Psst… If you like tattoos, get in here (37 Photos)

  • fibonacci5150

    #23 that's kinda neat

    • fibonacci5150

      of all the interesting things to be said about these women and their tattoos

      • Jen

        …this was the sexiest one.

        • Ken

          all of them are sexy……

          • myNameIs

            Forever and ever and ever though ? Too much of a commitment.

          • hMMMM

            um, ok…just b/c i said this was the sexiest doesn't mean i hated the other ones. and no, not all of them are sexy. #31

    • junk funk

      so sick of those tattoos……

    • Angela

      I'm not even sure that's a tattoo. Kinda looks like these are actual stockings, with the way the band around her left leg is kinda 'stretched' looking.

    • Tine

      These are pantyhose, not tattoos.

    • leoncorleone

      retarden more likely

  • patov40

    #16 – I don't know about the tattoos, but this hump and this outfit work for me! B)

    • floscar

      Yes, more of this, please.

    • Iknowrite

      That was my EXACT thought. EXACTLY. The tatts work on some of these girls because they are young and tight, but after they get a few years on them, a kid or two….. Inked up grannies can not be nice.

    • jgos929

      Google Indigo Agustine and you can see the rest of her.

      • R-Dub

        You are correct sir!

  • chapstick

    scrumptious, my penis is the size of a chapstick…..

    • Hunter X


      • Mr. YZ

        funnier than anything else you morons type on here.

        • Conan

          No…it's not…sorry.

    • Kodos

      ahh, shaddap

    • Ahnold

      Thats no reason to go rubbin' it on your buddy's lips!! Stop it fag!!

  • Mike Latoris

    #2 You are just adorable.

    • Smuggler

      Imagine that she is legal.

    • hMMMM

      tat is SO shopped on there…come on, guys. I'm not even photoshop literate like that and even my amateur eyes can tell that's not a real tattoo…

    • DoomsDayDub

      Imagine what?? How much jail time I would get?

    • Pedo Man

      I'd rape her in the ass till it bled…..

      • Vanilla Gorilla

        Then you would get raped in the ass by your celly, Bubba.

    • paul

      thats the kind of girl I'd bring home to the folks.

    • Chelmsford Spuds

      #2 So true. Imagine what it feels like when you hit that right up to the hilt.

  • jason in pc

    oh i like, i like a lot.

    • Perry Duran

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  • clemgrad03


    Wow….just wow.

    • Jordan

      best one.

      • Boom!

        best fkn buttcheeks in a long time…

      • Boom!

        almost as good as that time i walked in on john in the shower!

        • Meh.....

          Diarrhea comes out of that….just say'in……..

      • hassssssss

        i mean if they've shown they are ok showing just bare ass why not do it all the time?

    • SeaBassEX

      want to touch the hiney, sooooo nice

      • Meh.....

        That Veronica Vaughn is one fine piece of ace……..

    • Cross

      Best ass ever!

    • miles

      what an ass.

    • krauter

      yeah fantastic, but why the fugly useless tattoo?

  • TazeMeBro

    #2 oh, believe me, I am.

    • Misnomer

      Jailbait – most likely me thinks…

      • ter

        if i want to rape her, she's old enough.

  • Takingbackcider

    #13 Please let El Wood be in the Chive calender!

    • Ha.Ha.


    • 904

      hell no.

    • Hel-093


      • snotrocket51

        shes better looking the ellen

  • femtrooper1

    #2 doesnt look real…

    • crowebar360

      thought the same thing. Don't know if its the angle of the shot or what, but her head is enormous compared to the size of her ass.

      • hMMMM

        I think he meant the tat…

    • EasternCanuck

      doesn't look really old… pedo bear candidate

  • jeremy
  • Alexis

    #2 looks like something is wrong with the pic. Is it shopped? Is it a weird angle #16 O M G #36 Sexy as hell!

    • Headfade

      #36 Clearly she's not a morning person…

      • Gooner29

        Well played

        • 094u

          stop saying that.

    • jgos929

      #16 is Indigo Augustine google her.

  • Guest

    #15 is kind of creeping me out

    • Juan

      huh, surprised at the lack of "I'd like to put my key in her hole" comments…

      • Derek Skinner

        Why would he want to potentially paralyze the poor girl by copulating with her spine?

    • DrizzyD

      I like it..allot

  • rlogan75

    #6 and #13
    are soooo effin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChronicUser

    Find #34 and #37 is Toerrific!

    • ucallmedr_jones

      #34 is my girl

  • Cbizzle

    #17 I could eat that all day!!

    • BSmike

      This is ridiculously hot

      • dOOb

        oh yes… so very hot!

      • Elliot Atkinson

        That's an understatement.

    • jason


    • superhumano

      Don't say that. You didn't see the face…

  • Jay

    Let's revisit in 20 years to see how the tats are holding up.

    • ucallmedr_jones

      could say the same thing for tits sir. Enjoy them while they are beautiful

      • Tat20YearsLater

        That's what a lift is for. If you have to do surgery on a tat, you lose part of it and stretch it out.

      • uoiu

        you can lift tits. not tats.

    • James

      Live in the now mother fucker… the future holds nothing but disappointment and ugliness anyhow.

    • truth

      20 years from now, tats or not, most of these girls won't be holding up that well.

      • -054

        yeah. they'll be a bunch of worn out whores.

        • Annerb

          and what the hell will you be? A fat, bald, jerk who likes to call women whores?

      • Arania

        20 yrs from
        Now chances are most of us won't be 'holding up that well' who cares what they'll look like in 20 yrs. they have to live with it 🙂 and to the guy below me -054 I'd love to see you say that to the faces of these women, are you that bored with your lame life that you refer to people you have never met nor seen in person as ''a bunch of worn out whores" you're either 12 and not getting any or mid 30s and still not getting any. Get a life.

    • dave

      why is this such a common response? How good does anyone look when they're old? Do you plan on parading around naked when you're 70? What does it matter at that point?

      • Niggher Beater

        Raquel Welch is still plenty fuckable.

    • Michelle

      Okay to those of you who dont know the "laws" of preserving tattoos, you're supposed to touch them up every few yers to keep them looking georgeous or yeah they'll look like crap. And seeing as most of the tattoos have high quality ink I believe that's the last thing they're troubled with. Not to mention you can "lift" tats by going over them!! And it's good to know you think we're all whores! Disgusting.

  • NaNaNaMatmaN

    #2 #5 Horrible shorts
    #33 AMAZING

    • Cosign

      Man- I HATE those mom shorts-glad I'm not the only one. They weren't sexy in 80's, not sexy now.

      • HardCorre

        Can't believe you guys are looking at the shorts on #5…

        • Tony Montana

          there right there, moron. what am i gonna do? not look at them

          • BrownBear

            "they're" not "there" moron…and yes, it's too easy not to look

  • Irishstephen

    #33 #36 MOAR please!!!

  • Adam Martin

    #6 Would like to see moar!

    • Matt

      Awesome body.

  • theonehodge

    #37 Can't reallt tell what that tattoo is…don't really care…Nice ass.

    • dungydouche

      I beleive it's an old, wooden ship.

      • NebraskaGuy

        Speaking of wood …

        • Deliverance

          well what are you waiting for? get to sucking.

    • Michaelangelo

      what tattoo?

      • ljdw

        the one on her back.

    • Kenai

      this is the best kind of gap

    • kodakkid

      i know this is an old line but really I never saw the tat my eyes got stuck!!

  • Iam_Dave


  • Dave

    #19 Blossom??

    • Ling

      don't you mean amy farrah fowler?!?!

  • TaskMaster

    #24 looks like she might be the coolest girl on planet Earth. Find her!

    • Comeoncomeon = # 24

    • 3843

      she gets points taken off for those annoying glasses.

  • yumepenguin

    #16 is Indigo Augustine.

  • NonBrit

    Not into tattoos, but I'm into women, which makes this post just fine.

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