• Joe

    But they can't stop earthquakes

  • Stan_Dalone

    does it so much he is now has a flat head, paula take lessons

  • Allen Moton

    I can do that, I just don't feel like it.

  • Bongzilla420

    I have neck problems and this hurts just looking at it.

  • Brother Maynard

    Equal parts impressive and WTF.

  • rabblerabble

    best way to get ahead in life

  • Coldzilla

    So in North America would be he using an escalator? o.0

  • Anonymous

    That guys gonna get laiiiid , o wait, is he a monk?

  • 234

    This guy is like a sholin monk… maybe he is… they can take a spear to the neck and not be hurt

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  • Smitty

    FUTURE neck problems. But, I'll take that rather than present head problems… MONSTERfail 'idiot with gun' was too graphic to post here.

  • Chris

    Someone should have told him there was one more step.

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  • eric

    Japan….. wtf

    (yes, they are speaking Japanese)

  • asdf

    but he can't beat zombies with that skill…

  • Brett

    What on earth just happened

  • Moud

    He' a step ahead of everybody else.

  • Faresline

    jump in the head,stupid


    Hollywood’s Big Little Actors
    wowwwwww thats little thumbs are very bog stars

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