Cowboys still exist apparently (23 Photos)

More great photography by Jane at her Website

  • Coldzilla
  • @danieljillm

    Buncha dumbass rednecks who f*** their cousins and think that bisexuality means loving sheep AND goats.

  • Julieann

    #10 & #15
    Do want 🙂

  • Julieann

    #19 My bad

  • hollywood

    i take offense to all the gay comments of this post. i've worked on ranches for 11 years and rodeos for five. thanks for the rep chive. to all the yuppy coffee joint lazy ass's who don't understand an honest days work move to another country.

    • phiz33

      Agreed, you can't cowboy with limp wrists.

      • TDP

        No one said the cowboys were gay, I think the mass opinion is that the Chive maybe gay for posting it!

        • TDP

          And explain brokeback mountain, cowboys doing cowboy things whilst bumming each other

  • listenlady

    I like this post. It reminds me of home 🙂

  • _-blue

    These cowboys have much nicer homes than the ones in South Dakota. Why wouldn't they exist. When I went to high school, we had "drive your tractor to school day" and FFA week. REPRESENT SD

  • cookiesncream

    Love this post! How about some half naked cowboys in assless chaps for some of the cowboy loving Chivettes! ❤

  • Jimmy

    #17 If that thing is not photoshopped that guy must have the tiniest pecker in Texas.

  • teight

    apparently?!? every state not touching the ocean is full of them!!

  • Tim

    My dad once told me “if you can drive a tractor you can do anything. “

  • Derbymon

    OK..Gotta speak up;
    Folks~ A Female British photographer did those shots! Get it?
    These comments are way outta line. Some of this is pretty boy shit and it's unfortunate that a lot of 'em are married to women with that country crap-taste in decorating….BUT..Thanks for having something from the rest of America posted.. I'm fuggin' tired of these Star Wars,Tit-boys, Mario, one joke pedo-bear punks. These old guys in here, look like guys I've worked for….and I challenge anyone to do that work, all day, all week, all month. Those old guys taught me alot about everything;engines, horses, cooking, respect, truth, friendship, etc….sure more than I learned in college. It was all minimum wage labor, but now I'm proud of it.
    As for some of these Jive comments…go back to your laptop…yer Latte's gettin cold.
    Oh, and when your car won't start or yer bleeding; I'm the one that will save you.

    • okiechivette

      Ty Ty I’m blessed to be country I grew up on a small ranch. Anyone that can live that lifestyle I tip my hat to and I’m sure if anyone thinks its easy I have friends with ranches we always need help, anyone who wants to step up to the plate? Few and far between.

  • Kirby

    #19 "…and I wore these beauties for show night down at the Cowpoke."

  • Glenn

    #4 fat guy in a La z boy. #22 might be legit, all the rest are Fags, cause cowboys are first and foremost gentlemen and gentlemen never wear their in the house!

  • Hannah

    #4 is definitely a redneck

  • Michael

    A cowboy… holding his wiener.

  • grog


    (dont ask about the giant head, dont ask about the giant head, dont ask about the giant head)


  • Me

    Those look like fake cowboys =-| the ones here in Tx are dirty, working on ranches and don’t have fancy ass houses like that lol, I should know, I’ve been one in South Texas till I was 16

  • trooperjoe

    Berry much?

  • TxsDesiree

    why yes… #10 you certainly are…..

  • Da Sandman

    wtf, chive..?

  • gregorije 1

    I Loves My Gun

  • mooberrys

    …. they tuck their pants into the boots because they dont want to get cow crap all over their pants….. duh

  • asteve

    Is it possible to be a modern cowboy and not wear a stupid hat??

  • Biff

    A floppy hat does not a cowboy make.

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