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  • comeon

    #31 yep a bit of a mistake in judgment. But not the end of the world. Nobody was hurt as a result of it. People fuck up sometimes. Leo apologized. The meme was in poor taste, but memes sometimes do walk a fine line.

    Let's all keep calm and chive on. There are bigger problems in the world to worry about.

  • Zero

    The amount of self-righteous fucks in this is beyond annoying. Guess what, I bet none of you have ever made a mistake in your life, right? Also, with all the "I may not be back"s post…guess will. Move on, be adults and accept an apology. This is generally a laid back, humorous, and fun place to be but I realize that most of the people following this site are the basic douchebags that everyone deals with on a daily basis. Get over it, grow up, keep calm, and Chive on!



    thats pretty classy douchebags

  • tdk

    Chill out everybody, noone in Europe even knows about that Anthony thing, I just read about it now.

  • Guest

    #31.. i dont get it. What was it?

  • Kronosik

    There`s so many irritated guys over #31. Maybe Chive should make "Hard Section"? Just a thought.

  • domshooter89

    it was a funny picture of the casey anthony broad? so fuckin what? she got let off, get over it. no one gives a shit when oj pictures are put up, and everyone knows he did that. grow some balls and stop being pc. its called dark humor, get used to it

  • mark

    What was pic #31 of???? Even if it is in bad taste I am super curious now

  • Mark

    I don't follow American "heart string" news so I didn't know who she was until some quick Googling. Just for a moment stop your ranting and assess the situation and you will be able to see how the chive could have made an innocent mistake on this one. They apologised and removed the image so you know they being legit. Haters gonna hate.

  • Lew

    What the fuck was the picture?! I missed a day of the chive and shit got real? damnit.

  • Da Sandman

    #31 what was this picture of..?

  • Drunk Rugby Player

    Most of you people suck at life. Really this interwebs is for. You had no problem laughing at all the other pics, I dont see how this is any different.

  • Andy Valentine

    Anyone else get here late and wondering what #31 was?

  • Newp

    #31 was a picture of Caylee Anthony that said "When i grow up……Lol nevermind". The Chive owned up that it was wrong and took it down, now its time to keep calm and chive on.

  • Drock

    #31 They removed the picture and apologized.. The thing I find sad was the comment thread of everybody defending the picture and "Thumbs downing" the people who were upset by it. I though chivers were a group of women loving, life loving, Partiers. Not vindictive savages. These can't be the same people who donated Teddy bears to children, or helped a child get a safe space are they?!

  • Mike

    #31, Proof that the people now own Chive

  • Andrew

    Threre are worse things in this world than a white woman killing her daughter.

  • CruntJuice

    I miss when the chive didnt care about crossing any lines. Dead baby jokes are funny to a lot of people.

  • Brutal

    People who find "dead babies" funny are the worst kind of fucking losers. Everyone else defending this post are barely a step above that. How many parents of "dead babies" do you think visit this site? Fuck you Chive. You want to make an apology, donate a large chunk of cash in this girl name.

    • deRs88

      No, Fuck you Brutal…and Chive On!

  • curious

    so… what was #31? and how can I find it elsewhere?

  • Alex

    It's either all ok or none of its ok. you guys routinely make racist jokes about asians but not once have you taken them down, hell you have a link under funny dedicated to making fun of foreigners. you make mean spirited jokes about fat girls, and not once have you taken any of them down. I get that people were upset about the picture, but if you're going to start making public apologies for offending people then you should also apologize to everyone else you offend… I'm sorry, I meant "aporogize"

  • Nick

    Agree with Alex I do.

    lulz, I type like yoda.

  • Isaiah

    I wasn't unfortunate enough to see what #31 was but I'm guessing it had something to do with a court case that was settled about a month or two ago and someone made a meme about what the defendant was doing afterwards at a party.

  • f u

    F you Chive, how about at least giving a link for those of us who missed 31 before you pulled it.

  • Sean

    What was #31??

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