• jeff

    she lost me at hamburger just fuken nasty

  • jeff

    bath salts are a real bitch!

  • Skeptical poor kid

    So you're telling me…

  • Tom Noble


  • ponydude94

    She just pissed off 5 million Ethiopians.

  • supe-jawn

    is it weird that i have a boner

  • Raul Machado Jr

    drugs are bad for you.

  • maryjane

    Bitch is crazy i could of use those to make myself good munchies.

  • sandra

    is this suppose to be sexy? honestly????

  • p1o2i3

    People in africa would love to eat your hair right now

  • @MMarcynuik

    I feel like I need to wash the living daylights out of my hair…

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