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  • Danny

    What was the pic on #31?

  • Sarah

    I've seen far worse Caylee Anthony memes than that one. Just google it and see for yourself. #31 was distasteful, but not as bad as other ones out there.

  • trailmix10

    wtf was 31?

  • Spoiler Alert!
  • tagbadger


    Any Russian soldier that lived through the war probably deserves this many medals.

  • Colin

    #31 was great!


    if caylee was black i'd give her mom a medal for fighting future crime

  • cody

    # 10……… Sir, i salute thee!

  • Bastrol

    Wow… I didn't get to see #31 and am not sure what it was, but seriously, you all come to the chive to laugh at a very wide variety of pics and sayings. All is well and good as long as you haven't gotten personal feelings about it which were probably brought about by watching something through the media and not knowing from personal experience. I don't think that anyone at the chive would mean to offend anybody, but you sure are quick to cut them down for it.

  • Matt

    #31 …what was it? Im lost, im curious in how a picture could really be that bad..could it?

  • Quasimodo

    It's a good thing other people in the world don't make mistakes…it's because of those that don't make mistakes that everyone has food, a roof over their heads, the air is pure, there is no war…..oh wait.

    Before you hate on someone else, look in the mirror.

  • acrilic_abyss

    ok what am i missing on the deleted pic??? seems to have every one in an uproar..???

  • Marteny

    Wow check out all the people getting all butt hurt over #31 out of the whole site there's one picture that you don't like, so you refuse to come back to the website? Uhm, def. your lose, not the chives. And you'll come back anyway, stop crying

  • Justin_TX

    Leo, you made an apology and tried to fix a mistake you made. For the people tearing you apart and saying they will never come back to the site, might be better they are gone. They were never true Chivers/Chivettes. Mistakes happen and nobody is perfect!

    Everyone should fly by the words spoken of this site and KCCO!

  • Billy

    ……NOW I WANT TO SEE WHAT #31 WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brian

    wtf was #31 of?

  • Tyler

    #14 Wow fuck you Chive. This is the greatest nation on earth.

  • Kathlene

    I' never coming to this blog again after #31.

  • LeoFails

    I told you Leo Fails…. He thinks drinking and driving is funny and then posts pictures of murdered children. You had one job Leo…. ONE JOB!

  • MikeB

    K what the hell was #31..
    Now im curious, what could be that bad ??

    -Inquiring Chiver

  • VegasShep

    Just commenting to say I totally agree with everyone's disgust with #31. White text on a grey back; and it's not even REMOTELY funny. Thumbs way down.

  • Alcoholmakesme

    What was 31?! I would really like to know why people were hating on the chive.

  • Amanda

    No, this is NOT funny, but I'm sure theChive did not realize what they were posting, as they stated.
    Everybody just KEEP CALM and chive on!

    ♥ a LOYAL Chivette

  • batman

    what was #31 ??

  • Tyler

    #31 what was it?!?!

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