Cowboys still exist apparently (23 Photos)

More great photography by Jane at her Website

  • Frylock

    first?! I'm sorry. thumb me down, but I'm excited.

    • Major_Rocker

      excited = retarded

    • whosmike

      This makes me think that you guys are Fing Gay……..

    • sixdeadelves

      Ha Ha!!

  • Greg Meinhardt

    wth is this shit?

    • mattythegooch

      Wrangler butts drive you nuts!!!!!

      • the other Jen

        im stealing wrangler butts drive you nuts.

    • PoppinFresh

      Idk but it reminds me of Brokeback Mountain… which is still not as gay as Twilight.

  • Master Shake

    #13 & #15 Those cowboys are also Ninjas.

    • Jason Ciotti

      I double-checked initially to make sure the plant wasn't wearing a cowboy hat.

  • @Sbores1789

    Hillbillies a culture I will never understand smh.

    • uberbrie

      Hillbilles watch Nascar, cowboys watch bull riding

      • No-name

        Dude, my dad's from New York, and HE watches NASCAR (All caps necessary, it's an acronym). It's not a hillbilly thing. He's also an airline pilot who flies international, last month he was in Spain watching bullfights and rodeos.
        Basically your argument is invalid.

        • The_Dood

          There's always going to be a few people that throw off a stereotype. But for the most part stereotypes exist because they're usually true.

          • Reality

            Hillbillies and Cowboys are two separate things. If you don't understand that then I can't help you. Try doing some research into the two.

            • trollolol

              are you defending cowboys or hillbillies? choose wisely

        • uberbrie

          You sir are invalid

    • BadHillbili

      Y'all are dumber than a bag full of hammers. Get yer terminology right.

      A Hillbilly lives in the hills, hence the name, HILLbilly, usually residing in Appalachia. Rednecks live wherever there is a farm (i.e. where it is flat) and the term comes from farmers who get RED NECKS by being out in the sun all day. Hillbillies like to make and drink moonshine in the HILLS, but rednecks pretty much drink anything with alcohol anywhere it is available. Hillbillies want nothing to do with mainstream culture and rednecks are totally oblivious to it or despite it because they ain't part of it.

      Cowboys are a special kind of redneck, who raise cows rather than grow food. More likely to screw livestock then their sister. Not a lot of cowboys in the hills because cows aren't wild about inclines. Also will drink any alcoholic beverage available. Cowboys are similar to hillbillies in that they are familiar with mainstream culture but just don't care for it.

      Cowboys and rednecks both put food on your table and if they decided to quit everybody would starve to death. Think about that. Hillbillies tend to know a lot about herbal medicine and home cures, so you might not want to piss them off either, you might need them in case of an emergency like, I don't know, a financial collapse or depression.

      • Colton Bedke

        Apparently you've never been around cows before, I've seen cows in places that's hard to get to on a horse it's so steep…

        • Honk

          agreed.. Cows tend to go wherever the fuck they want

          • NaNaNaMatmaN

            The term "Redneck" is derived from a gang of outlaws who wore red scarves. Not from sunburns. good try though

            • oh4fuckssake

              Redneck is from farmers. Bent over in the sun all day, the back of their neck gets red.

              "A citation from 1893 provides a definition as "poorer inhabitants of the rural districts…men who work in the field, as a matter of course, generally have their skin stained red and burnt by the sun, and especially is this true of the back of their necks".

              Nice how you are not only smug, but wrong.

              • NaNaNaMatmaN

                If it's in writing, it must be true

                • Jack_LeMac

                  It's more about citing a source, where's yours?

                  • NaNaNaMatmaN

                    one example:
                    Thomas'Legion(dot)com "The term Redneck comes from the West Virginia Coal Miners March or the Battle of Blair Mountain when coal miners wore red bandanas around their necks to identify themselves as seeking the opportunity to unionize."

                    Personally I don't give a shit though

        • BadHillbili

          Comment FAIL. Just because a cow can wander up a hill, even a steep one, in search of food does not necessarily make that a preferred place for them to go. And if is hard for a horse to reach them, then I doubt a cowboy is going to want to steer them in that direction. because that is how cowboys roll, on horse. Large herds of cattle, and by association COWBOYS, do not reside in hillbilly country. Never have, never will.

          • The_Dood

            Okay I'm confused now. I live in Ohio. There are cow pastures all over the place here. I regularly see cows on 45° inclines. Matter of fact, most of the cattle farms I know of have very little, if any flat ground, except the ground that the barn and the house are built on. It is generally horse and sheep farms where I see the flat ground.

            • F. Gump

              I could be wrong, but never heard of too many cowboys from Ohio. Could be some hillbillies though 'cause Kentucky and W. Virginia are both border states. I KNOW there some rednecks….better known as Ohio State Buckeye fans.

      • CO_MTN_GRL2

        We then call me a hillbilly, cowgirl, redneck from Colorado. I live in the mountains, have cows, swears that duct tape was sent from heaven (BTW you can tow a car with the stuff and make a very fashionable wallet), and I love to shoot at pumpkins and beer cans on the weekend.

        People need to get over this whole sterotyping BS, the above sterotypes simply reflect choice of lifestyle(Hobbies included), location and upbringing.

      • cooter

        glorious win

      • Turduckenn


      • shaka

        dude, cows are fine with hills, haven't you ever heard of a West Virginia cow? the legs are shorter on one side…

      • dbolusaf

        Dude the term redneck stems from the coal mining unions in the early 1900's. Rednecks were the guys against scabs and for a decent wage for their family. Today its just another derogatory word.

    • fdubzou

      Cowboy doesn't = hillbilly. Most actual cowboys work on ranches and deal with livestock doing things like herding cattle, breaking in horses, and working the land. For those of you claiming it's other things, you seriously lack any knowledge or insight into how the west (of the Mississippi River) was settled, and how life was for people even 60 years ago, before the interstate system and jet travel. Seriously, basically every state west of the Mississippi River has had some element of the cowboy lifestyle in it's history. Read a f*cking history book and stop being so ignorant.

    • Paul

      Understood Steve, just like I will never understand a grown man with a chin strap beard who refers to women as "boo"

      • Texasks

        I dont understand why anyone argues stuff like this. Most people dont understand that "Cowboy" is not a title, its a job and a damn hard one at that. If you are a real cowboy i have a ton of respect for you (even though you prolly aint on the internet commenting). and the whole Redneck issue, i would describe a redneck as a glorious abscence of sophistication, i have been described as a redneck (because of the way i act even though i am very smart, although im not good at spelling) then there is white trash and hillbillies. Which i put in the same category, my family is totally white trash, my cousin has had 2 babies with 2 different strippers

  • Dunks

    lame post

  • Major_Rocker

    I am disappointed with the lack of 10" belt buckles in this post.

    • Jeff Mullin

      can't ride a horse with a 10" belt buckle. Those are for posers

  • Demon_Cleaner

    The Berry is that-a-way ———->

  • chicago

    notice the OLD Age and lacking women around. No thanks, rather drive a car than a herd of cattle.

  • Anonymous

    #4 not a cowboy hat, not a cowboy

  • Guest

    Authentic cowboys don't tuck their jeans into their boots. #fags #BrokebackMountainwannabes

    • tklex

      Cowboys that tuck their jeans into their boots do so to keep mud/cowshit from getting onto their jeans. they typically do it only when working with livestock or if digging a stock pond or some other labor that requires them to be almost knee deep in shit. It has nothing to do with being authentic and all to do with being pratical. Unless they don't actually work on a ranch/farm, then yes, they are just being faggy in nature…

      • MooseMoose

        yeah, must agree… Though i consider myself more just a straight up country boy than cowboy, we always tucked our jeans into our boots so snakes cant climb up our legs… "Guest" apparently has no clue what the hell he's talking about and should probably stick to his lovely concrete landscape

        • Ogre

          It is a regional thing. Cowboys in the Great Basin area and West Texas an Oklahoma it is done. And as cowboys move around the country how they do things and their gear gets spread around. I am curious were guest is from.

  • German

    Chuck Norris is the only real cowboy

    • Russian

      no chuck is a ninja in a cowboy hat. Nothing more.

  • Rick Allen


  • Mrs_Conejo

    i've heard that if a rancher has their jeans tucked in their boots it means they don't owe the bank any money…probably a myth
    #1, #2, #9, #12

    • AustinTX

      Also keeps your jeans from getting ruined out in the mud, as boots are meant for work, not for sitting around a hipster bar drinking PBR

      • snake

        So snakes don't climb up them.

    • Rick Allen

      I've heard they're trying to keep the mud and cow shit off their jeans when they're working in the pasture. That makes way too much sense though.

      • Mrs_Conejo

        i would totally agree if they were pictured in their pasture with mud and cow shit around, buut they are not

    • phiz33

      It keeps the damn fire ants off too!

    • Dan

      I'm betting half of these are from ads for Justin boots or Stetson hats. I grew up raising horses, and we tucked our jeans in to keep the horseshit off of them while doing barn work. When out just riding, jeans were not tucked in.

      • the other Jen


    • Faust

      Typically it was the wealthy that tucked their pants into their boots because they wanted to show off the fancy designs on their high priced footwear. Real cowboys took better care of their boots than their jeans because they were more important.


    fuck you pussies

  • Tim Brown

    Still not as gay as Brokeback Mountian.

    • YouSuckedintheNFL

      stick with Twilight…brokeback mountain was a solid flick despite being about homosexual cowboys

  • Hunter X

    #19 ….sorry, but when I think of cowboys now, I think of Brokeback Mountain…

    • Frank

      You know, I have a sneaky feeling most things make you in-vision butt sex.

  • Dissapointed

    I thought Chive shirts Chive shirts were dropping at 9AM PST. Instead, THIS? Suck ass.

    • Tim Brown

      Available Thursday 9AM PST…….. Today is Wednesday buddy………….

      • Dissapointed

        I should learn to read. der.

    • Wes

      Thats on friday so jus check back on that day. Not thursday though. Definitely not thursday tell all your friends as well.

  • wkdfrog

    The Good #3 The Bad #19 and The Ugly #11

  • Anjin-San

    #15 is a ninja cow-boy

  • ssss9999

    I will take #10 🙂

  • Logan

    Those aren't cowboys.. Those are goat ropers. Real cowboys don't tuck their jeans in their boots.

    • MooseMoose

      Umm yeah they do

    • That Guy

      the original cowboys did.

  • Iam_Dave

    What about cowgirls? The cowboys need women too! Lets see em. 🙂

    • Iam_NotDave

      Found 'em! #18 #22
      Fap away, Dave. Fap away!

      • Dolfan0925

        Maybe the posts got mixed up and the cowgirls are at the Berry.

  • Lol wut

    #17 that buck is taking up valuable couch space

    • Mis-named

      Actually a bull elk

      • MooseMoose

        true dat

    • r00s7a

      Obviously you're not a golfer…

  • jkmcdermott

    #23 – I bet he wears those chaps with no pants. Also, who knew that are cowboys notorious hoarders?

    • highcuu

      Wouldn't 'notorious' mean that lots of people know?

  • Tuff GUy


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