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  • anna

    what was # 31 a photo of?

  • Paul

    #9 find her

  • torie

    # 31
    if anyone actually laughed at that, youre fucked in the head. nothing funny about making jokes about a 3 year old that was murdered. RIP caylee

  • Jake

    I just looked, but I think #31 was a picture of Casey Anothony's daughter and the caption was something about not growing up. Leo thought it was just about girls who don't grow up and didn't realize who the girl was. Once he found out who it was, he took it down. Didn't realize what it was really about.

    • krazykatholic

      thats it?? ya probably shouldnt have put it up but that isnt even bad. nobody got all pissed when there was a pic of casey anothony and OJ next to eachother saying hide you kids, hide your wife. It sucks she was killed but its not like the people from the chive did it, calm down and take your anger out on casey (aka crazy fuckwad of a person)

  • Kenneth

    damn.. now I want to see #31… What'd I miss?

  • Neville Bartos


    are you serious, and everyones blowing up, ffs get off your high horse, remember keep calm and chive on!!

  • Evan

    What was #31 a picture of?

  • Sumthai

    Well said by a few of chivers so I'm reposting. (Accidents DO happen, KEEP CALM, CHIVE ON!!!!!)

    oh please, bunch of overly sensitive whiners. kids, women, men, die all over this country and earth on a minute to minute basis, just because one stupid picture shows up and it was OBVIOUSLY a mistake that they even had the balls to apologize for you should be enough for you to just shut up and move onto the next "funny" posting. but noooooo, lets whine in 88 freaking comments about how uncool it was, get a life, hell who knows that kid may have grown up to be the next Sarah Palin…..grow a pair already!

    Bad taste is simply saying the truth before it should be said.
    -Mel Brooks

  • Sumthai

    #31 Accidents DO happen, they apologized so get over it! KEEP CALM, CHIVE ON!!!!!)

  • Sumthai

    Well said by a few of chivers so I'm reposting. (Accidents DO happen, KEEP CALM, CHIVE ON!!!!!)

  • Sumthai

    #31 The Chive apologized get over it!!!! (Accidents DO happen, KEEP CALM, CHIVE ON!!!!!)

  • Randy Braden

    I'm so disgusted by the comments section I might not come back. I'll stick with the funny/heartwarming pictures and the pretty Chivettes.


    #19 made me laugh, and yes i'm a geek.

  • @RoyalRootah

    Can anyone explain what was picture 31 and why everyone was so upset?

  • MONGO13

    Wow Chive, guess you aren't above reproach after all.

    Maybe now you can take down the picture of the USS COLE (DDG 67) that you have under "Oh Sh!t" from September 20, 2011 with tags as "funny", "fail", and "owned." 17 U.S. servicemen killed, 39 injured after an al-qaeda bombing in Yemen and Chive files it away under oh-shit-funny-5. Fuck you guys.

  • Andrew

    What are you guys even talking about she didnt even kill her daughter.

    • tom


  • Paris

    For all you complaining about #31, suck it up!!! They said sorry so shut up!! PLZZZ if you want to stop going to theChive then FINE!!!! whatever, your choice

  • Cheeto

    If I were a betting man, I would bet that #31 was the pic found here:

  • Michael Calvillo

    Oh jesus all of a sudden the internet has a heart
    but its cool to crack jokes about MJ being dead or Coleman being dead to.

    Hypocrites these days.

    • Jacob Marchlinski

      They were infant children who had their lives taken from them. Its a bit different.

      • Jacob Marchlinski

        weren't is what I meant

  • mat

    for those of us that want to know what #31 was… i think i've found it… let the chaos reign

  • Johan

    what was pic # 31? Im intrigued about what the commotion was all about

  • MoMorris

    The most fascinating thing about the whole #31 bullshit is that if Chive posts it in a couple years people will be rolling around in hilarity. Time makes everything funny.

    It was a mistake. It was corrected.

    For an audience that daily looks at boobies, DAR, Humps and crude hilarity here on Chive y'all sure have some high horses to ride around on.

    Keep Calm and Chive On has never been more appropriate.

    Semper Fi, Chive, I'm sticking around.

    • Jacob Marchlinski

      I highly doubt people will ever find that funny.

      • MoMorris

        You're probably right because in a few years nobody will even remember who she is. That, in and of itself, is hilarious. Most of these people ranting and raving about what happened here won't even remember her name down the road.

        Selective hypocritical recall is what makes the US such a great country. 😉

  • jason

    What was on 31 that has everyone so upset?

  • Jacob Marchlinski

    #31 – About time you apologized for something offensive. Looks like you have a bit of morality.

  • Loyal chiver!!!

    Leo you received a ration of shit….. You retracted the pic. You appoligized. Your actions speak louder than all the negitive comments. Well done sir.

    #31 Accidents DO happen, KEEP CALM, CHIVE ON!!!!!

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