Blonde girl gets a tan–Nailed It (21 Photos)

  • Andy Valentine


  • Levi Square

    Sad Sad Little woman…

  • Tuff GUy

    Still would.

  • JDF

    #15 Well on her way to receiving Government aid.

  • Toatsmigoats

    So that's what leprosy looks like

  • mike

    Shame when people start to perceive themselves this way…It's like an eating disorder….she's absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in #3 and if you showed that picture to her now, she'd probably think she looked like the dude from Powder.

  • The_Dood

    A few shades darker and she'd be black.

  • Anonymous


  • LuvsHorror

    The tan makes her look old and leathery. What a shame she can't see that.

  • the chird

    Literally went from cute to fuck ugly. Nuff said!

  • Chris

    It is just gross

  • John Frink

    I bet she'd let you toss it in the butt

  • wkdfrog

    #1 #21 Michael Jackson's kid – the DNA is finally coming through

  • Courtney

    Those hair extensions are god awful.

  • bkfrijoles


  • Nixster

    Huh, I don't get it either, she was kinda hot before, now….just looks stupid.

  • amplidudes

    <img src=""&gt; Ehm. WHAT?

  • Spinks

    I had to stop looking at #10. Too damn gross

  • LiquidE

    #19 theres her problem. Oldude is prob feeding her some meds trying to hook up with her, look in his hands, and her brain is not firing on all cylinders. Or all that bleach on her head melted her brain.

  • Drunk Rugby Player

    She is so hot in the first 3 pic's. Its like when cute girl looses weight and just looks gross.

  • NoMoGeronimo

    …Just think about the fine set of leather luggage we could make from her skin though…..

  • Jackson


  • Perea

    Damm. She looks like that crazy lady from its something about mary. Hope she read this.

  • PalmBeachChiver

    Gross…. i live in south florida and we see that a lot down here and its f'in nasty………….

  • nonsense

    From not to not

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