You should get away to a cottage in the Himalayas (18 Photos)

  • Iam_Dave

    Looks like a nice place to visit.
    Helluva walk to get milk and smokes tho!

  • Denton

    First Bitches!

    • Ahnold


    • Elvis O,


      Nothing more satisfying than seeing "First!" douches fail.

  • Shawn

    Looks cool, but still… wouldn't want to trade.

  • chapstick

    my penis is the size of a chapstick

    • Ahnold

      Thats just as funny as the first 20 times!! Douchebag!

  • Justin

    #15 would be an enjoyable spot to chive at.

  • tom

    too far from the beer store, but worth it! take a bottle of Jameson and enjoy the view

  • Kaars

    #13… Chive shows so many Ocean-front homes, this is a nice change of pace. I actually prefer these landscapes to an ocean with no end in sight.

    • Master_Rahl

      I agree with you and disagree Kaars. Grew up as an ocean boy, loved the salt air in the morning and the sunrises and sunsets. Then again, mountain ranges are very cool when it comes to those sun-related times of day. Like you said, a nice change of pace… but give me some foamy ocean and I'll be fine.

      • numb

        speaking of landscapes… I bet her breasts don't stick out as much as her shoulder blades do. Ok, back to what you guys [i think] were saying. …hills – indeed yes they are 'hilly'.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    If I had someone to deliver stuff once a month or so, and a satellite internet connection. I'd be happy to live in a remote spot and never see anyone, or go anywhere. Good bye world, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

    • Jen

      this how how Emerson landed in jail.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        assuming you mean Ralph "Not that Waldo" Emerson. I can't find any reference about him and jail except that he visited Hank Davey Thoreau when Walden guy spent a night in jail for refusing to pay a poll tax. I'm thinking you meant Thoreau, He was not arrested for retreating from civilization. So far as I know that's legal in most countries, and definitely so in the united states. You do have to pay your taxes but you have to do that anyway

  • @svp318

    Cool and all but, why would you go to the Himalayas to be all comfy and luxurious? If I went there, it'd go camping or climbing something, screw luxury, I'd be at nature's mercy, enjoying the landscape and actually being part of it.. Getting involved with the cultures and what not..

  • ezhammer

    #18 If it gets any better than that, then I don't want to know about it.

    • Master_Rahl

      wouldn't want to have too many beers by the edge of that lawn area. Looks like the drop is a doozy.

  • Alex

    I would die of boredom in there. Give me big, dirty cities everyday of the week and I'm happy. Life is not worth it without gang rapes, murders and people yelling at each other.

  • meh

    meh. i'd rather have one of those huts out on the ocean.

  • Andrei Gavris

    why not choose something somewhere in BC canada, you have mountains and ocean, perfect

    • Jen

      Two words: New Zealand.

      Ski from morning to early afternoon, drive down about 2 hours and down a few while watching the sunset on the beach. Weather's nicer there, too.

  • Rick

    #18 awesome but what happens when it rains no fireplace?

    • hMMMM

      Friday nights @ 10 on Discovery. There's this guy named Bear…

  • lonin

    It sucks when John sends you his vacation pictures, doesn't it Bob?

  • idunno

    Silly, you can't blog there, there's no Intarwebs.

  • KalEl24

    That's murder Bob…

  • Stan_Dalone

    Beautiful scenery no doubt, but there are many places in the US and Canada that are equal to if not better and half the price to stay and travel

  • stained soul

    why is my life shit ?

    • Massoom

      because you touch yourself at night

  • Kellenw

    by rule, not a cottage. Not on a lake. Sick vacation home though 🙂

  • mikey

    very nice place to pass out drunk

  • Hemendra

    Ahhh this post makes me homesick…my place is 3 hrs away from there

  • hipnomore

    Do you have to blog everywhere you go? How about leaving your iPad behind and actually appreciating the beauty of where you are… If I was staying there and I saw some hipster with his face buried in a screen, he'd shortly be getting airlifted out for emergency anal-iPad-removal surgery.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      mind other people's business much?

  • Dit

    I'll give that bitch a tiny cabin. Bitches love tiny cabins

  • nil

    "God, I’d kill to blog there."

    That's what you call posting stolen pictures?

    • Ha.Ha.

      Hi Chive, thanks for gathering these up for me and posting them all nice and neat. I don't have time to browse the internet all day and night like some…

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