Goths in hot weather (24 Photos)

Brought to you via Goths In Hot Weather.

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  • Shant1k

    #11 Loch Ness Monster

  • nitrox

    Funny to see, not dangerous, they are cool to me!

  • Leo Vzainszceskov

    This summer, I saw some goths here in my city. (Monterrey, Mexico)… If you're not from here, it gets up to 50 degrees celcius (About 120 fahrenheit)…. WHAT? WHY? It's torture for me walking about in shorts!

  • MATT

    Here's the song that goes with this page: "Goth Girls in southern California" by David J (hilarious!)

  • Dan Hewett

    you're all fucking retarded…

  • Ben

    #9, they are chillin' in Newtown, that aporto fills with goths once a year.

  • Anonymous

    Goths r just dum

  • Lil bit

    To much work to look that trashy

  • Seamus

    #12 But with pink underwear!

  • luckyB

    well i know #16 is in NM…shook my head in shame when i realized it

  • dilligaff

    Hard to be a scary vampire while wearing shorts.

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  • Piesmagicos

    #17 is all kinds of awesome hahaha…one of the funniest things ive seen in a long time.

  • K breezy

    In all fairness (no pun intended), when they get older they won’t be wrinkly. Hugh Hefner is always very covered up and I’ve heard the skin on his body looks great for his age. My neighbor is like that too. Use sunscreen kiddos!

  • number 24

    Who would have thought a candid photo between me and my ex-gf at the beach, ripped from my fb/myspace, would end up on the Chive one day xD lmao. The comments are so telling of the ignorance and just weird hatred people seem to harbor towards "goth" culture. It seems satire, or any conceptional ideal past a fart joke, is lost on most people lol. I can't hate, I laugh at people I consider "stupid" looking too. The best part is, I've now been on Tosh.0 and the Chive, respectively, for simply being on camera… rofl Right on Chive xD


  • oakXXIII

    #17 made my life better

  • bdawoodworker

    And to think that there are groups who discourage suicide.

  • Amanda

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  • Houssain Rizk

    what is wrong white this people

    • Shane Bryant

      … What is wrong w/White people?

      Or did I read your gobbledygook wrong?
      – $

      "Chatter. Miles and miles of endless, nonsensical chatter.
      Welcome to the world of the wide web."

  • Justin

    #15 needs to tell us the point of having a bandolier on his boots if he has no gun

    • Shane Bryant

      … 'Cuz it looks neat-o?

      Ya mook.

      – $
      "They CALL me… MISTER pig~!!1one"

  • seneca

    these people seem to have impeccable taste when it comes to umbrellas.

  • elizabeth

    I just hope they used lots of sun block, they all look pretty fair.

  • JohnsLaurel

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  • Zach D.

    They all need to be hung from the nearest oak tree!!!

  • dr miranda

    Zombies! Kill them!

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