2012 playoffs: Colts vs the Pat Cheerleaders (64 Photos)

  • Stan_Dalone

    Well I am biased, I have to say I am from Massachusetts so it's the pats cheerleaders and seen them in public locations so yeah they are very hot indeed

  • Greg

    Kinda tough being a Colts Fan this year….thanks for the pics!

  • Kodos

    #11 #59
    I love the hip roll, ladies.

    Ease off on the FakeBake, honey.

  • Raph

    which one is doug flutie's kid?

  • willy20

    #2 is smokin' hot

  • Colts


  • R2G Fan

    Too hard to decide. They need to settle this the old fashioned way…pudding wrestling.


    #42 Absolutley nothing wrong with her…don't hate Brigade! #46 MOAR please!

    • Rick

      I'm not hating on #42, there's a reason I used her as the lead photo

  • chicago

    #7 …I like. I'd give her my new Chive logo tee. well…maybe she can wear it the next morning.

  • MiT

    the Colts are on the suck for 'Luck'… go Colts!

  • Hector

    #33, #38, #44, and #59. The Colts Win!
    I'll even give you another reason why the Colts win: it's because they play indoors and the weather never affects what they will be wearing. You can't say the same for the Patriots.

  • rodolfo

    #44 Kee-yoot!

  • Screwhead317

    colts for me…plus the colts cheerleaders can show more skin during the season…pats cheerleaders have to cover up when it gets cold

  • AsciiAdam

    Chiver from SW side of Indy here. Go Colts!

  • melan

    lets see them without the 10lbs of makeup..

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