Nailed it! (27 photos)

  • Kaars

    Hahahaha, this whole post rocks. Especially #18

    • Ben

      ITSA Mario y Luigi! I couldn't stop laughing

    • JMP

      My younger brother made the Chive, I couldn't be more proud! He's the Mr. Incredible look alike.

  • D.C


    I really hope that chick didn't pull the trigger

    • Happy Canuk

      In her defence, I believe it's an air rifle, you can see the hinge where the barrel meets the stock.

      • greazzlybear

        Still no excuse to hold a rifle like that

        • Frank

          blame the person that gave it to her and never showed her how to use it.

          • Flicka

            Yea. I'm a firearm enthusiast and every time I hear about some body slipping and blowing their own or someone else's brains, foot, arm, etc out/off, I think of "jokers" like this. Being surprised by a gun is not a joke!

            • shuzzam

              Being allowed to own them is however.

              • Smuggler

                Shut it, shuzzam.

                • shuzzam

                  what? no gun = no chance of you blowing someone away. Simples.

                  • KIDD71


                    • dashete

                      From the gun murder capital of the world: Guns don't kill people but they sure make it a fuck load easier.

                    • Dalshepsut

                      Where is the gun in this hypothetical situation? It is in your home with your family? I dont think a firefight with your kids in the middle is the best idea.
                      Maybe it is in your car? Thats cool, unless someone upsets you and you decide to try and scare them a bit. Maybe you carry your gun on you at all times, then you can be prepared to defend yourself at places like the bank, your childrens school, the mall, places where firing into a crowd to stop a criminal is perfectly acceptable.
                      Im not against people having guns, but there are very very few situations when you actually need one for self defense. If you cant use a gun right then you are even more dangerous than the criminals you fear.

                  • Chivalrous

                    I bet if all guns were banned, the criminals would be first in line to turn in their firearms. There's no way criminals would break the law by keeping guns.

                  • Steven

                    The root cause of people killing other people is not guns.

                    The answer is far, far from simple. Unlike, apparently, your mind.

              • Schmitty

                Swing and a miss

    • Fasteddy14

      "I swear officer, she got that black eye on her own…"

    • Boom!

      she did, and she is a pirate now…

    • dirtysteve99

      'merica where the criminals have air rifles, and the homeowners have assault rifles.

    • hMMMM

      so I guess I'll be the first to comment about the tight little body on this girl. Slender, athletic, stupid…perfect for fun.

    • EddieG

      I wood let her try to shoot my gun and two ball bearings

  • tom

    this was weak

  • OldNSlow

    Wow, should be called recycled pictures we need as filler today. Fail.

    • ballsballsninja

      so true

      • (*432


    • Lotus

      Who is thumbing this down?

    • JDB

      Don't complain. Be grateful. You could be working…


    #9 needs help

    • hmmm

      needs help evolving yes

  • jasgat

    #6 Pretty disturbing

    • patov40

      Most trolls are.

    • ZachBob

      reminds me of that episode of the twilight zone.

  • Zedhere

    #1 I swear, your honor, I didn't give her that black eye!

  • Drew Bolden

    #14 nailed it

    • DontbeTHATguy

      Yeah, that's the premise of this gallery. Very astute, you are.

    • spears

      yes, well done. Using the title of the post to comment on how you feel about #14. I'd like to think you can do better than that.

    • Mike Latoris

      You nailed the nailed it.

      • dirtysteve99

        meta-nailed it

  • dim

    D.A.R. (Daily Afternoon Recycle)?

  • Mike Latoris

    Future upper back problems.

    • Clint Smith

      Future Pirate.

    • Master_Rahl

      She's gonna have FDPP (Future Depth Perception Problems)

    • Maynard B.

      Future head trauma victim…

  • hmmm

    #24 why is it that people who shouldn't procreate do so most often?

    • Juann Strauss

      I'm in two minds about this. But I'm leaning slightly towards "he's a father who loves his child enough to let her design a tattoo for him". Petty about the wigger pants.

    • NoMoGeronimo

      How many time is the Chive going to repost this? Swear to Christ I've seen this pic in at least 5-6 times in the past week.

    • dOOb

      As a father, I'd get my kids drawing tattooed on me. Beats the shit out of gay tribal tattoos and stupid arm bands.

    • RumHam

      Fuck the hate, Good Dad. You're good.

  • Captain Canada

    #27 Good ol' CFL.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Kerwin Bell….what a tool. At least he did this to cement his place in history.

    • Jed

      The best part is that he's the one who got the flag for celebrating, not the guy who pushed him.

  • mooseknuckle907

    that made my morning right there.

    • caleb

      God, I'm Canadian and just can't stand the CFL. It is the NFL's retarded fourth cousin.

  • AssClown

    #1 That should intertwined the eye and brain nicely, so you could see how dumb you are…

  • Fasteddy14

    #6 PAULA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • blah blah

      obvious joke is obvious

    • )(8943

      *yawn* get a new joke.

      • Red


    • mooseknuckle907

      Still funny

      • Chris Arabian

        Not funny at all.

        • Kent09wu


  • KyleGamgee

    I'm in love with this post. I watched #27 over and over. What a joke.

    • butt lovin

      CFL style

  • butt lovin

    #27 CFL sucks

    • butt lovin

      come on i'm canadian and NFL is way better

      • dOOb

        Well… YA… NFL has WAY better TV coverage, more talented athletes and probably the best system is pro sports. But you can't say CFL sucks. With only 3 downs to get a first down, AND a larger field (both longer and wider), the passing game is far better in the CFL.

        If you like the running game, hotter cheerleaders and better commercials, you will definitely like NFL better.

        Just want to help educate those that can't find Canada on a map…. yup… looking at YOU Texas!

        • curt

          CFL overtime is also waaaaaaay better

        • ssstoopid

          I'm in Texas… found it! Robin Williams helped me find it on the map. "It's the a loft above a great party."

          • kodakkid

            yeah where all the hot chicks are gettin banged

      • caleb

        Beginning to think that the chive is visited by a shit load of Canucks…….you are completely correct sir, the NFL is a million times better. The best football players play NFL, those that can't, play in the CFL.

  • nick

    #20 umm yea

  • I See U

    #20 Great exchange, too funny! But have to say, maybe not the smartest, but she is blazing hot with a smoking bod!

    • Niihi

      you idiots think every chick that couldn't double as an anthropomorphic hippo is "blazing hot". get some damn standards.

      • I See U

        Hey, Casanova stopped by! Sorry if she is below your standards of beauty, but ripping other people won't make the chicks who will give you the time of day any hotter. And people can have their own idea of beauty, so get a clue dude.

  • Black i

    #1 Too bad, because she looks cute with a nice bod, but that's gonna leave a mark!!

    • Eddie G

      I would take her into the woods. And see if she could fire off my gun. 🙂

  • LarsfromNorway

    #20 I'd definitely nail her

    • Dirty Dingus

      I'm sure she'd be all over you…you should meet (i mean stalk) her.

      • tak

        Just remember, She's not a whore!

  • Clint Smith

    #24 – Can you post this about 500 more times…I haven't seen it yet.

    • 1st repost


    • Texas

      2nd #24

    • Re-Pete

      3rd #24

      • Pedo Man

        i'd tap that.

  • Kudu

    Lady Gaga is the greatest thing in music right now. deal with it.

    • Bob

      Hipster/gay/both, can't tell? Ga Ga sucks long time…..

    • Short Bus All Stars

      aaaaaaand "she" definitely was a guy at some point … you can just tell there's a penis lurking in there somewhere

    • Stan_Dalone

      no she is just the one manufactered and pushed the most right now

    • Kodos

      ummm…. no

      • snotface

        well, she is ugly.

  • Roger Sterling


    Gotta be a hipster bar.

  • MissChris

    #6 Um….. what?

    • GernBlansten

      I'm guessing someone lost a bet…..

    • tom

      its Paula

    • Master_Rahl

      separated at birth?

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