• sidewinder86

    Video not available!!

    • MyHeadHurts

      This guy should be the standard for concussion baseline testing

      • chapstick

        My penis is the size of a chapstick

    • Chiverino

      Again BOB! This is an intern mistake…. how many of us awesome chivers use firefox???? Should be something to consider

  • Law Maker

    Fat women should all be thrown in jail. They need to be starved until they are skinny- then they can be released. But if they get fat again- they must go back to jail.

    This should be a law.

    • .Krookz

      Too bad our country is fucked up. We would over feed them and we would have to foot the bill to get fatter chicks

    • Not Paula

      Jealous that your wife is a hog….and all you have to enjoy in life is Gap Monday's and Burn it Tuesdays. Laws are made by the people… I wonder if you'd fit the bill for a law against morons.

      • No Paula is Stupid

        If there was a law against morons, you would be the first one in jail… moron!

      • thatdude


    • ydodonutshave2die

      wtf? random comment is idiotic and what about fat guys hmmm?

  • Gunpe


    • Marklar

      My argument is invalid!

  • jrey81

    what'd he win?

    • virtuoso09

      the chance to procreate. It's a new Chinese law that you must scale 15 steps on your head to have sex.

      • jrey81

        i suppose that makes sense… give 'em a pass and keep 'em out of trouble since at that point they're clearly capable of doing an inverted-flying-ninja-throat-baby-attack on female passersby…

      • ....

        first of all
        this is japs
        and second of all, he attempt to break the Guinness world record

        • b.o.l

          first of all
          japs is racist
          and second of all the guy who broke the record was chinese, the show was japanese though

          • taktak

            the second monk was guiding the monk climbing the steps in chinese. im chinese. i know my chinese.

  • Guest

    works for me

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    That is super necessary

  • wells11490

    If only every woman's head was this good…

  • Da_Boz

    Replace small Asian dude with large breasted model and repeat!

  • Etue


    • ruffestneckaround


      • https://www.facebook.com/kindlin David Terry


        (I just love that one)

  • Kaars

    Something tells me that a fair percentage of Americans couldn't do this on their feet…

    • mooseknuckle907

      Nor European's

    • virtuoso09

      Not when we're drunk celebrating Terrorist deaths! Take that Osama!!

  • Busted

    I had to crack my neck after watching that.

  • Ronnie

    How is this a monster-fail?

    • http://twitter.com/Monster_Fail @Monster_Fail

      This isn't a monster fail. It is a WIN as is says in the watermark. =]

  • beat rice

    hurr durr i wurnt mur 2 murnurts burck

  • dorkfish


    • Dex

      why not?


    He can really kick your ass with his head

  • ...

    Now go back down.

  • dalexmu

    yep had to be a chinese

  • Sterling Archer

    Now go back down

    • http://twitter.com/Monster_Fail @Monster_Fail

      AHAHAHA Hey I got more videos at http://www.monsterfail.com let me know what you guys think.

    • TylerV

      Archer!!!! I love you.

  • Groggy

    That was goddamn impressive, regardless of whatever the haters are gonna say.

  • Doublen675

    Who comes up with this shit?

  • Pwithc


  • Henri

    Right, the next lesson in your Zimbabwean presidential training is using your head.

  • http://twitter.com/Monster_Fail @Monster_Fail

    Thanks 2 thechive.com for featuring this vid. You guys rock!

  • Alex

    Yeah…but what for?

  • saunge

    UMMM video not available? i'm disappointed.

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