Coolest printer concept ever (11 photos)

It's called the 'see what you print' ('SWYP') printer concept by artefact group

simplicity and intuitive navigation are behind the design of the 'see what you print' ('SWYP') touchscreen printer
concept by jonas buck, fernd van engelen, and tucker spofford of seattle-based design consultants artefact group.


all images © doug evans

  • thomasPONIESreeves

    cool idea, bad name

  • NOOT

    $10 says its still evil, and now with an added level of taunting you!

  • p1babyarm


  • Anonymous

    Umm are ink cartridges really that hard to replace now? People need to relearn to think lol.

  • YEM

    I would break it. I can't have nice things.

  • Doug

    Yo dawg I heard you like printers, so we put a printer inside a printer so you can print while you print.

    • DontbeTHATguy

      Where does the "printer inside a printer" come from? I must have missed that. Or, you just made it up to fit with your overused internet meme.

      • Dug

        YES! That's exactly what he did, and HE CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT!!!

        • Troll_This

          How about go fuck yourself?!?

          • Dug

            Hi Doug!!!


  • The1Architect

    If it's like every other printer, it will probably be cheaper to buy a new one than replace the ink cartridge.

    • Master_Rahl

      my #1 issue with printers, right on Architect

    • Seriousface

      Except you rarely get full ink cartridges with a new printer. You're doubling your losses.

    • its_forge

      Except this one looks particularly pricey.

  • numb

    I'll just keep using the color copier/scanner/printer at work. Ink and paper are of endless supply…

  • Verbal_Kint

    Maybe if Apple was in the printer business….

  • Matt

    No, this is the coolest printer idea..

    • SuperMar1o

      Dude sees a hot chick, scans her, emails me the file, I hit print and voila! shes in my bedroom. Awesome.

    • child.molester

      I want one….

    • Master_Rahl

      damn, wonder how it works on people.

    • Uncle Scotty

      That's complete bullshit.

      • LiT

        just like evolution and the earth being round I guess ^^

    • Chris Newman

      i was just going to recommend this! get out of my head

  • Iam_Dave


  • Bruce Rineer

    "PC Load Letter"? What the fuck does that mean?

    • r00s7a

      Well done…

  • Rick

    I want one now!!!, must have it..for…myself

  • Still Me

    #10 very similar to the ink sticks (actually more like blocks) used by the Tektronix (now Xerox) Phaser solid ink line:

    • Flicka

      Xerox has em in soy ink.

    • its_forge

      Ah yes Tektronix, the printer company that invented the phrase "the first set of replacement ink costs almost as much as the printer." For a while before Xerox bought them, some of their contract sales reps would just give you the printer free if you'd promise to order your first two sets of ink through them, because the profit margin on the ink was double or triple what it was for the hardware. Not even joking.

  • Juan Tank Anzures

    cool story bro !

  • itsjaredyoumadbro

    That would be great…if I actually printed anything outside of work.

  • DanielB

    #8 This is a great product, i have it at home. Only i call it computer screen

  • clenis

    1. I don't see what the big deal is with this printer. 2. Is the Chive going to pimp products now? This is just blatant selling out.

    • clenis

      Thumbs down all you want but this is a cheap, transparent ad. "A two year old could figure out how to replace the ink cartridges" — hahahahahahaha how lame.
      That said, find her #5

  • T dot J

    #8 In the future everything will be a block and have touch screens… see told ya

  • Uncle Scotty

    Are you people stupid? This is just advertising. Dishonest advertising. Fuck you, Chive.

  • jkmcdermott

    Nifty, I suppose. But "simplicity and intuitive navigation are behind the design of the 'see what you print' ('SWYP') touchscreen printer". Really, Chive? Really??? We know you guys have to make a living, so don't try to make this look like an entertaining post. #5 is possibly the most boring image you've ever put up.

  • Bob

    About time, printers are sent from hell. They always break down..

  • McQueen

    And ink will cost twice the cost of the printer!

  • timok023

    Vimeo? What are you, hipsters?

  • Dan

    i would only use this printer to print a letter to the Chive requesting more HQ Desktop Wallpapers! Stop Slacking Damn It!

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