Paul Bissonnette’s life, a hot mess of awesome (34 Photos)

Paul 'BizNasty' Bissonnette is a professional hockey player for the Phoenix Coyotes. His Twitter Page has become quite popular because Paul has zero issues with posting any/all of his female exploits which are, judging by his yfrog account, are quite frequent.

  • chapstick

    My penis is the size of a little chapstick, like burts bees or blistex!!!!

    • chapstick

      #18 looks like robert deniro!

      chapstick out

      • chapstick

        #4 gave me a full blown raging hard tiny little erection

      • Hey Jew

        i thought the exact same thing.

    • K.C.

      Paul Bissonette……lol
      Last Year……48 games played…..1 goal……0 assists.
      Neither one of those 2 fans in Phoenix even know who he is.

      • Raymond

        haters gonna hate…

    • NotPaula


  • Jordan

    very well played sir

    • (*y2

      stop saying that.


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  • iambigd42

    #29 I love stretchy pants

    • Master_Rahl

      she knows how to wear 'em, that's fo sho!

    • B dub

      yea they got mine stretching!

      • nate

        hahahah hilarious

    • Chris Ginga Morris

      That is a perfect definition of the gap.

  • tbone

    #16 Any body can pull that kind of talent when you have Don Cherry as your wingman!!

    • Harry Sinden

      Dig it. Don Effing Cherry.

    • 4nbstd

      I met Don Cherry couple of times when I used to live in Ottawa. Total chick magnet, he's better than a puppy.

      • barry

        cool story bro

    • Captain Obvious

      I had to look up Don Cherry, being from Texas, and not being that knowledgeable about hockey… That guy is friggin awesome.

    • Maverick

      I didnt recognize him without the crazy ass suits! Didn't know he rolls like that, good for him!

    • Larry


    • CaptainObvious

      Never heard of the guy before…he is awesome

      • TheJesus

        Grapes is the nicest celeb you could ever meet, taboot.

    • FrankDuke

      Unless you're in Montreal.

  • guest

    whores gonna whore

    • Guesty

      jealous much?

      • Guesty

        You are using the same screen name as me. Please don't post retarded shit like "jealous much" using my good name.

        • Guesty

          YEAH! YOU TELL 'EM!

          • Guesty

            That's right you bastard….

            Oh and First

            • Guesty


              • Guesty

                if there ARE indeed two Guestys posting right now, I'd like to be the third. Now there are THREE Guestys yayyyyyy!

                • Guesty

                  im the 4th! and i love weiners in my butt and mouth!!!

                  • Guesty 5

                    why is jealous much retarded?

                    • Guesty

                      Guestception? Am I dead?

                    • Guesty


                      Original Guesty

                    • Combobreaker


                    • Guesty

                      Don't be fooled by cheap imitations…..

                      I am the original Guesty McChesty, so the rest of you can Suck My Nuts!!!!

                    • MAX_POW

                      this whole "fight" is very Bizarre

                    • guesty

                      I agree

                    • Guesty

                      What's bizarre is how much cum I'm able to gargle every day. Seriously, it's a lot.

                    • C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER


                    • the other Jen

                      but kind of hilarious!

    • ZachBob

      wtf is going on here?

  • Colin

    THIS MAN IS A GOD of man….all he needs is to be fed grapes

    • Tim

      You worship over-paid retards? Did you also vote for Bush?

      • Colin

        no, but i am a fan of the chive staff.

      • NHL'er

        You're an idiot. 1) He doesn't get paid much. Granted he makes in a year more than your entire family has ever made but it is at, or close to, the league minimum. (Note: I am not talking shit, Biznasty is awesome and has no qualms about his ice time or salary)
        2) He is one of the nicest guys and has a sense of humor that could rival Bill Fuckin Murry's…maybe!

        • Jack_LeMac

          I know that you're saying he doesn't make much compared to his peers maybe, but after looking at these pictures, "He doesn't get paid much" seems like a pretty ignorant statement

    • Hunter X

      actually I don't see anything that cries out "exploits"… pics with fully clothed girls, a couple of party pics…
      Proof or GTFO!

    • truth

      The guy is one duck face away from being a total douche.

      • JerkFace

        He is the opposite of a douche. Don't hate on this guy, it would be very misguided.

      • JerkFace

        because I want to have butt-sex with him.

        • Jebadiah

          Obviously you could do worse

    • J-Dawg

      I concur! When I grow up, I wanna be just like him!

    • bored at work

      He needs to be fed grapes while smoking grapes

  • Honk

    Paul Bissonnette. Hockey? Looks like he's got his lift under control.

    • Honk

      Haha lift.. *Life but I guess "lift" works too.

  • amplidudes

    Hmmm … really ? Hmm … no.

    • hMMMM


      • amplidudes

        was just to collect dislikes mate … yawn

        • yawn

          what do you want?

  • douggie

    gotta love hockey players

  • Red

    Young Charlie Harper.

  • Rick

    Must be nice…

  • grrr

    looks like a busy man

  • Adam Martin

    #34 Find her!!!!!

    • Zedhere

      Apparently she is in Paul B's bead.

    • GernBlansten

      Local STD clinic?

    • patov40

      So he "himself" Biznasty? Some kind of Zen fapping? Redundant t-short is redundant.

    • the professor

      found.. she's right there , rubbin her snatch !

    • Bubba

      HOT!! Dang!

  • whozapimp

    Damn, our lives are pretty similar!!!

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    Looks alot like my life…Minus the wealth and smoking hot ladies.

    • Will

      So it looks nothing like your life?…I see what you did there.

    • ROK247

      my life is pretty rockin' today – i've got mustard gardettos in my cubicle! fuck yes.

    • caleb

      you're a shitty hockey player that's terrible at fighting?

  • bkfrijoles

    Arizona FTW

  • houtini

    #22 i'll take these two and one LARGE tube of oil.

    • Nick

      why not to large kegs of Bavaria?

  • Zedhere

    Hockey Stick is now on my Christmas list.

    • Ryan

      You and these ladies have a lot in common.

      • Zedhere

        I'm sure the hockey stick was on something besides their Christmas list.

    • tbone

      What this guy does on the ice has very little to do with a hockey stick. A chick on Twitter asked him what makes his hands shake, his response….."when I get the puck on my stick". If you want to follow in Biznasty's footsteps put a roll of tin foil on your Xmas list.

  • Stan_Dalone

    Bizzy is as Bizzy does, more power to him

  • Iam_Dave

    Livin the dream and scoring all the time!

    • Jak

      He makes up for his lack of scoring 'on' the ice with his abundance of scoring 'off' it.

  • @itsjaredlol

    Hahaha, I used to hang out with this guy when he played for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins. Cool guy. He was dating the sister of this girl I used to roll with.

    • @itsjaredlol

      Keep downvoting me for no reason faggots.

      • Jen

        didn't give you a thumbs down until I saw this. Then I went up and downvoted your original comment as well.

        • Dunny_

          HA! Very nice. You get a "Thumbs Up" for general cynicism.

        • @itsjaredlol

          Honestly I figured everyone and their mother that lives upstairs from them did.

        • EveryoneElse

          Waitaminute – you didn't vote on his original comment, but then when you saw him getting trolled and then defending himself, you joined the trolls and thumbed him down?


          You're no better than the fucking trolls!

      • Stan_Dalone

        that's ok they do it to me all the time, trolls will be trolls. they have no recourse it is the only way to make themselves feel better than the rest of us.

        • Towes

          You hang out with Bill57, don't you?

          • BIll57

            should I?

    • tylrd67

      Great story bro

    • snowbird


    • mike

      He was dating the girl you used to roll with to. Her mother also……probably your mother as well….

      • @itsjaredlol

        How does this even make sense?

    • @itsjaredlol

      I just think it's funny you'll downvote someone for no reason, that's really it.

      Sorry I used to go to all the games for free? Sorry I hang out with hot girls?

      Wait, why am I apologizing? You guys still probably get excited for bacon like it actually doesn't taste like shit.

      • itsjaredyoumadbro

        Hahaha I used to hang out with a guy that played for Binghamton. He was dating the step niece of this girl I texted all the time. I didn't go to the games for free, but it only costed like $6.25. We should hang out bro…

        • @itsjaredlol

          Are you…a stand up comedian??

          • itsjaredyoumadbro

            No you….just made it too easy.

      • jerkoffovich


      • truth

        I won't downvote you for no reason. I've been to many games for free, but free rides don't impress people so why brag. I've hung out with hot girls too; how's that friend zone working out for ya? No, you shouldn't have to apologize for riding on the coattails of someone successful. However, you should apologize for the bacon comment and hand in your man-card. That is the reason I am voting you down.

        • @itsjaredlol

          I'm not sure why you think I was riding his coattails since I met him after the fact?

        • EveryoneElse

          Truth – you're an asshole – sit down and STFU!

          • mooseknuckle907

            EveryoneElse is @itsjaredlol posting anonymously

      • thomf

        Whoa, whoa, whoa! Bad mouth us, our moms, sisters and whoever, but don't dis the bacon. That is stepping over the line.

        • @itsjaredlol

          Fuck bacon, bro.

          • 0940

            agreed. white people need to get the fuck over bacon. it's not quirky or funny.

            • BaconMan

              Bacon is to white people as chicken is to black people. Dave Chapelle believes that we are genetically predisposed to desire certain foods.

            • @itsjaredlol

              It's not really white people. It's basically people who try to think something's funny or quirky for the sole purpose of fitting in. Basically a good chunk of the commenters and motivational-poster-submitters. Shit's gettin' stale boys.

              • 9048

                well said.

      • BentWrenches

        Personally,I don't care who you used to hang out with or who you fucked.Good for you. BUT! Don't start talking shit about Bacon! Bacon is Bacon.All hail Bacon!

      • Greg

        woa woa woa, dont bring bacon into this ok buddy

    • doj

      Wow. That awkward moment when you realize you're the bro who tells cool stories.

      • @itsjaredlol

        You should make a totally funny and grammatically correct motivational poster about this so I can read it and not laugh just like all the other ones.

    • EveryoneElse

      Yeah, for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than to be complete fucking idiots and assholes, these trolls go and thumb down every damned comment just because they have the ability to do so!

      The way to get around this is to eliminate anonymous posting – but Chive won't, since most of their viewers have the fucking mentality of a goddamned 14-year old and post accordingly, anonymously, and full of troll!

      I thumbed you up because you were simply telling a story about your experience – no reason to thumb down at all. Of course, it ain't doing much good now with -83 at the time of this writing.

      Sorry bud 😦

      • mooseknuckle907

        Say's the anonymous poster.
        Nice contradiction dick!

      • truth

        I down voted him for the insult to bacon. I am voting you down for the hypocritical attitude of hating anonymous posting while using it yourself. Prove me wrong, use your facebook account or gtfo.

  • GlibTongue

    I guess that's how you become a 4th rate hockey player.

    Besides, he's from Welland, Ontario. Those guys'll do anything.

    • bobo

      4th line for life

  • Forgy23

    Hockey players>rock stars!!

  • JHarris

    and not one duckface among them.

    • hMMMM

      #9 #19

  • nepster

    #19 I guess if you bang enough women, a tranny is sure to slip in sometimes.

    • Jak

      Kill it!

      • ZachBob

        WITH FIRE!!

    • ExileOnDaytonStreet

      What do you think he's pointing at?

    • RicH

      I was thinking he was too drunk to notice…

    • Pat

      This is actually at another player's christmas party in 2010. The blonde is actually Scotty Upshall's girlfriend when he was still with the coyotes. He must be the one taking the pic.

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