Coolest printer concept ever (11 photos)

It's called the 'see what you print' ('SWYP') printer concept by artefact group

simplicity and intuitive navigation are behind the design of the 'see what you print' ('SWYP') touchscreen printer
concept by jonas buck, fernd van engelen, and tucker spofford of seattle-based design consultants artefact group.


all images © doug evans

  • gghh

    This is as gay as “which cereal would you pick”. You guys are really hitting it out of the park this week. Lame

  • Stan_Dalone

    Can you imagine when it goes all wrong how much printing gets printed wrong when printing the wrong printed paper prints?

  • dash

    #10 and yet my mom would still call me up to ask how to change them

  • Coldzilla

    Great… just another thing to break down and eventually defenestrate =/

  • Tommy Wren

    i want the camara attachment and the printer please.

  • Da Sandman

    looks fake.. color printing with so much detail so fast…? seems unlikely

  • Maytrix

    A printer with a touch screen. Nothing all that exciting about it.

  • Evan Seiler

    I bet the ink will cost $200 per cartridge. No joke.

  • Carter

    OOOOH its pretty and stupid with no actual tech spec's whatsoever…load of wank really

  • Larry

    I am sure the a full set of replacement ink probably costs $90.

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