• j22

    Trespassing = Serious legal trouble.

  • HUH?

    what is it? everyone thinks that hunters are all drooling, inbread, ned-beatty-loving, homocidal maniacs? geez, stereotype much?

  • Danno

    4. Get Shot.

  • Coldzilla

    Might wanna be wearing gloves during step #2

    Just sayin


  • Jason Bartz

    A vast majority of these cams will be posted on private property which means NO TRESPASSING. It's called private property for a reason. And I don't care if it is funny, you don't fuck with someone's stuff like that. It's just common courtesy. But of course today's younger generation in made up of asshole douchebags that don't respect common courtesy.

    • Anonymous

      Calm down ya tool, it’s a fucking joke. Why’s your asshole so sore?

      • Doobieking

        Ha ha. Think he may have a memory chip up there to stop his deer cam getting trolled

    • Jay

      Do you realize most 'pranks' infringe on the target's rights in some way? Ever take something from someone just to watch them go crazy trying to find the lost object? Wouldn't that be theft? Even if you 'return' it later? Rather than confiscating the item for your personal use, you're confiscating their reaction for your personal use (i.e., a video camera to post on youtube), etc.

      A joke is a joke.

  • BowmanPa

    If I caught someone messing with my cameras they would be saying oh shit please stop beating the shit out of me and then I would turn them over to the police.

    • sober

      What a prick, call the cops, lol, go ahead miss bowmanpa..

      • Pull!!

        The pricks are the ones who would mess with a game camera.

    • Tri mii

      You’d be in a he’ll of a lot more shit then the prankster cause you beat the shit out him. Think shit through before u act!!

      • Pull!!

        likewise. Think it through before you mess with a game camera.

  • tom

    Because you ARE the biggest and baddest mo fo out there! Right!

    • Pull!!

      He might be. Would you really want to find out?

      • Raymond

        I'd want to find out if you were the biggest, baddest mofo. Cuz you sure type like one.

        • Pull!!

          Well why didn't you leave your addy and directions to your house then?

  • Jmoney

    Game trail camera = 100.00
    SD Card = 30.00
    Photoshop= 75.00

    Getting shot by an angry hunter….. PRICELESS

    • monkey

      Photoshop $75 – ha ha ha ha, what a dumb ass

    • Y u NoSmart

      More like Photoshop $200

  • porcupine

    Extraordinarily illegal in Wisconsin. Also 90% of time it would require trespassing and again most people who own hunting land in WI WILL prosecute trespassers. Add to that I have friends who hunt and use infrared cameras near their other cameras. You wont find those cameras and they will have proof of your trespassing.
    Oh and hunters have guns and know how to use them.

    So all and all its funny, but stupid, dangerous and Illegal.

  • m p

    And Americans wonder why they get bad press around the world. Shit you guys are a mess. (The hunting ones).

  • ocho

    Problem solved: troll with a gun in hand…

  • deerhunter

    Try that sh*t in Wisconsin and you'll find yourself injected with enough lead that the EPA will rule your corpse a hazard to the pine box you're buried in.

  • cat magoo

    no one can take a joke…

  • Carlos Quezada Moncayo

    Photoshop a Wican Coven full with naked biatches and stuff

  • A. Schick

    Man lot of people here with sticks up their asses. Chill out people

  • Hungry Hunter

    Shoot the camera, the zombies, all the deerz, kittens, your fat hillbilly wife, the hipster, yourself, Justin Beiber, that other guy from Wham! And the when yer done, call the cops an tell them to take away all y’alls interwebcomputerpornomachine. PS: I’m the NRA and I vote.

  • Jack

    Funniest bunch of comments ever! You all Rock!

  • Richard the Dick

    This shit is hilarious!!!!!!!

  • Vester

    Everyone needs to chill the fuck out. It’s just a joke, deal with it. It’s amazing how some people can over react to something that’s just meant to be a dumb joke.

    • Active Hunter

      Yeah, a dumb joke. My hunting is a serious past time. Be kinda like me shown up at your party and pissing on your couch.

  • JohnnyBoy76

    Photoshop LMFAO …who thought this shut up? Funny

  • me

    I hunt public land in tx. Find cameras all the time, but I usually just moon it or something dumb. This is going to happen. No worries

  • Yeahyeah

    It’s kinda cruel tho people spend thousands of dollars a year to hunt (not me just a couple of hundred) but to screw with their stuff after all the work they put in. I’d be pissed if I caught someone idk messing with my stuff. Not saying I would shoot you but I would prolly shoot at u to make u shit yourself and we would be even… But with all that said it sounds funny and I’m thinking about doing it to my buddy. Just be aware if ur on posted property in Louisiana fucking with peoples shit they still have the right to shoot ur ass gotta love my state

  • crazydog

    only hunters and texans are so fucked in the head to get really pissed off about this idea. right wing dickheads.

    • crazydogisafucktard

      It’s cool to be left wing and mess with shit that isn’t urs and make fun of ppl who don’t like your methods.

    • Active Hunter

      Leftwing pussy.

  • smasher

    Im a hunter and that shit is funny…dangerous but funny.

    • Active Hunter

      I could see doing it to a buddy. But not some strangers stuff.

  • Guestimations

    I am definitely doing this

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