Goths in hot weather (24 Photos)

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  • Dog B. Hunter

    #12 Whats with the shopped horse head in the middle?

    • Shane Bryant

      I believe it's actually someone with a fan, but good eye for what I believe is an optical illusion. :^)

      Take care.
      – $3

  • $hanE3ryanT

    There is such a thing as style. Just because a person has a certain style associated with the way they dress, people suddenly believe that person believes they're "rebelling" by choosing one shirt instead of another. What if it's not the wearer that's the problem… but the viewer? Akin to how I beLieve it's the fans and media/paparazzi of the modern era that are the problem, and not the entertainers. As for style? I wear trenchcoats, color my nails, paint my face and put on ripped jeans with chains. And some of my fave musical artists? Hank Williams Jr., Creed, Tone Loc, & oh yes, Justin F'n Bieber. Bucking conformity indeed isn't wearing a fashion that others wear and simply thinking that is "fighting the system". Fashion IS conformity. Style? Personal, individual style, with musical taste that you develop without the influence of others? THAT is bucking the trend. Fuck the hate. I read the first page of comments, and pretty much realized where things were headed. Just thought I'd add in one reasonable response.

    Oh… and #20 – Gothic Cyndi Lauper 4D MotherFather'n Win.

    – $hanE3ryanT
    "TomGrrrL's just wanna have fun…"

  • Joeycaps

    ^ shuty…..

  • Jmalibuss

    Kinda like asian people eating mexican food… It just freaks me out.

  • Fool

    This has got to be one of the suckiest photo gallery apps ever. Application fail.

  • Anonymous

    Not all goths

  • Revlis1

    Bless em' all for having "some" style. But, if you're hell bent on being dark and mysterious, you must accept that there are just some places and some things you do not get to do.

    Bungee Goth? Nope, doesn't work.
    Beach BBQ? Only after dark.

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