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  • B.payton

    Oh get a sense of humor. I laughed lol albeit a guilty laugh after 2 minutes of having my jaw dropped. The only person untouchable in comedy/mockery is michael j fox and YOU ALL KNOW THAT.. Keep calm and chive on

  • Anne

    #31 needs to go. Not funny now, never will be. It's disgusting that someone is sick enough to think of this and even more disgusting that Chive would put it on here. Please, take it down.

  • Tim Brown

    Good god! How many people are gonna fuckin whine about #31? Get over it! You arent saying anything 37 people before you haven't said already!

  • Adam Harahuc

    OK i'm an idiot. I've seen #3 a few times and still don't get the joke LOL

    • Adam Harahuc

      OK…. I meant #4 SEE.. Total idiot today I'm going to bed

      • McBeastie

        He got a nickel for every dick. Lots of dick. Hence the face of a shocked biker.

  • Irishnan916

    Chill out..if you don’t like the pics don’t look at the site.

  • jumpluff

    400 dollars in nickels. Tha'ts a lotta dick

  • Ian

    #31 I don't enjoy the picture but I'd be even more upset if you guys took it down.

    #29 However made me pee a little.

  • Steve W.

    #31 REALLY! What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Gooner29

    Seriously I feel as if one person is creating multiple personas just to down on this picture and The Chive. Now I feel for the parents of the girl, but it's a joke (albeit a bad one), not created by these guys. So everyone get off your fucking high-horse considering you probably laugh at shit just as tastless else where.

    • Dunny_

      just misspelled *murderer.

    • Ashamed of you

      Imagine you've got 1,000 people in a room and 995 of them find this offensive. No imagine you're one of the 5 that don't find it offensive. Would this make you dig in and stand your ground or re-examine where your moral compass is pointing.

  • Frylock

    #31 – kinda funny. in that fucked up, I shouldn't be laughing at this but I totally am kinda way. everyone needs to just calm the fuck down and continue to chive the fuck on!

  • Deena Trischuk

    #31 is distasteful as is most of what is posted on The Chive, that's why we like it. Was it a low blow-yes, but definitely not the worst thing I've seen.

    • Dunny_

      agreed. Not funny and tasteless. Very nice rationalizing. Good luck with your Relay btw.

  • Dunny_

    Never thought I'd see the day when a "Captions" post out commented a Hump Day post.

  • Timothy

    While #31 may be slightly questionable in the morality department let me take this time to say A. Everyone stop jumping on the negative bandwagon in the comment section. Perhaps you don’t find it funny? Just move on. B. If you regularly view this site you spend a majority of your time looking at NSFW photos that could be deemed nearly as “immoral”

  • ocho

    #31: it’s alright people, the caption says “lol”, so no harm done… now get that stick out of your ass and keep calm

  • Bob

    #31 – I'm with BillyD. No more chive until it comes down. Except for checking the chive to see if it's down.

    • jay


  • TFRich

    It's a picture, save your moral outrage for something that matters.

  • Heather

    #31 That was un-called for…. That little girl was murdered…. who thinks that is funny?

    • John

      technically, since Casey Anthony was found not guilty, Caylee "drowned" and therefore wasnt murdered, only reason i say this: if you get to critique a chive pic so i cant view it, i'll critique your comment…

      • Striken7

        Technically, "not guilty" is not the same as innocent. All it means is that guilt wasn't proven. I hope you can tell the difference.


  • Ian

    Wow…I thought you guys were gonna stick to your guns…

    • Ian

      Retracted – willing to accept that this was an honest mistake.

  • tonguefoomaster

    Poor taste Chive. I found this site 6 months ago and loved it till I seen #31. If it.isn’t corrected I will never visit again

  • Brian

    Not a fan of #31..

  • twinwhistle

    #31 Who the fuck thought this way even remotely funny?

  • Stop_and_think

    Any make it past #31 to see #32??? Wonder if the Chive was asking the public if pics like that and the people who create them piss you off??? I don’t think the people of the Chive would post tasteless images like that out of humor. I’m still a loyal chiver and will continue to be one. Everybody just keep calm and Chive on!!!

  • timfinnegan

    Dead toddler. Not funny.

  • Dan

    Its amazing how one picture can throw almost everyone into a frenzy. It may be distasteful in some people's eyes but if one picture can turn you away from an awesome site there might be something wrong with you. If your friends do one thing that offends you do you ban them from your life, NO, you forgive and forget and move on. I commend the chive and Leo for posting a picture that they knew could possibly piss off a lot of people.

    • Ian

      Yeah…we do live in America. Congratulations to everyone who complained enough so that the Chive found it necessary to censor themselves.

    • Ashamed of you

      If almost everyone is thrown into a frenzy. What are the odds that we all have the same problem? If everyone is offended to the point of disgust….. You might want to think about the fact that you're not disgusted.

      If my friend did something that offended me I would let him know…… before he ended up offending a lot more people.

      • Dan

        I never said I wasn't disgusted, but I wasn't going to let it sour my entire view of the chive or ruin my day. The way some people were posting it seemed like they were not going to be able to go on with their day until it was removed.

        And to Ian, we do live in America and the chive should not have to censor itself. If you find something you don't like, don't look at it.

        • Ian

          I hope you didn't take my post the wrong way…I fully agree that the Chive should not have to censor itself. My congratulations were pure sarcasm. I'm okay with them taking down the picture if it was a mistake on their part, but not if they were responding to the negative comments. When fat people complain about the obvious joke pictures in the hump day posts, would those be the next to go? People with mullets can't take the bad hair posts anymore…take down the pictures!

          This could have been the beginning of a downward spiral, but we all make mistakes. I believe that this is why they put erasers on the end of pencils.

    • Striken7

      You compared going to a website to having friends, which I suspect means you lack the latter. Must be hard at such an immature age.

      Newsflash to all the suck-ups, this "awesome site" could disappear tomorrow and it would have been completely inconsequential. Grow up people.

  • Steve

    #31 seriously disappointed in theChive right now. Seriously.

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