• Michael

    the guy in red is wearing a Munster Rugby shirt. YES!

  • Cheeto

    IT's a faaaake

  • Anonymous

    Very cool.

  • coffee

    Tagged under mind blowing? reallly chive…really?

  • JDizzle

    not sure if i should be turned on or throw up

  • HelenTheMelon

    I used to live there! Darmstadt Germany, college apartments for exchange students!

  • Hot Milk

    Hipster HIghschool

  • Carlos Spicyweiner

    I was genuinely happy for them!

  • Karlshof

    Darmstadt Fuck Yeah

  • Ecuager

    Kind of funny this video was recorded in DARmstadt, a city near Frankfurt in Germany

  • http://www.facebook.com/nosamno Sam Coffey

    It always the irish guy……win

  • Uncle Scotty

    They shouldn't build homes for the mentally retarded so high.

  • malmon

    The other 2 guys get fined for littering.

  • anomic

    Something about something about not getting that minute of my life back…

  • Isaiah

    I call bull shit. Lol.

    But, I digress, I made an 8-ball corner pocket bet and won $200. I was also drunk and it turned out to be $500. Winning?

  • Shortie

    "I've got a cool idea, lets go down and get it…"

  • magnetron

    is that karlshof in darmstadt?

  • http://www.facebook.com/oscarncm Oscar Castañon

    hahaha it looks they are having some good high times..

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