• http://crumpracing.com Jason

    I agree with Alan. I spent my teenage years jumping at a place called the marble quarry. This jump is more like 50 feet… very similar to what we called Pink Floyd at the quarry, which was the top of the rocks. You could also climb a crane perched on the corner of the quarry and climb out a tension cable that crossed over the top of the water and drop for a full 6 seconds. Brings back alot of memories…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where this is?

  • Jay Costanza

    For those saying this is only 50 feet, exactly how are you arriving at this conclusion? Im no expert but judging by the size of the guy (has to be at least 5' no more than 6' tall) in relation the length of the fall Id say this is AT LEAST close to 100 ft.

  • Mark

    fail, not even worth a cheesburger

  • http://www.endthread.com/2011/09/100-foot-cliff-jump-into-watering-hole.html 100 Foot Cliff Jump Into Watering Hole

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  • 2cool4skool

    Even at 30ft you feel the simultaneous rush and pause, 100ft looks pretty badass.

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