airconditioning and having to tote in bottled water for a few weeks.

  • Don

    I would have made the pool out of plexyglass. Now that would have been truly cool.

  • MacNCheesePro

    Perfect vacation house! Not much to clean up and it's badass/somewhat magical.

  • B45op

    That deck is all right and good until you get wasted and fall off.

  • Detsirf

    I am in 100%

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    […] I would never leave this house – [theChive] […]

  • Roman

    Too bad it's in Mexico.

  • Lokobo

    My house doesn't even look half as nice, and I never leave mine…….

  • Fukin A

    you basically showed a pool

  • grog

    nice to hang out at, then leave to go back to your house.

  • phideauxe

    ………….. and then the Mexican Gov't nationalized the property and took it away…..

  • MoNature

    Just a shame they fucked up that beautiful unspoiled landscape to built it.

  • Auz_E

    I'd leave that house to go swim at the beach too.

  • Sean

    I want that house

  • Jess

    Think i saw a turd floating in the pool. collegepoison.com

  • Speedo

    Sometimes I fart in the bath.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503873627 Stephane Ross

    new dream house:)

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