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  • JROC

    #31 really?

    • patov40

      Yeah…this one will always be too soon. Thumb down Chive.

      • Dave

        Agreed. Thumbs down.

        • DoomsDayDub

          Is it wrong to really want to see the picture now. I didn't see it, now I am just curious about what was on it to know why everyone is mad.

          • echogeo

            Me as well.

          • helldemon
            • Dan

              Haha! That's funny!

            • cheese

              ahaha that's actually funny!

            • 10thletter

              umm that is way funny, not laughing wont bring anyone back…

      • float

        fucking awful, chive. Take it the FUCK down

        • kia

          what was the photo???

        • goawayfloat

          Watch your language. You're awful. Take yourself down.

        • cheese

          hey, suck a lemon hippy fag

      • Fish On

        Even worse is the fact that this is under the heading of "Making funny photos funnier." How is this photo funny? What makes this photo so fucking funny?

        • SUCK IT

          the photo's funny because the girl is dead, DUH! you are a retard.

      • Yehout

        What fate is worse: getting murdered by your whore mother or being raised by your whore mother? This kid was fucked from conception.

        • mike

          they issued an apology and I can totally see it was an accident. the chive publishes a lot of photos and some slip thru the cracks. accidents happen

      • AKBAR

        oh please, bunch of overly sensitive whiners. kids, women, men, die all over this country and earth on a minute to minute basis, just because one stupid picture shows up and it was OBVIOUSLY a mistake that they even had the balls to apologize for you should be enough for you to just shut up and move onto the next "funny" posting. but noooooo, lets whine in 88 freaking comments about how uncool it was, get a life, hell who knows that kid may have grown up to be the next Sarah Palin…..grow a pair already!

        • tMh

          shut the fuck up

        • Guy

          This is a comment thread dumbass. People are going to leave comments. If you don't like it you read them.

          • ...

            F U C K Y O U ! ! ! ! ! ! Like that?

        • MrROFL

          293 now actually.

        • Leftsidedummy

          If she had grown up to be sarah palin its probably for the best it ended the way it did.

          • lovelymelons

            Lol… πŸ™‚

    • Big5Hole

      Never appropriate.

      • truthserum

        shut up weiner

    • badchive

      pretty fucked up.

      • truthserum

        shut up loser

    • JRW

      All kinds of wrong on that one

      • truthserum

        shut up dickhole

        • 1kissbee

          Well golly aren't you just a fucking ray of sunshine? I get they apologised and all that is fine. It was an accident. Whoever made the picture though is messed up! People have a right to be angry at the picture. Murder is NEVER fucking funny! You need to shutup and stop acting like a dick.

          • your mom

            i disagree, murder can be pretty funny.

          • CJB

            Maybe not to you,
            but if the murderer was a clown…
            …that would be funny to me.

            Because he is happy on the outside
            but sad on the inside.

            Sad clown wanna kill somebody?

            • Bobestradamus

              You can't spell manslaughter without laughter.

    • Wally W.

      Nah, it's OK.

    • tgoof87

      the chive is usually Awesome but today you have failed us not cool at all

      • Simon Phoenix

        FUCK YOU.

        YOU FAILED AT LIFE .. I wish that WAS YOU! it was A FUCKING god DAMN ACCIDENT .. you piece of shit cock sucking fucktard anus paste.

        • Drewcifer

          Anus paste, is more or less Santorum…. just saying…

          • Guy


        • Teaganz

          You appear to be having a "POINTLESS RRRRRRRRRAGE!", sir.

        • truthserum


        • Rip

          So, hows things????

      • tgoof87 is gay

        This is you…"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

    • Raychel Jane

      Yeah I totally agree, I love Chive but this wasn't in good taste guys.

      • thank you

        wow a woman in here with a soul..

        • Red Heads Rule

          Well, duh. She's obviously not a redhead…of course she has a soul.

    • Ace

      I lol'd then I felt bad about it

    • Chop

      That's fucked up Chive… c'mon now

    • Alec

      Lost a Chiver till there's an apology.

      • float


      • cut


        • Glennco

          dumbass comment. did you want a personal apology? otherwise how would you know unless you came back.

      • Dan

        You're a homo.

      • truthserum

        Good – now go try to get laid you piece of garbage

    • El_Hefe

      i don't get it…?

      • bettingonthecubs

        Its Caylee anthony the girl that died/killed by her mother in Florida

        • El_Hefe

          Yeah.. i got it after i posted.. thanks though πŸ™‚

        • Frylock


          • Fasteddy14

            The only way the mother would not be responsible for the welfare of her child is if she left her in the care of another responsible adult. Since we all agree "Zanny the Nanny" was made up by Casey, it had to be one of the Anthonys that either killed her, or failed to protect her from harm.

          • its_forge

            Fuck "allegedly," the kid is dead through either the direct or indirect action of her asshole cunt whore douche mother.

            • truthserum

              asshole cunt whore douche HOT mother.

          • @The_Scofield_

            Don't you know that people on the internet don't respect the justice system until it "fails" in her eyes. Regardless of these people's feelings, she was found innocent. Not saying that she isn't at fault, but that's how it was ruled.

            • Ken

              "reasonable doubt" is not the equivalent of being found innocent. Big difference.

              • RicH

                Dudes, take a law class before spouting off in ignorance. Lack of evidence and a weak case = no conviction. Doesn't mean she's innocent, just that our justice system couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she committed the crime.

                "Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer," William Blackstone. Kinda the foundation of our legal system. Got lost in there somewhere when DNA evidence keeps exonerating folks from overzealous prosecution.

                • ObviousTroll

                  Two words: Troy Davis.

                • Rip

                  Well articulated! Might be time to rethink that calculus though….

                • Patrick

                  Rich is absolutely correct. The quote by Blackstone is the foundation of criminal law in the United States. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" is the highest burden the state must surpass. A verdict of not guilty does not necessarily mean the person is free from fault, but only that the state failed to introduce sufficient evidence to satisfy its burden of proof.

        • truthserum

          Correction: her HOT mother.

    • Mein Fuhrer

      lmao that is savage. Great banter!

    • @ChrispMorton

      Bad taste Chive.

      • truthserum

        bad picture ChrispMorton

    • Laurie

      Yeah Chive, WTF? And not in a good way. FAIL

      • truthserum

        shut up Laurie you fat bitch

    • notbad

      The difference between tragedy and comedy is a thin line. we now can joke about 9/11 so why not this???

      • badchive

        who said we can now joke about 9/11 or this? i agree with the majority.. just lost a chiver

        • Stafferty

          Bad taste is simply saying the truth before it should be said.
          -Mel Brooks

          • Nesbit Faulkner

            "Its not funny to joke about murdered children." – Nesbit Faulkner.

            • @llama4114

              what about dead baby jokes? are those ok?

              • @llama4114

            • Nesbit Faulkner

              "I love dick more than Kaylee loved life." – Nesbit Faulkner

          • Really?

            "Its not funny to joke about murdered children"–Anyone who isn't a complete dick-hole.

            • freedomtolaugh

              So it isn't funny to you or Nesbit, that's fine. Don't tell me what not to laugh at. Don't tell a private web site not to post a picture because you think it's offensive, you fascist. You all sicken me. Just because we joke about a crime does not make us the perpetrators of that crime.

              • SunGod

                Not one single person told you you couldn't laugh, you can be all the scumbag you want to be. But what the fuck gives YOU the right to suppress OTHER PEOPLE'S free speech? We will tell whoever the fuck, whatever the fuck we want to. You're the fucking Nahtsie fascist whore telling other people what they can and can't do, hypocrite. Just as Chive has a right to engage in (apparently mistakenly) tasteless, unfunny, really not cool "jokes", everyone else has a right to not only their opinion, but to the expression thereof, and especially when something is rightfully offensive. And who said anything about equating anyone to the perpetrator of this crime? Stop being a fucking victim, grow some decency, and while you're at it, some self awareness.

                • onlyamatteroftime

                  Godwin Strikes again!

            • jake

              three posts above me > whatever picture that was removed

        • Shawn

          What about the nazis? You certainly laugh at nazi jokes, right? Same thing!

          • Freddy Mercury

            don't forget AIDS jokes.

            • Just Sayin'

              And Michael Jackson.

        • Austin Powers

          *logs back in under different name*

        • giggitygiggitygoo

          i did

        • Simon Phoenix

          GOOD! By loosing a Chiver .. I hope you meant you went and took your patheic little life (penis, body and soul ) and threw it OFF a mother fucking cliff!!

          It was A DAMN ASS MOTHER FUCKING ACCIDENT! Seriously …


          • r00s7a

            losing, pathetic… ironically, the words you misspelled describe your life… Now stick said REVOLVER in your mouth and pull the mother fucking trigger until it goes click

            • Yoda

              loser you are, die you should, suffer you must – Yoda

          • craig

            sweet make sure its a peace maker

    • dungydouche

      It's never good to joke about a child who was killed. That being said, I think it's sad how everybody is taking this so personally because they obsessed over the trial and stayed up until 1am with Nancy Grace every night because for some reason, this is what's on television now. Point is, it's not right to joke about, but this should not even be something that people know about, outside of the community where it happened. Our country is so fucked and the millions of people obsessing over this case are evidence of that.

      I don't know what's more sad. Joking about this girl or the fact that everyone knows who this girl was.

      • ahawkeyeguy

        Honestly… I know nothing about the case. I didn't recognize the girl in the picture until I read the comments and realized what was going on.

        That said, I don't think there's anything wrong with a case like this getting national attention. IMO Anytime innocence is attacked it should get national attention. That way the fuckers who perpetrate this type of violence have nowhere to hide.

        • dungydouche

          Agree to disagree I guess. If they focused on every case of child abuse, there would be nothing else on the news. We wouldn't have any space left for Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton spottings on CNN and FOX.

          The reason this case was so overblown is that the mother was attractive and people love that shit. Just like that girl who murdered her roommate in Europe. The news networks take advantage of people and profit on these tragedies because people are stupid enough to let it happen. If you watched one episode of Nancy Grace covering this case, you are retarded. There is nothing to debate there.

          • ahawkeyeguy

            Honesty, I have no idea who Nancy Grace is. enlighten me?

            • McHammer

              Ignorance is bliss, trust me

            • dungydouche

              You are not one of the retards. Congratulations.

            • 123

              only in MERICA, everyone else doesnt have a fucking clue either..

          • Fasteddy14

            You believe an American can get a fair trial in Italy? In a "college town"? LOL!!!

          • Compromise

            I suggest combining abuse publicity with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (and the likes).

      • The_Dood

        I thought it was Jean Bonet… Shows how up with the times I am. Of course I haven't heard a Lady Gaga or Katy Perry song either.

        • -09-0

          you ever need motivation to hate something/anything, just play some Lady Gaga.

        • Drew Bolden

          dood, ur missing out…

        • EverymanChiver

          Jean Benet-Ramsey you mean?

          The delicious young toddler beauty queen who was taken from us just a year away from her prime.

      • cut

        Disagree completely, at least from my personal point of view. I had to change the channel every time this story was on, way too painful to watch.

    • Hooka

      I have to say, I love black humor but this even stung me a little. Not cool Chive.

    • cut

      MAJOR thumbs down. No decorum or taste on this one guys. I have been a big fan, but I really think this changes my mind about this site and those who run it. As a father, and a human being, this is beyond tasteless.

      • cutschubbyson

        don't be angry dad – i wish you'd kill me because i hate living with you and that other guy Taz. πŸ˜₯

    • Casey Anthony

      its been 3 years people…. get over it

      • ahawkeyeguy

        Why would anyone want to "Get over" a senseless act of violence against a child. "Getting over it" is the WORST thing any of us could do. Ignoring this type of disgrace is completely irresponsible.

        there's a huge difference between not dwelling on something, and "getting over it". Especially something like this.

        • Shawn

          Do you think Nazi jokes are funny?
          I do and I am german.
          So get over this like you do over the Nazis…
          And there is a difference between getting over and be able to make fun of it and not forgetting what happend and that it was wrong!

          • Nesbit Faulkner

            Nazis still aren't cool. And most educated people don't "get over" Fascism and genocide.
            Or children being murdered.

          • ahawkeyeguy

            Um… no. I don't think Nazi jokes/ Holocaust jokes, or dead baby jokes are funny. I'm sure there are others that I have a similar disdain for, but, that's just off the top of my head.

          • giggitygiggitygoo

            bet u wouldnt if u were a jew

            • lol

              only if you're humorless

              • yep

                Didn't Mel Brooks have a "Hitler on Ice" segment on History of the World Part I?

          • CO_MTN_GRL2

            Im Jewish….They're not funny. I don't find humor in the mass slaughter people. Only my grandmother survived out of her family, go ahead, tell me how funny that is?

        • Randall Gallegos

          why get over it? cause this shit, and PLENTY WORSE, happens EVERYDAY! this case just happened to be on Tv so you knew about it. listen the world hasnt gotten any worse, there have always been sick people in it, we just have it thrown in our faces more by the media.

      • 090

        exactly. hell it's been 10 years since 911 and i think they should re-issue the footage of people jumping from the buildings with Wile E. Coyote sound-effects.

        • Heyo


      • Scotty

        Why would you make your name Casey Anthony??

    • Senor Rock

      Yeah, not cool Chive.

    • CANMan

      This is truly a sad and low day for the CHIVE. Loyal to you no more. Totally inappropriate. Anyone out there with daughters/kids I'm sure agree's. Get rid of it CHIVE and issue an apology.

      • Guesty

        Wow, you morons are finally getting what I've been saying. Took you long enough.

        • Who are you?

          Yeah, we all know who you are and we were clinging to your every word. Whew…now we can rest easy because we finally get what you're saying! WTF are you talking about?

        • truthserum

          No kidding eh Guesty – The Chivers are suddenly getting angry at one another!!!!

          Where's LG and her peace-loving buttocks to save the day?!!?

          Please don't tell me she's back in the hospital again, I JUST COULDN'T DEAL WITH IT!

        • The Chivery

          so please…leave? Why do you visit and comment? I know, I know, it's a trite question but never a question to which an answer was never given by you fags.

      • helldemon

        Casey Anthony had a daughter and SHE thinks it's funny… get over it, not your kid. worry about the thousands of other kids dying everyday cuz they don't have food.

      • RicH

        Father of three and I disagree. All you whiners need to lighten up. I swear people should have to wear their panties on the outside so you can immediately see who all the pussies are.

    • artboob

      Yikes! that's sad. Should I say something racist here to change the subject? I'm sure the only black employee at the Chive submitted this one, No Doubt!

      • The_Dood

        Or go political… It was all Obama's fault!!! He probably hacked the chive and posted the picture himself. That'll show those republicans!

        • MonkeyMadness

          Obama did it but he blamed Bush.

      • Daith_Lee

        There's a black dude working at the chive? Mind Blown….

    • nosebleed

      Don't worry kid, growing up isn't all its cracked up to be.

      • Gacy

        yeah, adulthood sucks. i find a good stress relief is killing children.

        • seriouslychive?

          wtf? allowed this post lets make it ewven worse chive, your editing skills are atrociuose, get some help you fucking freak.

          • dungydouche

            Apparently your editing skills are sub par as well.

          • truthserum

            LOL – were you trying to spell Atrocious? You Chivers are so fucking DUMB (not all – but plenty of you)

    • rowdy

      how fucked up can they get?

      • really

        everyone get over yourselves….

    • NOTcool

      theChive proves again that its run by a bunch of douchebags ! Leo sucks dick !

      • Freddy Mercury

        No, John sucks dick, Leo takes dick up the ass.

        • AIDS

          But I got YOU didn't I Freddy? πŸ˜‰

    • JT Mo-Nay

      oh come…ON. Seriously guys, it's a joke. It's a sick joke, that I didn't get at first but then when I realized who it was I went OHHHHHHHHHHHHH….wait….that's kind of fucked up.

      and while yes, I do think it's a little much to be making fun at the death of a child, haven't we all been making jokes about how we'd do her mom….while she is only famous because she killed her child and we are thus indirectly joking about the death of the child?

      In conclusion…..shut the fuck up. It's not that serious.

      • Qoijm

        "haven't we all been making jokes about how we'd do her mom…."

        no, we haven't(you sick fuck).

        • ppiien

          I'd seriously fuck her mom…one thing has nothing to do with the other…

        • Joran Van D.

          Casey Anthony is smoking hot. She might be a murderer, but physically she's HOT and since I'm a Chiver that means I would do her. CHIVE ON.

          • Red

            No, Casey Anthony is a skank. Nothing wrong with being a horn-ball skirt chaser, but at least have some standards. That is a rotton-crotch skank.

            • BookOfJoran

              As Joran peeled off her britches he saw what looked like a month old roast beef and cheese melt. With no standards to speak of, Joran proceeded like it was all the same.

          • BrotherMaynard

            I would give it to Casey Anthony faster than she could say, "Daughter? I HAVE no DAUGHTER!"

    • Guesty

      All you idiots complaining will forget all about this the first time you see a pair of tits or an ass, so shut the fuck up about it already. I read "lost a fan, not coming back.. blah blah blah. Until you come back in 20 minutes and there is a broad in her underwear on the homepage. Fucking poser faggots.

      • hate your job much?


      • iagree


      • Juiw

        once again, Guesty tells it like it is. mad props Guesty.

      • truthserum

        I just want to say that I've been backing Guesty for as long as I can remember – he is what Chive should be.

        Guesty On!

        • The Dude

          100% agreed. Guesty's the best commenter on here IMO.

          • Guesty

            why thank you. but i still love the cock.

    • Spence

      "A single death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic." … People, a lot of people, children included, die every day, and it is only when we single them out that we start feeling bad. Anyone who is offended by this is just being hypocritical, because there are millions upon millions of deaths in their lifetime that they won't give a shit about- you go on laughing and living your life. You have every right to be upset that someone died, but people deal with things in different ways, and comedy is one of those ways. I know that when I die, I'd much rather people get a few laughs out of it than get all lachrymose or defensive about my death. Get off your high horses and lighten up, buzzkillers.

      • ivan

        Good taste is a social norm: it's pretty broad as it is. Outside of it, it's still BAD taste, your personal preferences notwithstanding. If you chose to be a social deviant, keep it to your self.

        • Spence

          And where I'm from, being judgmental is the worst form of social deviance. And based on the thumbs up/thumbs down of you and I, it would seem that you are among my people. You should be thankful, because we're not nearly as judgmental as whatever hypocritical society you come from πŸ™‚ and I welcome your intolerance with open arms. Keep Calm and Chive On, Bro-hann Sebastian Bach.

        • The_Dood

          Isn't this site all about being a little socially deviant?

      • 0900

        yeah, fucking hypocrites. if you can't be upset about ALL the children in world who have died, you shouldn't be upset about ANY of them, amirite?

    • Frank

      HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA nice one chive do it again!!!!!!!!!!

    • Breathe

      I agree, not that funny, but be careful of tossing out judgement like it's fucking Halloween candy folks. This is the same community that laughs at fucking Pedobear. A little perspective is in order…

      • k409

        "This is the same community that laughs at fucking Pedobear."

        i would call those people sick if they weren't so retarded. i've seen people condemn those same jokes as not funny because the person making them used the word "pedophile" instead of "pedobear" like it makes a goddamn diffrence. chivers are retards.

        • Breathe

          Your ignorance is astonishing…

        • AllRight

          Also, chivers say "Jackpot" instead of "Rape the passed out girl"

        • helldemon

          if you don't like it, get the fuck off the site then fuck nut

      • Spence


      • Thomas Lubanga Dyilo

        Don't forget child soldiers that show up on the Chive. IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE HE'S NINE AND HAS AN AK-47! HAHAHAA!!! The circumstances behind that pic must be hilarious! LOLOLOL!!!!

        anyhoo, its not funny, but getting ulta-self-righteous over a stupid pic on thechive is pretty pathetic.

        • RicH


    • koyf

      see you all back friday for SC.
      Keep Calm Chive On

    • dOOb

      Sooo…Chive… posting something sick like this is a-o.k in your books, yet you delete "offensive" posts by Chivers?

      You're gunna have to explain this logic to me, cause honestly, I can't think of anything more offensive than making fun of a dead CHILD!

      I love the Chive, and for the most part you guys do an awesome job. But you really shit the bed on this one. Time to take a step off that pedestal you put yourselves on….

    • dorkfish

      what a bunch of fuckin sheep

    • Leo

      I honestly had no idea who this girl was. So for that I apologize. I just thought it was making fun of girls in general that never grow up. I obviously heard about this case, along with everyone else, but I really didn't pay that much attention to it. Again, my apologies -this is not something we would ever post on purpose.

      • Hunter X

        Apology accepted.

        • jasonlee

          Who the fuck would thumbs down Leo's apology, or an apology acceptance? STG, there are bigger douchebags than what the Chive accidentally did..

        • aluap

          Bullshit you didn't know…I was told there was discussion about posting it before it went up.

          Sourse not revealed, you happy bitch?

        • Red

          No shit people, it was a mistake, they acknowledged it. How many times do they have to say sorry for a screw up? Now either get over it or move on to another site.

          • Sev

            Please, I'm not offended by dark humor but even I know it wasn't a mistake. The words attached to the picture make absolutely no sense and have no basis for any humor if you dont know who the girl is. You can say you made a mistake by posting it, but lying about it makes you a coward.

            That's not even mentioning the picture that was posted afterward in reference to the caylee pic as further proof.

        • dontspeakforme

          not accepted,

          • SKEWED


          • see ya

            Bye then… does anyone care if you leave? nope…

        • shaka

          I thought it was funny as fuck…..

      • bettingonthecubs

        So it was up for an hour…how much hate mail did you receive?

        • The_Dood

          I really want to know the answer to this question.

      • Dunny_

        If this were truly the case, then I'm offended by your lack of humor. Just wasn't funny in any capacity. Keep on chivin'.

      • SweetAwesomeness

        "Wanna get away"?

      • gnocco

        I know TheChive has higher "standards" then the rest of the internets. BUT its the internet, don't censor yourself.

      • Douche McFuckstain

        haha….you know about random cool tree houses 2000 miles away, but don't know who Casey Anthony is? Me thinks you either thought it was funny and posted it knowing who it was, or are incredibly retarded.

        • k409

          "you either thought it was funny and posted it knowing who it was, or are incredibly retarded."

          No, it's both.

        • The_Dood

          Or maybe they don't watch TV and don't read the news like me…? I had no clue who that picture was of. As I was reading the comments I thought it was Jonbenet until someone called out who it actually was. I knew a little about this story but I couldn't pick Casey or her daughter (may she rest in Peace) out a police line-up.

          • DoucheMcFuckstain

            well congratulations for getting out of the rock you've been living under for the past 12 months. For a team that spends their business day scouring the internet I'm sure they've came across the Anthony case once or twice. I can take a joke, and am not even whining about it being 'offensive', but it just looked like a backfired joke followed by a piss poor 'i didn't know' apology.

        • nosebleed

          i feel bad that some people actually can identify this baby on sight. little too much television.

      • Trolliver

        now about that Osama post……

      • Alyssa

        Everyone makes mistakes…your rational was completely justified. Everyone needs to take the thumbs out of their butts and just breathe….jokes done, apologies were made, what else do you goons want? the chive will keep chiving so just let it be.

        love you chive xoxo

        • Alyssa's Pimp

          bitch, i never said you could talk!

        • sick

          another woman defending this atrocity

      • Lisa


        Y'all post how many pictures a day between all 4 sites? Several hundred (even with repeat postings)? The only other truly nasty picture I've seen here was the one that had a dead & rotting corpse. It was difficult to tell what that person was doing though. When people called you out on it, you zapped it as well. Given the volume of pictures you post, it's understandable that screw up's happen.

        Thank you for your apology.

        I hope this child is resting peacefully & that her mother will eventually know justice. I don't know if she killed the child or not. But she knew Caylee was missing & didn't call the cops. That is despicable.

        Chive on folks. Chive on.

        • sick

          another woman defending this crap

        • El_Hefe

          Wait a sec… How can you say "i hope that her mother will eventually know justice" then the very next sentence say "i don't know if she killed the child or not"????

          • Lisa

            I don't know if she killed her. I wasn't there. But I believe she probably did kill her. Even if she didn't, when the girl disappeared, "Mom" went partying? That's just wrong. Not reporting your child as missing may not be a legal crime (yet) but it is certainly wrong in my book, and the Mom should pay for that. It's just despicable.

        • truthserum

          Stop 'accepting' Leo's fucking apology like he personally offended all of you – he didn't need to say sorry to you fat fucking wieners for this little slip-up – all you losers do (like myself) is stare at the hot slutty girls who submit their self-shots on this site, say shit like "Help is on the way lil' one!" to some sick kid, say you'll donate some cash to a fire department and jerk off to FLBP, and send LG get-well postings – you're all a waste of my air!

          • Lisa

            Wow. I wonder if they make industrial size Midol?

            I didn't "accept" Leo's apology. I said thank you for offering it. He's a good guy and when good men make an honest mistake that outrages people, they apologize.

            As for the rest of your statement, if they do make huge Midols, I suggest you shove one up your ass and spin on it for a little while "truthserum". πŸ˜‰

            • Lisa's Pimp

              bitch, I never said you could talk!

          • OIW

            FTW. Best comment of the week.

      • dungydouche

        I wasn't offended because, well, I don't get offended. I just move on. BUT, that apology was bullshit. It was the second to last picture followed by the Oprah .gif saying "U Mad?". Leo should have been a man and taken the heat, whatever the outcome. This wasn't an honest mistake. Own it, bro.

      • Paula_

        Without having seen the original pic (but I think I know what it was): Leo, seriously: shit happens. With god knows how many pics you see every day something like this is bound to happen at some point.

        You unknowingly fucked up, you apologized, all is well. Any regular Chiver should realize this was not intentional. Good thing you addressed it quickly.

        Comforting hug,
        – the one still messing with your toothbrush at night though

        • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

          Fuck you still Paula…

        • @JessMastroserio

          Wow… people thumbed up your comment! Dreams do come true, huh Paula?

          • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

            SHE'S A SKANKY WHORE…..

        • BellaDonna

          See Paula? You used to have a heart. You used to make valid points. Now you're just an inane fucktard. Where ever your set went, track those bastards down and put them back where they belong.

      • helldemon

        No way you couldn't have known, what with #32 being after it, but whatever… should have left it up. Who cares what a bunch of idiots thinks

    • Capt. June

      CHIVE, Im on your side. Through Thick and Thin. LOYAL Chiver!

      • sick

        odd, another woman defending this sickening crap

        • CO_MTN_GRL2

          Odd, another man being a total sexist dick.

        • yep

          "sick", you really have some issues with women don't you? Let me guess, you're middle aged, the wife ran off with someone better than you, took 1/2 your shit and you'll live the rest of your life being bitter about it.

        • helldemon

          I'm a woman… don't agree with it but I think it's dumb that everyone is throwing a fit. Makes it funnier with each fucking dumb comment

    • Logan_the_Chiver

      SWEET! with all of you sensitive folks leaving the Chive i guess that means more availabity of the Chive shirts tomorrow. Unless of course all your threats of leaving the Chive are empty because i doubt that one offensive pic will keep you all away. Get on with your own lives and know that that bitch will get what's coming to her.

      • El_Hefe

        so all those peeps that said "waaaaa… i'm not coming back until you issue an apology blah blah blah"

        How will they know an apology has been said if they don't actually come back to the site in the first place to check?!?!

    • andy

      killing a child, not funny… Making a killer/criminal a celebrated famous martyr/victim/person of interest is the American way however…. this woman is rich as fuck now and its all cuz of you idiot aggrandizing her case, people kill their children ALL the time and go straight to trial, this case just happened to get public notice, blame yourselves, caylees blood is in your hands, and the flawless american justuce system works amiright?

      • andy

        so the american justice system doesn't work, AND you make a totally unrelated statement, thanks for staying relevant, and proving why chive thought this type of picture would pass…

        If they were smart, they'd stop the whole trying to fix it up with very poor PR and erase this whole caption photos post…. nobody's going to believe that you didn't know, thatwomans face was EVERYWHERE, if you saw the case on the news you saw her… give the chum around here a little more credit, delete this shit, count your blessings posts some asses and hope no one else sees cuz they will forget and come back in an hour

        • The_Dood

          I've never seen a picture of her before today. And it wasn't "thatwoman". It was her victim/child.

    • adamcoasttocoast

      They took it down and gave an apology. Get over yourselves.

    • Alecia

      I'm….. kind of curious as to what the picture was….

      • bettingonthecubs
        • nowei

          i don't think a lmgtfy is warranted here… nobody knew about the "when i grow up part" if they didn't get here before the retraction/apology substitution. but thx for the clue nevertheless.

          • bettingonthecubs

            Agreed, but someone else had asked for it on page 5 or something so it was already on my clipboard and i was being lazy

            • Alecia

              Thanks. Hmm I would not have known who that was. Even without knowing who it is, it's not a very funny picture lol.

        • i map knees

          i'm not from the US, i actually lol'd on that one cos i thought it was about a girl who doesn't want to grow up. i feel bad about myself now.

          • @The_Scofield_

            Don't, these hypocritical fucks that want you to feel bad are nothing more than soap-box preachers. They want people to start a mob mentality, because they can't think for themselves.

        • Chelsea

          I was trying to figure out what the pic was too. Thanks for googling it for me. I love The Chive. I believe the pic was an accident… and nonetheless it made me laugh. Partly because I have a dark sense of humor, and partly because I've accidentally made faux pas too. Like, it comforts me that I'm not the only one who messes these things up. πŸ˜€ The Chive handled it in a fast, respectable way. Chive On!

          • fatsotheywontpostme

            funny how all the evil cruel biatches come out and defend this kind of sickening stuff ,whats wrong with you women? hoping to get on a junket to chive studios? that you defend this kind of atrocity tells me….wait for it..

            , single and forever alone.

            • Chelsea

              Hey, don't beat yourself up! You can totally get posted! It's just that you're probably more likely to get posted in something like the DAR or maybe 'Hot Chicks with Douchebags'. The sky is your limit, good sir.

        • Moby

          Thank you sir, I was sitting here like WTF are these people talking about, how has no body posted another link. Very very fucked up though, I can see how it would slip through as kind of funny if you didn't make the Casey Anthony connection

        • helldemon
      • exactly

        actually im really curious….must be funny since all these idiots are doing everything they can to comment on it. thanks for all the worldly advice by all those who's life was ruined by viewing this, assumed to be, hilarious photo.

    • its cool to hate me

      I always heard from people that americans were over sensitive about shit but i didn't beleive it until now. I don't see a problem in the original post, yeah it was sick but it was still funny also didn't this happen like 3 years ago or something get the fuck over it. shit happens. Hundreds of kids have been killed and murdered in the wars in irag and afghan by both sides but yet knowone gives a fuck about them.

      • @JessMastroserio

        Even though she went missing in like 2008, the trial just ended a few months ago. A lot of people think Caylee didn't get the justice she deserved. It's kind of a black mark on our nation's judicial system, so let us get flustered if we want

    • Nick

      this is why i'm starting to dislike the u.s., everyone is somehow offended by a situation that did in no way effect them, if the chive wanted to post about it, they had every right to, as stated in the 1st amendment

      • Deliverance

        the chive can lick my booty cheeks.

      • Evelyn Ponce Quintero

        THIS is why you're starting to dislike the u.s.? lol wow there's plenty more to choose from…

    • AsciiAdam

      Googled the picture and had no idea who it was. You are excused in my book. I try to stay away from the news as it is all bad anyway.

    • Timothy Wilkes

      Everyone in here whining is what is ridiculous and wrong about America. . . THEY FUCKING APOLOGIZED, get over it. I was hearing Michael Jackson jokes 2 days after he died, Gary Coleman jokes the DAY he died, jokes about Hurricane Katrina when it was still happening. . .

      There is no doubt the event that happened was a tragedy, and that jokes can definitely be in poor taste, but, my GOD. . . Chill the FUCK out. . .

    • SweetAwesomeness

      *suddenly Patty doesn't feel so bad about that whole "fucking up the t-shirt order" mistake…..*

      and besides….everyone says the Chive just steals their content from other sites….so i agree with Leo, he probably saw the pic somewhere, genuinely didn't know who it was, and used it for the post….I honestly did not know who the kid in the pic was either…..blame the guy who made it…not the guy who just randomly posted the pic

      • excusesexcuses

        lol nice try of a chive employee trying to defend this sensles act..

    • Pants

      Y'all need to get a goddamn sense of humor.

    • jwes

      ugh wut did the caption say? gotta least give the chivers that didnt see it a chance to know the caption

    • ZachBob

      now i want to see the picture to see what everybody's so freaking mad about.

    • Andy

      What was #31?

    • CDN

      Leo, you expect us to believe that you didn't know who this was? It sounds like you tried to be funny (like Daniel Tosh) but went way too far. Man up and and admit that this was on purpose.

      • Paula_

        Give it a rest already. If you've got even the slightest idea what the Chive stands for you know this was NOT intentional. He fucked up, he apologized. Case closed. Chive On!

        And: making fun of sensitive subjects is also a way of dealing with them.

        • Petey

          Paula: making sense since 9/28/11

        • feuerbach154

          Holy shit…I agree with Paula…what is the world coming to.

        • Qwerty

          Strike two in two days. This nonsense and then yesterday, while not even near as terrible as this, you have John bringing in politics into the Utah undie run thread. Definitely a bad streak, chive.

        • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

          Paula is still a filthy whore…..

      • LeoTheLyingPussy

        If it wasn't on purpose… then explain the pic of oprah saying "U Mad?" posted directly after caylee.

        what was that in reference to and where did it go? Leo = Liar

        • CDN


          • Davey_8313

            Exactly what? Nobody knows if it was on purpose or not other than the person who posted it.

            • gummo

              Ok Davey, whats your guess about the picture of oprah sayinh "U MAD?" right after the caylee pic? If it was in reference to something else, then what could it be? If it stood alone as a pic in itself, why take it down at the same time? Are you gonna tell me that two highly unlikely things. that are completely related, happened on accident and then by coincedence as well?

              • dropit

                Accept that Leo was making fun of woman that didnt want to grow up and not the whole Caylee Hansen case. He was directing the U Mad? picture at the woman he thought he made fun of.

                • Roger J. Breit

                  Oh c'mon… if you actually believe that you must also believe that Ted Haggard didn't actually have sex with that male prostitute and that Bill Clinton didn't inhale. I love the Chive but please don't insult my intelligence. I'm much more offended by the lie than I ever could be about a joke that is in bad taste.

                  • OIW

                    well said Roger. Leo's a ARGUABLY a douche for posting it in the first place, he's CERTAINLY a douche about lying about the intent.

    • lol

      everyone above this line has been trolllllllllllllled

    • general tsang's ass

      I actually lol'd…didn't think it would be that controversial. I AM an asshole though, so…

    • Petey

      maybe b/c i didnt even hear about this case until about 3 days before the final verdict and didn't complete lose my shit over it, but it seems like people are making a big deal out of nothing here. now i'm not saying it isnt horrible what Casey Anthony did, but (though the picture was removed before i got here) i doubt that whatever it showed could be worth this much drama, especially since Leo made an honest mistake and apologized for it.

      • Petey

        to add to this (since i finally saw the original pic): personally i would have never known. to someone who doesn't actually know what Caylee looked like, this pic just seems like another joke about women (and theChive has posted hundreds of those that most of you probably laughed at). the point is, yes Leo fucked up. no, he did not do it on purpose and had he known who the girl was he would have never done it. its kinda retarded how so many fucking people automatically want to crucify and boycott the Chive just b/c of, what ultimately boils down to, a simple mistake. Chive On! or GTFO

    • Paulie

      Jesus Christ. They apologised. Stop fuckin whining. This site is humourous but quite clean, I honestly don't believe they put that pic up on purpose. If you're so irrate, go to another site, don't give us this soppy bollocks "I won't be back" & "you've lost a chiver"

      No one cares.

    • nosebleed

      It's kinda funny when you realize some of the people in these photos could have actually died since the picture was taken, yet we laugh at them every day anyway.
      I actually enjoy FLBP and HumpDay way more when i imagine some of the girls have died since then.

      Also, you people are coming here to see pics of up-skirts and down-blouses but somehow this is considered too creepy? the fuck…

      • Petey

        exactly. i was kinda thinking the same thing

    • danny

      i guess im in the wrong place for dead baby jokes.. tough crowd

    • eddy

      get over it. (insert dead baby joke

      • challenge accepted

        What's blue and squirms in the corner? A baby with a bag over it's head.
        What's green and sits in the corner? The same baby 10 days later.

    • guest

      whats the difference between casey anthony and a lieing bag of shit?

      Trick question. They're the same thing

      • @The_Scofield_

        lying* You're welcome.

    • Drunk Rugby Player

      UGH…. First world problem

      Didn't get to thechive quick enough to see a funny picture that people are mad about 😦
      and now I dont know what all the fuss is about

    • ??????

      whuhhh happppen

    • Willy

      i dont understand why so many people are DEMANDING apologies. Whether you think its funny or not, whether you like it or not, it doesnt really fucking matter. They can post whatever they want and if you dont like it dont look at it or show your support for it. Where did all these people develop such sense of entitlement? No one owes you shit. If it really bothers you that much then i suggest you figure out a way to get the fuck over it.

      • Andrew

        My Nigga!!!

    • Michael

      You know what would solve this? 27 pictures of pedo-bear stalking kids…

      I know I'm gonna get hated for this, but I don't find crimes against children the least bit funny. At least give me points for saying it.

      For all the fun The Chive supplies, I skip the child molesting jokes.

    • Mcfly707

      Please tell me someone saved it!!! I must see this picture now! Someone needs to upload it to google or something. All this talking about has made me want to see it sooo bad!

    • Crashfistfite

      Im from Orlando and this became comical aloooong time ago. We even started a new Planking type thing. Taking pictures of ourselves hogtied with heart decortated duct tape over our mouths laying in random places.

    • dman

      Can we not just all agree that we are a group of upstanding individuals with high moral values and get back to looking at half naked women and laughing at jokes about racism and pedobear?

    • grog

      So much butthurt. I'm sure she'd want us all to remember what happened to her, pics like this do just that.

    • Furious_George

      This thread is harder to close than the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

      • @The_Scofield_

        Boom, headshot!

        • absoluteretard

          Too much effin

          • Turduckenn

            i am ant the bottom

    • Cross496

      Understandable mistake. I never would known who it was or why it was wrong. Kudos on policing it out once it became apparent.

    • Johnny Phoenix

      I find it interesting that so many people are outraged over this pic. Now don't get me wrong, it was definitely in bad taste. But most of the people bitching are loyal chivers and devoted fans of a fictional bear that rapes children. So it's okay to make fun of an atrocity as an idea but not when an actual victim is involved eh??

    • evihc

      Maybe that caption would work on a Michael Jackson Photo? lol yes no???

    • Steve

      Dude relax, you guys need to take it easy, I got your back chive, fuck these douches

    • Nicholas Pompilio Paz

      As this is wildly inappropriate, i my self dont know what she looks like, it seems like a harmless cute kid so i do understand and appreciate that they own up and apologized.

      • Herp Derp

        294 comments later… fuck yeah

    • Ryan D

      I got so caught up in all the amusing comments from this that I almost forgot to add the fabric softener.

      • Mark

        I know, right? I only clicked on it because it said over 200 comments, and I wanted to see how long my window would get. Wow.

    • josh

      to all you fuckers saying its funny or you dont know her why u care?.. a sweet little girl lost her life.. trolling can be pretty funny but draw a line u sick fucks!

  • AmBush Steve

    Need more cats in this post!!!!

    • JCmadrid

      You heard Steve, He needs more pussy!

      • guest

        for liking cats, steve showed he is a pussy.

    • Mike Hawk

      being sacrificed

  • patov40

    #15 – Saving this to use on trolls.

    • Guesty

      Congrats, you have another shitty weapon in your already shitty arsenal. Good job white knight! Defeat those nasty trolls… retard

      • Guesty

        Come at me bro clone!

    • facepalm

      Ohhhhh the irony of YOU saying this.

    • k409

      christ, patov get a life……

  • Stafferty

    #11 The only reason people think Manatees are endangered is because they continue to try and disguise themselves as ducks.

    • Ilya Josefson


    • poseidon

      Best comment of the day

  • Trolly

    recycled old news again?

    • Lotus

      The name screams troll but it speaks the truth. This site's comments are pretty bad if the trolls have the most interesting things to say.

  • :-D

    #32 oh boy, if I was raged that would make me rage mooooarrr

    • dungydouche

      Oprah is such a cunt

  • Seth

    #31 Come on man, not even funny

    • SkyVader

      I know man. Really, really uncool of them. I can appreciate a sick sense of humor, but this one is sad and evil.

    • float

      this made me sick to my stomach, beyond fucked up…

      • SKEWED

        Seriously?! If you're a dude, you're a pussy, if you're a Chick, you need to work on your Gag reflex!

    • MelvinSmiley

      It's tragic, but I still have a sense of humor about it.

    • Jeff Kistler

      Remember… It's your minds that took you there.

    • equalizermax

      This will never get repost by the chive

    • nevar too soon

      this is fucking hilarious
      everyone above this line has been trollllllllllllled

      • Brandon James Wells

        What the hell did i miss? can anyone explain?

        • CO_MTN_GRL2


          Story is in comments above but go to images, you'll see.

  • franktt6

    #27 so true

    • Shawn


    • ebits21

      or my favorite, "Hey you!"

    • Michelle

      I know this is soooo true and it's pretty funny too because this is how I picture spongebob hahahah

  • Not first


  • peb

    #31 chive, you reached all time lows

    • sigh

      theChive never really had any standards ,they are just good at fooling the dumb chivers/chivettes.

      • kay8ew

        100% agree.

      • Slacking@Wurk

        so what the hell have you been doing hanging around here to know enough that you can make that kind of comment?

        • okawesome

          100% agree

    • SKEWED

      Seriously?! If you're a dude, you're acting like a Bitch, if you're a Chick, you need to work on your Gag reflex!

  • Holy Hell

    And…….Work at it.

    • -=0-

      fuck that unfunny cunt.

      • JROC

        fuck you're cunt mouth

    • lol.

      lol only some ugly bitch would think that isnt funny

  • CmdrCaboose22

    #31 is just depressing, too soon

    • The_Dood

      So if it was JonBenet it would be okay?

      • Jack_LeMac

        Who said that?

        • The_Dood

          JonBenet happened quite some time ago… Cmdr said too soon. Therefore since JonBenet was longer ago… You know what, nevermind.

      • Tek257

        Nope neither is ok.

      • Shut up


      • CmdrCaboose22

        i suppose not, i guess there is no too soon with things like this. it is always too soon.

    • victor

      what happened

    • tiredoftheseamatures

      im seriously not surprised by the simple fact these so called "editors" are exactly that, they have no clue what they are doing, thats why there are about 6 repeats in this total post, they dont think about what they are posting nor do they want to spend there millions they are making by hiring an actual editor, and maybe censor, kind of like the underage girls they post in here often..

      Chive you crossed the line, bet we see this one on cnn tonight.. they will eat you up , not to mention shut you down maybe..

      • triceranuts

        they will not shut anything down, chill the fuck out dildo.

        • Minez

          Publicity for Chive, Oh no, how will it ever cope with more people knowing about it?


      • lol.

        lol way to misspell amateur. and then reinforce your stupidity with the rest of that bullshit. as if cnn gives a shit about the chive hahaha

  • Kenai

    still on #1

    • Obama4Lyfe

      Welcome to Obama's America…

      • Stan_Dalone

        paula trying to escape

    • Brobama

      tru dat yo id be hitten me sum u dat fo sho.

  • GBomb

    #31 f-ed up chive!!!!

    • suckdickchive

      This is the reason why i started to hate chive. They became major assholes.

      • Travis

        It's just a bald guy. They've used this joke before. I thought it was funny.

        • SkyVader

          No, they changed the picture on us. Read the first post about it to see what they really did.

          • Justin

            ya what was the picture? just a description would satisfy my curiousity
            they apologized so i assume its bad but what is it!

            • CO_MTN_GRL2


              • Grant Ralston

                i dont get it, is it the let me google that for you

    • paulson

      they issued an apology and I can totally see it was an accident. the chive publishes a lot of photos and they can't be perfect all the time. all good

  • AssClown
    • mooseknuckle420

      the other picture has more substance tho. all that ginger kid has is a fro and a triple chin. that man whore put work into his costume and deserves all the fapping time he can get!

  • Jeff Kistler

    #6 Did you get it? All of it? Take another shot.

    • The_Dood

      Might wanna go with a panoramic shot…

    • R.C.

      I've always wondered..
      How do people this size wipe their butt?

  • MooseMoose

    Am I wrong for thinking this is the greatest thing ever…. Refer her to the Tosh words of wisdom #23

    • mooseknuckle420

      daniel tosh is the rageing homosexual we love to love

  • p1babyarm

    #14 Ooohh Sick burn

    • thomf

      We have no culture, so you all say, but every country in the world watches our movies, know our TV shows, wear our clothes. use our products, VISIT OUR WEBSITES.
      What's even more pathetic are the Americans who hate this country and make or post shit like this, even after becoming very successful and flourishing here in America.

      • sel

        …did you just thumbed up your own post ?!? …

      • Videologic

        it's just a joke, and people make jokes like this because people like you keep banging on about how much better america is than anywhere else. America like an annoying friend who won't stop talking about how great they are, doesn't matter if they are right or not, its gonna get on people nerves.

      • True American

        Yeah! and fuck the English for stealing our language!!

      • DoucheMcFuckstain

        you own a 'south will rise again' tee shirt, don't you?

      • Gandalf

        Movies, TV shows, clothes products and websites is culture? Haha dat true dat true

    • Tomas

      If corrupt and crumbling communism is considered a culture….. ummmm, NO THANK YOU!!! :S

      • Gandalf

        corrupt and crumbling just like capitalism?

      • Monosodico

        i'm with you fellow. and please i am so sick and tired of the mf chavez and even here i have to see his effing face, no thanks Chive

    • GernBlansten

      Saw this, knew it was a Leo post.

      Once again, Leo go fuck yourself. I hear they have room in Venezuela.

    • Uncle Sam

      . . . two fucking commos whose entire governments thrive off of squelching any sort of culture at all . . .

      Yeah, the USA is just a horrible place with no culture whatsoever. Go to hell, funny caption gallery making funny pictures hurtful to our feelings.

      • xspader

        Its funny get over yourself sheesh

    • angelo

      I live in Venezuela and I got something to say: GOD DAMNED YOU FUCKING CHAVEZ CUNT BURN IN HELL, I HOPE YOU AND ALL YOU FAMILY DIES HORRIBLY IN PAIN! millions of people, good people dies of cancer and thisbitch lives on, no fucking fair… and for those that will tell me taht wishing wrong on people is wrong; come live on this shitty ass country, all thanks to that communist bastard

      • monosodico

        amen mi pana, amen

      • argelinius

        mareco la cagaste.. siempre con el odio por delante…

  • Iam_Dave

    Never thought SpongeBob had a dick until now. lol

    • idunno

      It's less about effing bob and more about his expression of utter sick madness and mischevious lust. Or something.

  • Take it down Please


    I find it a bit disturbing that someone made this, stepped back, and thought they had made a funny.

    • sosad

      Coz all they care about are the sluts who send in semi nude pics and the losers who drool over them. They just want more page visits.

      • cRaZyDaVe

        just what the fuck was the photo, what are you people menstruating about?

  • Kyle McClung

    #31 WTF chive? Thought you had more class than that.

    • haaaaaaaa

      chive had class ? Pardon me while i die laughing.

      • anonymous

        haters gonna hate

    • k409

      not very perceptive, are you?

    • mike honcho

      Freedom of Speech

  • McBeastie

    #31 is the Chive trying way to hard to be like #23

  • BillyDWilliams

    I am officially banning the chive until they take down #31. Not even close to funny or appropriate. Pigs.

    • dungydouche

      Banning the chive how? Do you own the internets?

    • GreyGhost9

      So long Billy D enjoy a cold delicious Colt .45 "it works everytime" mmmmm

    • Domanick Fabro

      quit being a pussy

    • Frylock

      If you ban them, how are you going to know that it was taken down? Logic Fail!

      • Killem07

        there is a change to use # 15… just sayin

        • Killem07

          *chance! fail =(

    • riley

      they said sorry, it was an obvious accident. i thought it was referencing immature girls as well. people make mistakes.

      • dungydouche

        I wasn't offended because, well, I don't get offended. I just move on. BUT, that apology was bullshit. It was the second to last picture followed by the Oprah .gif saying "U Mad?". Leo should have been a man and taken the heat whatever the outcome. This wasn't an honest mistake.

    • CmdrCaboose22

      thankfully they took it down and apologized, thechive still has loads of class, just didn't know who she was

    • SKEWED

      Seriously?! If you're a dude, you're a pussy, if you're a Chick, go to theBerry and Bitch!!

    • Enrique Verduzco

      DONE. GO look at some ass now πŸ™‚ ITS HUMP DAY!

    • lol.

      rofl as if anyone gives a shit about what you do

  • Dave

    #18 cracks me up every time

  • Steve

    # 31 you have to be kidding..this could make not come back to The Chive

    • GreyGhost9


    • frrreeze

      I don't get it?

    • Domanick Fabro

      no one's forcing you to stay.. chive on!

      • VooDoo


        • Jawbone

          Jesus. Why don't you two blow each other offline instead?

    • D Piddy

      English much??

    • R-Dub

      See ya!

    • Stan_Dalone

      don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

    • The_Dood

      The door's over there.

    • sdghdf

      ^ those idiots are late arrivals who prob dont know what you're talking about

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