• Amanda

    And p.s., fellow Chivers: lighten up. It was all in good fun and the kid could have said no. Stop being such cynical dicks and enjoy the laughs.
    Chive on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/natescoggins Nate Hunter Scoggins

    Badass primate slo-mo ending!

  • Logan

    So this shit took the place of the DAR… Chive.. You are losing it. Your like Facebook right now.

  • Donna_Romper


    • Foosbah

      agreed. this shit is lame.

  • hackitect

    Where did all the fucking hater-trolls come from? That was just plain awesome.

    Any chance you want to share out the plans for that cannon? I need a weekend project.

    • Rick

      true story, our local bar tender just showed up with the cannon. he's from Detriot, they just like making sh*t to blow things up

  • bubblerider86

    hahaha, yes… i gotta get one of those!!!

  • Brian

    You don't have any Chive shirts to sell,
    but you have some to blast holes through?

  • fibonacci5150

    i can only image how much I would want to use one of those at the front row if a sporting event

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1812444839 Jim Englin

    True Story guys, "Crunch" the MN Timberwolves mascot was dickin around at a game in 2000-2001 and hit a guy sittin in the court side seats square in the face with one of those air cannons. The guy comes out of his chair, drops to the ground out cold. I was sittin about four rows away and could hear the thd. truely nuckin futs!

  • Steve

    Did you really have to ruin a totally fine "Keep Calm" shirt while testing?! There are few enough in the world already! Way to shoot the intern though…

  • DJR8D

    lmao the best part of that is the slow mo of dude prancing away

  • CaracasChiver


  • UMN

    Right in the mush

  • http://DrinksLA.com orikalmus

    give me that keep calm shirt

  • nayr

    Anyone else notice how slim Patty's looking?

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002211011171 Steve Reade

    Next Jackass movie should be called Chiveass

  • flooriduh

    I have been checking chivery for months trying to buy a chive t-shirt and they are never available… this video explains a lot

  • TylerV

    I'd take a shot like that for a Chive t-shirt. Seriously…

  • Colleen

    As much as I enjoyed the t-shirt cannon of doom, my interests were really on the guy with the Pittsburgh hat. Introduce me.
    -A Chivette of the Steel City

  • ImpressMe

    That was hilarious…..how do you get any work done??

  • Superfubario

    1:45 on Planet of the apes.

  • nick

    Thats called earning your stripes. You should have lit him on fire and then shot him

  • Aaron Ashbaugh

    request pics of chest bruise

  • Bryce

    Is that Mongo from blazing saddles?

    • Rick

      I call it my Sunday attire…what can I say, I'm a f*cking idiot and judging by my brother's reaction (Bob) it runs in the family

  • JonnyC

    HA sucks to be him, but awesome anyway!

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