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  • Brian

    I'm sure whoever approved #31 didn't know what Caylee Anthony looked like.

  • guest

    I like the original #31 better. I had to see that shitshow everyday since I live in Downtown Orlando

  • Kodos

    Link or it didn't happen

  • Tim Brown

    #31 Lost more respect for them taking it down than putting it up.

    • Ian

      I want to say that I agree with you, but Leo claims he had no idea who the girl in the picture was. I'm okay with it if he was just correcting his own mistake rather than taking it down due to the response…not that he needs my validation but that's just my 2 cents.

  • marc

    #31, chive you lose cool points for this one…im done chivin for the day

  • Geoffrey Hudson

    # 31 now makes you all look stupid, great trolling technique chive.

    • Niudgc

      Hahahaha, hilarious!

  • Uninformed Guy

    #31 uninformed guy is uninformed. Who is this?

  • Bill

    Hippies! Bring #31 back. I need a new screen saver. Get a sense of humor people.

  • Daniel

    Picture this, you have a small child and something HORRIBLE happens to them. Your whole world crashes and after time you are getting back to life.
    I don't know, maybe you're surfing humour sites or a friend happens to visit a particular site, word gets out and before you know it you are staring at #31 and it is your dead child.
    You can tout your freedom of speech as much as you want, here in Australia there are actually laws about this kind of thing.
    Dark humour is a great tool and allows us a way of getting through tough shit that life throws at us, but you need to show respect, there are limits and some things should never be in the public forum.
    Oh and hey guess what, now that she is named in one comment and there will be a shitload of traffic you can bet Google will be on it.

    • Logan_the_Chiver

      news flash Aussie, there is no pic of a dead child there. it was a pic of the supposed murderer AS a child.

    • Meh

      Here in America we don't give two shits about Aussie Law. I've seen way more incriminating/disrespectful images of children on here.

    • workaday

      chive issued an apology. it was an obvious mistake. moving on

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      are you responsible for Kangaroo Jack? If so, I curse the day you were born.

    • Boozewoozy

      Are you being Yahoo Serious?!

  • TDub66

    LOL at all of you sayin' you're done Chivin because of #31….Yeah, good one!

  • jkmcdermott

    WEAK… WEEEEAK post. Full of re-runs and failure. #3 was not funny last month either.

  • Brian

    Leo and theChive did the right thing – the pic was out of character for Chivian standards – so it makes sense that it was an oversight. Chiving on..

  • GodisGreat

    #31 is HILARIOUS!!!

    It wasn’t her fault her death boosted her to childhood fame and the center of this country’s media spotlight. What about the thousands of children that die every day from murder or other horrific circumstances. You care about this so much because your TV told you to. More like TruTV told you to.

    The caption is what is humorous. We’re not laughing at dead little girls thats gross.

    If you cant laugh about death, then you either lack humor, are too uptight, are an overly God fearing Christian, or all the. above.

    • Nicnac

      You think most of the douche's on the internet would see that and get some deep meaning about the state of the media and how it defines our beliefs in the systems that govern our lies? Or, they think it's DAMN funny how that girl died and the mom is hot and shit?

    • Danno

      No. It means you've had a kid. if you think its funny your fucked up or you haven't had a kid.

    • the ginger bread man

      Well said! And good points. The mainstream media made that whole situation into a huge deal…there certainly are many more child deaths out there every day that are not thrown into a ridiculous spotlight.
      I didn't even see the original "#31" post, but I'm positive that the majority of "negatrons" posting comments on it need to just relax and take a joke (regardless of how innapropriate or "sickening" it may be)

  • Tim Brown

    Haha, I call Bullshit on the ignorance excuse because it was followed by the "you mad?". Wasn't funny in my opinion, but I'm surprised at all the chivers that got thier pantys in a twist over it.

    • Tim Brown

      * panties…… Not sure how I fucked that up.

  • paulson


    it was an honest mistake, guys. i can see how the error was made b/c i thought it was referencing immature girls. photos slip through the cracks. moving on.

    • Ian S.

      Same here.

  • Mil

    Man and I missed the photo. I want to laugh at the little dead girl too guys.

  • Logan_the_Chiver

    #31 good work on getting rid of the sensitive folks Chive. More Tee's tomorrow for the rest of us who know how to get on with our lives.

  • GodisGreat

    No sooner did my first comment went up the pic came down.


    Boooooooooo. What are you worried about? Not getting back your site visitor who look at the boobie and ass shots?

  • 80's Baby

    I did not know who was in the picture either…. You guys need to pick your poison, after all the boarderline things that are on Chive. Didn't even find the post offensive even after knowing who the girl was… Chive On..

  • NoMoGeronimo

    #31…what was the picture anyway?

  • Alyssa

    How dare yee disrespect the all mighty Chive. Stop being such vagina farts, #31 is funny and if you don’t agree, then you’re clearly not keeping calm and chiving on.

    Love you Chive ❤


    • 80' Baby


    • Alyssa

      Comment note: the #31 that I saw was an awkward family photo with a caption that said: “They wanted to see Disneyland..I showed them Hell” …something to that extent. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was freaking out about that. What was the original 31?

      • 80's Baby

        ooooo… Them you might change your mind if you didn't see the original…. They had a picture of Casey Anthony's girl and the caption read… "When I grow up………. lol Nevermind"

        • Alyssa

          yikes. i feel like a douche. well, regardless – chive made a mistake and leo had no clue… it's not chives fault…they didn't make the meme. whoever actually made the caption is an idiot.

  • IamWhoIam

    i obviously missed #31…

  • Alyssa

    Stop being such vagina farts, #31 is funny and if you don’t agree, then you’re clearly not keeping calm and chiving on.

    Love you Chive ❤


    • Alyssa

      just saying – the #31 that I came across was a picture of an awkward family was NOT the caylee anthony picture. soo…..yah, there ya go.

    • Guesty

      Way to put in your uninformed 2 cents… Just like almost every other person that comments here.

  • anon

    again with the reposts, these caption photos are no longer funny

  • Gregg


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