• Trancientalx

    Shower like a BOSS

  • Eemes

    Yep, I do believe those paint chips she ate as a child were indeed “toxic”

  • Kevin

    What a waste of good Sriracha

  • Joshua

    Rinse and repeat?

  • elliott

    so many starving countries would envy that

  • Nathan

    wtf… I have no boner for this… none at all…

  • ThatGuyFromBefore

    Nice to see that cannibals have videos to watch on the internet too. Still could use more egg though.

  • Pdog

    I have the weirdest boner right now

  • Crow


  • Chris Henderson

    I've thought about it…. Yeah, I'm not going to clean the tub out. Plus, you own me forty dollars for all my food and condiments you wasted.

  • beelzebub

    Tits… or GTFO

  • this_guy

    Cleavland more spaghetti o's

  • rainwulf

    that chick is smokin hot, and odd as hell. Love it!

  • Bob

    i wonder what else this chick is into

  • dragon30

    LOL it just makes you smile

  • Goldenage_Geek

    Wait a sec…isnt that the "do you like me now?!" girl that freaked out about not being able to find a boyfriend a few months back?

    I think we've got an answer…

    • angelcurry1077

      That is totally the “like me now” chick. I’m disappointed. I wanted another math problem…

  • spie one

    I’m wondering if she wouldn’t mind some assistance?

  • Chelsea

    WTF. She could have fed a small country with all the food she washed her hair with…

  • Jon

    what a waste of a pie.

  • Brian

    So basically, she became a taco salad

  • ReasonablyRetro

    At least we know she wouldnt mind jizz on her face… Or hair for that matter.. Yikes

  • Darby Hawk Man Gray

    i lol'd so hard i fell in love with her

  • LennynotCarl

    What flavor or Fanta is that??????????

  • Travis Dickerson

    I guess she didn't have the urge to herbal…

  • Natasha Budanova

    please someone send this chick to the starving kids in africa

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