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  • Finally!!!!
  • Miso

    Everyone who raged because of the original #31 are just going to another site to laugh at captioned pictures of child soldiers in Africa anyways.
    I feel bad for Leo and the minor freakout those hypocrites probably gave him this morning =P

  • TimHood

    damn now i want to see #31 what was it? lol

  • Rob

    If #31 was of Casey Anthony, these people need to chill the eff out. She was found not guilty, and bitching out the Chive will not reverse the decision. Yet you laugh away at photos of obese people, hypocritical much?

    • Nicole

      …Obese people and dead babies…. different levels of cruel humor.

      That's not anyone being hypocritical.

  • Jordan

    Guys what was 31 a picture of ??

  • helldemon

    Hey if anyone missed the pic…. go here…

  • Danno

    So it doesn't take a genius to learn from the comments that the picture was of Caylee Anthony with some tasteless joke. And it's not that unbelievable that they didn't know who it was. Since the first time I ever saw a picture of her was 5 minutes ago trying to figure out what the stink was about. not everyone eats up watching every fucking thing about gossipy horseshit reality TV scum like her Cunt of a mother. So I refused to ever look at anything to do with it. never saw that picture before.

    It's also totally believable given the apparent gif below it that the new Intern may not be the new intern anymore. Or something along those lines.

  • smugface

    what was on # 31? 😐

  • LuvsHorror

    Christ, why do people keep asking what the picture was? Go back through the comments, it's explained many times.

  • Poohammad

    #31 was the much-circulated picture of Caylee(sp?) Anthony with her hands clasped looking up (as if praying) with the caption "When I grow up…LOL Nevermind". Tasteless, sure, but the true humor of #31 is the responses of the PC-hypocrites (parents or otherwise) that have their priorities mixed up, and will continue to another site (as someone pointed out) to laugh at something that would offend some OTHER group of emotionally fragile internet viewers.

    Leo, try to weather this one out, & thank you for Chivin' on tomorrow for us, as someone will surely crawl out of the woodwork to be offended at the "shitter's full" fat guy because their family/friend died morbidly obese on the crapper.

  • Colin

    All you people freaking out about 31, calm yourselves. Mistakes were made but if they didn't immediately recognize the person I don't blame them, it was just some low profile case that somehow got blown out of proportion. It was sad but a lot of things are. As for the doomsayers claiming the site is going the way of ebaums, please jump ship more quickly we have no time for you here.

  • Clover

    Ok, it would seem that I made a good choice NOT looking at this post before the last pic was taken down. I have no clue what the pic was… and by all the comments on it, I don't think I wanna know.

  • boogermyster

    Saying that i am boycotting the chive is like saying i am not going to watch porn any more. That shit just aint gonna happen. Grow up trolls people make mistakes and the Chive did their best to make it right.

  • Cam

    sorry but what was 31 that made someone so upset?? like idk what they did but it sounds bad…

  • Triceranuts

    what was #31?

  • its_forge

    #23 I gotta say how much I ***LOVE*** when someone just types a joke some comedian told over a couple of pictures of the comedian telling the joke. SO FUNNY!! So WIN!! /yeahnotreally

  • rachel j

    chive is good to everyone, even gingers damnnit! accidents happen, suck it up, life is offensive you pussies! chive! i got your back B-)

  • Cara Taran Petricca

    #31??????? What did I miss??? It must have been really bad by the sounds of it…ANyone know??

  • sammy4231

    31 was the only pic that crossed the line for me so far in about a year of visiting here. I would have quit the site long ago if that were normal. Anyone sifting through thousands of pics might screw this one up. The man apologized and took it down. I found it in google images and Poohammad described it well. The guy who made it is the POS, not the guy who apologized for posting it.

    I noticed no one bitching about #25 — not that we should. But, it shows how subjective we can be over what may or may not be tasteless.

    • Jacob Marchlinski

      One is a dumbass kid, the other is a murdered infant. Quite the difference in taste.

  • Larsy From-Marsy

    #31 I'm from NZ… What I miss?

  • Tsg88

    Don’t stress Leo, true Chivers know there wasn’t bad intentions with that pic.

  • Sebro

    One post and people flip out? The dude apologized so let it go. And if your really that upset then don't talk about not looking at the Chive anymore, be about it and stop complaining. LOYAL Chivers..Chive on!

  • 090

    i got the thumbs up, you got the thumbs down. i win.

    • truthserum


  • Neville Bartos


  • Pete Fuckin Jones

    As im sitting bored in my night class i have counted through the replies for #31, and have counted 111 "you are above this chive" remarks, 280 "im done visiting the chive" remarks, and a staggering 550 "disgusted" and/or "sickening" remarks. If anyone was wondering or as bored as I am. Chive On

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