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  • MissChris

    #11 I know this is mean, but…. fuckin gross dude!

    • Master_Rahl

      could be worse, imagine if she was looking down? Like a package of hot dogs under her chin. Ewww.

  • Q-Tip

    31 crossed the line. It was uncalled for.

  • ahawkeyeguy


    I'd be interested to know if any of the stafff @ The Chive have children. Seems to me this type of post would often not be as offensive to those out there without children. No matter what anyone says, it's not funny even remotely funny.

    I've always thought of The Chive as the type of place that posts get-well posts, and pictures of Chiver's newborns. Not a place where we make light of a tragedy against innocence.

    That said, everyone has a lapse in judgement from time to time. While this was in extremely poor taste I think you guys could redeem yourselves with an apology.

    • Rick Allen


  • boo

    #31 you're better than this, Chive.

  • Chiv3On


    Poor taste, Leo.

  • Josh

    Yeah it was a pretty good thread until I hit 31. Wow.

  • Wallace

    Effing disgusted with you.
    If you had any self-respect you would remove this.

  • Wallace

    Effing disgusted with you.
    If you had any self-respect you would remove #31

  • brassmonkey

    #31 Is not funny, please remove

  • SDlady

    # 31 – absolutely horrible – take it down.

  • The Donk

    #31, Wow. The community and wit is why I come here, but this kind of punched me in the dick. The community is right on this one. Bad form, Chive. You help little girls with disabilities, then post pics like this? Make up my mind. This isn't 4chan, is it? Prove me wrong.

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    chive, youre fucking up. first the USS Cole, then the American slam (which is OK to some I guess) and now the Caylee Anthony pic. You guys are proving you are just like your pictures. a bunch of douchebags who have no idea what real humor is.

  • jester

    #31 should be kept up ppl find humor in different ways just because you dont like it doesnt mean someone else wont if u find it distasteful thats your opinion grab a tissue and move on and the 2nd amendment allows chive to post whatever they want no matter how offended you may get you have the freedom to stop looking

    • Ashamed of you

      The fact that you don't even have the ability to correctly present your argument and your defense of these actions are both more than adequate to prove your ignorance.

    • jason

      I think you mean the 1st amendment the second amendment is the right to bear arms you fn doucher.
      It should be remove I don't think the chive needs to be trollin fd up homies!

    • kurt

      I agree with what you're saying. But the bottom line is, I think people are a little disapointed here. While 99% of us may have never met these guys, I think most of us felt like we had a good idea of the types of people that they were. As so many have noted.. helping those in need whether sick or down on their luck, posting birthday wishes, wedding announcements, births, etc. I dont think anyone got the idea that this was the kind of site that would poke fun at the murder of an innocent child. So I can see why I and many other are speaking out. Whether some feel like its over reacting or not, like you say, its up to the individual to decide.

    • Danno

      The 2nd Amendment? What's your theory here? I can say whatever the fuck i like or I'll shoot your ass with my firearm the second amendment allows me to bear/

  • Marty McFly 11

    #31 I will still visit the site, but in no way is that cool

  • Dre

    Making fun of a little baby girl that was killed in unknown circumstances us really not funny at all, it actually turns my stomach right as I saw it. Very distateful and flat out dumb move on your part Leo.

  • child.molester


  • GreyGhost9

    #31 Leo you are the best troll ever. you probably got more hate mail then Paula. (people, im sure the chive didn't even create this it was probably made some place else.)

    • Kyle White

      Who gives a flying fuck who created it? The fact that the Chive thought to even include it is just… I don't even know. I'm so disgusted that I'm at a loss for words… Dick move Leo/Chive. Dick move.

    • Master_Rahl

      Interesting perspective Ghost. Never considered that they wanted to piss everyone off after we're all disarmed by Hump Day submissions.

      • GreyGhost9

        I don't even think Paula has ever gotten this many response to anything. Leo is the new troll KING!!!!!

  • lc629

    #31 was jus sad… No reason for it at all …

  • jaw

    Wow! Calm the fuck down people! It was a joke! Im sure none of the people at chive had anything to do with her death so dont act like they killed her! This is y our country is so fucked up sometimes because of sensative people who cant handle jokes or the truth!

    • CmdrCaboose22

      and bad spelling

  • Cant believe my eyes

    Gonna have to agree, I might have looked at chive for the last time. #31 is a bit disgusting. You guys must not have kids!

    • helldemon

      Casey Anthony use to have a kid and SHE thinks it's funny

  • James

    Bunch of punks bro, posting little girl caylee!

  • theatreides

    #27 true story

  • ramoroso

    Seriously?? #31 needs to come down now. There’s no excuse for it, you guys are better than this

  • Stevie Jay


    I'm going to hell. Fuck all the moral whiteknighting faggotry that's going around, it's funny.

  • Dunny_

    • Petey

      thank you

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