Cool haircut, bro (29 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    I grew up in the 80’s and personally don’t want to see anymore mullets… and by the way chive your video advertisement is starting to get really annoying please make it stop

  • Lindsey Bergeron

    #29 …..we don't have that in Vermont. It would get shot.

  • Andy Valentine

    I imagine that #23 just finished singing "Don't You Want Me Baby"

  • G!A

    #22- jeffree star??

  • Wyatt Dixon


  • TobuscusFan

    #26 Your argument is invalid.

  • CombsRuben

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  • hipsterbgone


    my mom never let me get that background… bitch

  • wenus

    Notice how there were no black people, and that's because of a black person has any of these haircuts they would still look pretty normal.

  • krest

    I think #26 is the most horrible haircut i have seen. i prefer #1

    • krest

      #3 is scarely

  • doug

    #27 and #29 need to lay off the drugs!

  • alleygaga

    #22 Jeffrey star is that you?

  • amazon_jade

    #17 … Skrillex before he got famous and dyed his hair black???

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  • not a troll i swear

    my gad, they're hideous. Unfortunately there's a shameful amount of old pics here… C'mon chive, all you have to do is find photos and put them on your site. I mean, your audience gives you half your content, so the least you could do is not post pictures from 5+ years ago. But still, wtf is that in #12?

  • @neddyrush

    15 Skrillex I am your father!

  • great haircuts

    haha, so many funny haircuts. Great posts
    Please let me know more of your great post.

  • hairstyle for man

    I recently noticed that your website is back to work again. I check your website on a daily basis. Keep the great jobs going.

  • TheChris

    Like a SIR #7

  • zilla

    #17 , skrillex?

  • J in Sd

    #17 Skirllex the early years?

  • ttm

    #23 Laugh if you want, he got the laser background!

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