Blonde girl gets a tan–Nailed It (21 Photos)

  • spike

    #1 #2 #3 #4 are all acceptable everything pass that is just…

  • Tony Twist

    LOL!! @ smelling like burnt toast.

    In #17 she looks so creepy. It reminds me of Ash's girlfriend in Evil Dead when she sits on the floor with her legs crossed like that.

    And just like in the move, I want to hit her in the head with a shovel

  • Brother Maynard

    Willy Wonka will be mad his employees are posting themselves on the net.

  • Commando

    damn………..what a waste

  • MooseMoose

    Am I shallow that i'm only sad it happened to a hot girl

  • Josh Owen

    Bish you look like a pumpkin lol

  • rage

    the darker the tan gets, the more the duck face protrudes

  • mark

    Such a sad obsession, knew a person like that

  • Seamus

    It's like the tan came with a permanent duck face

  • Chivacy Please

    Fake tan, fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs….not OK. Fake orgasm – no problem

  • Henry Gibson

    Wow. That's actually kind of sad. She's pretty, but she looks like she was left in the oven too long.

    Out of curiosity, how does TheChive get a series like this? Is Were these submitted anonymously by a friend who's trying to scare the blonde girl straight, or were they scraped off the internet?

    • Cpt. Obvious

      what do you think? I'm sure stolen from another site like everything else on here.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Female narcissism at its finest…./sigh stupid women.

  • LC

    wasn't that hot to begin with and made it infinitely worse. give it 5 years and she's going to look like a piece of jerky.

  • Jim Mao

    At what point does it stop being a bad fake tan and become black-face?

    • ImpressMe


  • V..

    This is a snookielution… this is how someone turns into a snookie monster. This chick needs to cruise down ther Jersey turnpike.

    This chick went from cute to slop-a-potamis in 21 pictures. Shame… Stuffed animals are weird too.

  • asb


  • ImpressMe

    She started out so pretty…… ended up looking like she was left in the oven too long….. sad.

  • lol

    #2 is the best one

  • Ron

    Hot to Not

  • German

    #7 was the ideal tan, after that it when down hill

  • dwh101

    Hasn't she heard of SKIN CANCER??? WTFF?

  • Kunal

    sad times

  • Dr H

    Is it just me, or did her blonde hair turn white as her body turned brown? At least the cleave stuck around…

  • John E. Yonkey II

    Magda – The Early Years….

  • robert

    can she sing mamee

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