Lions & tigers & bears, oh gee! (18 photos & video)

  • x-time


    • Short Bus All Stars

      Do people really think that's cool? I mean honestly? How bad does your life suck to where you feel the need to be "first" in something to be happy with yourself ….dude, seriously, get…a….life

      • BIll57

        somebody's jealous…

        • BIll57

          can't remember whether this is me (troll) or the real Bill. Hmmm….is there a 2nd troll???

    • JAFitC

      . . . is the loneliest number, that could ever be.

  • Brian

    Lions and bears, living together! Mass hysteria!

    • Paz

      Bill Murray reference, you sir earned a beer.

      • Brian

        That was almost a gimme, but I will still take that cold one.

      • venkman

        sticking "mass hysteria" after a list of animals living together is bearly a murray reference…

        • Jen

          angry about his inability to comprehend the reference.

          • egon

            ^^ missed the purposeful misspelling of barely in an attempt to be snotty & hip ^^

            • Jen

              just hates the fact that a girl has wit and will still slap the shit out of a dude

              • stantz

                no really, i'm all about you and your attitude – that's fine by me…it's just that you seem to have missed my pun and then called me angry which made no sense

                i saw the movie in the theater – not to mention the 400 other times…i'm pretty sure i got the reference

    • Kodos

      don't forget the human sacrifice

  • Paula_

    Lions, tigers and bears: OK.
    All other animal combinations: the BERRY!

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

    • BIll57

      no one cares what you think paula

      • Paula_

        Well YOU of all people do like no other; every time you reply to me it feels like you want to scratch my balls.

        – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG –

        • TheBAMFinater

          And this is why we need to quit replying to Paula….damnit

          • Paula_

            So you too have some time to scratch my balls?

            – the one you love to scratch

            • BIll57

              I knew you were a tranny all along

              • BIll57

                now we can be best friends, i'm the original tranny. from the '30s.

        • Brains?

          Bill likes men and little girls. It's the way he rolls.

      • Brains?

        Boy bill, you have said that more than a hundred times. GTFO you pedo.

        • BIll57

          Brains you have none how many hours did it take you to come up with this two timeless critques. try to be original as you have no brains you may want to go back to school. ask your moom if you can take summer courses

          • BIll57

            boy, what a crazy day on the chive! i'm SO angry right now that people are being so mean to me! but i guess it's the price you pay for being an outspoken cockslammer

    • LiT

      and wolves, can't forget wolves

  • Iam_Dave

    That is so awesome!
    #5 looks like cute stuff animals coming to life to play

  • Anon

    #14 its so cool to see those animals beside eachother like that. Such an interesting combination. Probably a good thing they are all some of the biggest from their continent so they can respect eachother

    • Dan

      Respect,……west side.

  • Mark Op 't Hoog

    so baloo , shere khan and… leo?… not simba or mufasa? Not you had to choose for Leo..

  • 2857

    that lion is obese

    • Katoun

      No only :))

  • Mark

    They are fed too well, but i guess that keeps them from attacking one another.

    • walkingtheriver

      Nah it's just so that they can't catch and eat humans.

  • Big_Curt

    i think my pets need some upgrading…this would be amazing

    • Beyonce

      Let me let me upgrade ya

      • hMMMM

        terrible…a cable tv commerical??? Can't believe I remember that…that's how you know that marketing campaign was successful, I guess.

  • Andyyyyyyy

    I would put a lot of money on one of those animals mauling one of the keepers someday.

    • macman1987

      triple treat! shit would be like a tag team match. "slap" your in lion!

    • Handy

      no way. the only thing they'd maul would be one of their 9 daily meals.

  • Fawx

    Lion and Tiger and Bears, Oh Gee? Oh my….i don't think that's how it goes!

    • Tito

      "Tis the laziness that exists in theChive.

    • dub

      Also, I don't believe it was the Wicked Witch of the East that said that.

  • BIll57

    In the wild they are natural enemies I wonder in maturity if their instincts will take over I hope not

    • H_something

      How exactly are they natural enemies? They do not exist "in the wild". They are from three different continents.

    • You're a Douche

      Why yes Bill, in fact the ranges of these animals so frequently overlap that it is a never ending blood bath.

    • Mrs. BIll57

      Billy, get over here and change your goddam diaper! you shat your self 3 hours ago you're stinking up the whole trailer! get off that computer you fucking pervert!!!

      • BIll57

        look it up on the internet that's what it is there for oh that is right you are brainless twits this is the best you can do. well get help and learn what you can I realize it is difficult for you

        • BIll57

          i am never gonna put a period or punctuation mark ever oh man waht's that on my penis oh its just this homelessmans asshole that was easy you are never going to amount to anything i need money peaches are great

  • Laurie

    Hey Chive, how about some information on Noah's Ark address so I can send them a donation??

    • AmBush_Steve

      Too bad there wasn't some magical web site that you could use to find the info yourself. Oh wait…

    • rawrrawrdinosaurs

      pfft, noah failed. He didn't even save the dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns, and hydras. How fucking cool were the hydras? you cut off one head and two more heads pop up in its place.

    • Columbo

      … Someone wouldn't be thinking about recovering their former pets now, would it? …

    • Noah's Ark

      Whatever you can give is appreciated. A gift of $100 will be good enough for one bite of an appetizer for the lion and the tiger (bear not included).

  • Joe C

    Look how fucking porky that lion is. They should get it a treadmill. Unless it's pregnant. That would be interesting….

    • macman1987

      that's how you get a tigon! or if it was the bear a Bearon??

      • the other Jen

        a Liger!

        • Dan

          Instant magic skill upgrade

        • Jen

          you mean the original Jen? I'm the troll Jen, but I'm funnier.

  • Matador

    she will never be robbed

  • walkingtheriver

    #9 I really want these as my pets ^_^

  • macman1987

    give it time. soon there with be a story, man attacked and killed by a lion, a tiger and a bear. Everyone will be like "WTF??" minus the chivers who will be like "I seen that shit coming a mile a way".

  • beng

    This is really great, At least not all of Georgia jumps to the conclusion to kill things.

    • hMMMM

      I see what you did there…current events comment.

  • Phil

    Hopefully they breed into a half liger half bear killing machine.

    • macman1987

      I'm super cereal guys! Manbearliontiger is real!

    • drew

      Is that Ligerbear?

      No stupid, it's Tigbearon.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        but you see for the south park reference to work it had to begin "manbear"

  • macman1987

    I would totally put a passed out friend in that cage and just wait for him to wake up!

  • Anonymous

    *Oh MY*. Not Oh Gee. Sheesh.

  • JAFitC

    #7. "I shall name her 'Lunch.'"

  • gtmaestro

    It seems that the lion is not actually a "lion", its a liger. a liger is a hybrid between lion and tiger and they are bigger than either a lion or tiger

    • Napoleon

      Yeah, I heard they were bred for their magical prowess. Pretty much my favorite animal…

    • Hotsauce101

      Actually I think they're just fat… Both the Lion and the Tiger appear to be pretty fat. The bear is a bear, so you can't really tell, but they seem to be well fed.

    • Ateka

      It seems you like pulling facts out of your ass. A "fact" is something that is true and verified. The expression "pulling facts out of your ass" usually mean you make up stories while you act like they're true.

  • Çreep

    #15 balls sir you have em

    • Johnny Two Toes

      That bear is huge, most male black bears are around 300 – 400 pounds, that one has to be pushing 500.

      • USMC8654Justice

        yeah i am sure you can tell just by looking at a picture of the bear next to two objects that you have no idea how big they are too. you are just that damn good johnny. but they do look like they are keeping these animals very well feed which is a good thing since they are all top predators.

  • joel

    This is awesome.

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