No doubt, day and night, the "Wolfhounds" of TF "No Fear" are battling in Kunar (53 Photos)

Thank you 2-27 and 3-27. Be safe up there.

  • Stan_Dalone

    Kick Ass boys, take out a few for me, thank you for your service

  • chong

    from restrepo

    • Rick

      no, they are from a collection of photos over the last 2 weeks

      • Rick

        Restrepo was of Airborne in Korengal Valley, similar setting…easy to confuse

  • kyle

    #47 kristen kreuk

  • Jesse Campbell

    Thanks for the overwatch guys, we were sad to leave you because you were so much better than 101st there before!

    Former RCP 47 PL – 744th En "Chaos" Co

    • RCP 47 PL

      Get us some revenge, the more the better. Make the bastards pay.

      RIP CPL Arruda

      You are never forgotten.

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