Patty F@#ked Up (16 Photos)

A few months ago, Patty ordered a big shipment of direct-to-garment fail, hundreds of defective 'Mislabeled States', Scottsdale/New Jersey and Kentucky/Tennessee T-shirts. Patty Fucked Up.

At a glance the shirts look fine, but don't be fooled. The state designs are 30% smaller than intended and the print quality is all wonkey, no two shirts are alike, it's like a bunch of retarded snowflakes. The Scottsdale/New Jersey print is completely wrong.

Our quality control at theCHIVERY is extremely high and we refused to sell the shirts. I posted a few photos of Patty's big fuckup in the DAR, after which dozens of Chivers emailed me asking for a Patty Fucked Up Tee. We still refused to sell the Patty's Scarlett Letters and they've languished in our office as a stark reminder as to how hard Patty fucked up.

But the email requests have continued to pour in so we figured we'd sell them at a dramatic discount if you really want to purchase these orphaned redheaded tees. The Patty Fucked Up tees are available here for $5 and come complete with an apology. I guess you could call them limited edition, but that's overstating it a bit.

patty bookend Patty F@#ked Up (16 Photos)

Click here
to order an original Patty Fucked Up Mislabled State.

Also, our much-anticipated ‘Vitruvian Panda‘ launches today right here!

  • Chivette B

    On a similar note…What the hell ever happened with Patty's weight loss program? All I'm sayin' is dude looks a little chunky. Little bit round in places. Most places. Okay…all places.

  • Chooch

    Whatever happened to the Patty-weight-loss-chick?

  • erick

    #5 I have those headphones….things are dope! way better than 'beats by dre' without the big name mark up

  • Frank Prill

    Nobody wants these dumbass shirts….Order Chive ones

  • Lee Johnson

    When are there going to be some XL Bill Fucking Murray tee's in stock?

  • JoshJoshuaProd

    Where are the Snobsdale, AZ shirts? Did they get sold out already?

  • Arjay


    Yeah. I can hear her screaming that famous four letter 'F' word now.

  • Manish

    Surat and gujarat india

  • Emma Oliver

    can patty please fuck up some other t shirts too cos nobody in the uk would get the joke on the mislabelled states.

  • bbob

    #14 & #15 is pure WIN

  • Pokepoke

    #14 can we get patty to screw up an order of bra's n tops aswell? If that keeps being the logical result…

  • DJDoubleB

    I NEED and Tennessee/Kentucky T-shirt but they aren't on the order page.

    Dear Chive, Please Help.

  • Paul

    So what happened with Patty losing weight?

    • Chooch

      I know! Did that "weight loss chick" keep her promise? I missed the post!

  • Boomer

    click the link, but do not see the scottsdale one… gone already???

  • jubarules

    I can't seem to find those shirts on the chivery. Am I looking in the wrong place? They don't come up on a search

  • Lainey Kyle

    Have these already sold out and been taken off the Chivery? I can't seem to find them. HELP I WANT ONE!

  • aquirus54

    you should add a caption on the shirts that refer to the fuck up. Call it a"Patty shirt," or say it was" Pattied". from now on, refer to all fuck ups as patties. he should be shot in the balls with the t-shirt cannon.

  • Killer Flange

    How about shot in the balls with a shotgun?

  • big tony

    thats what you get for hiring a fat fuck

  • MammyNun3

    Got my Fucked up Shirt in the Mail Yesterday. I must say, the apology letter was shit. Mine was signed with a circle. What the Hell Patty!

  • Gia

    Will somebody please explain this whole story to me? New chivette here 😉

  • Always Last


  • Ian Bangkong

    thanks great info shared.. i think this will help others as well too.

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