Blonde girl gets a tan–Nailed It (21 Photos)

  • MrEff

    It's like watching an angel fall off the evolutionary ladder, and hit every rung on the way down…

  • Grant D

    That is some supple looking leather.

  • Jocko

    She started off gorgeous and ended up looking like a photo negative of a brunette.

  • Connor

    no duckface plz

  • pixygypsy

    Way to fuck up being really pretty.

  • Bernard Hadaya

    Tanaholic… sad, but still tapable

  • Keith_D


  • msn

    She's going to look like that old chick in There's Something about Mary

  • bryainiac

    She ruined herself for me, I would still do her but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't look at it.

  • KorovaMilkBar

    Its like somebody cooked her.

  • Anonymous

    this looks shopped

  • IBgenius

    #2 Of course the chive thinks she was gorgeous when she was jailbait (present included)

  • JDizzle

    what the hell happened. why would she waste such good looks. she went from blond godess to leather handbag

  • Isaiah

    What is this I don't even…

    I mean, I'd tap it yeah, but— I mean–I mean the lights would be off for sure.

  • bill


  • jay

    ahh…the poo tan…too bad cuz she was kinda hot in the beginning

  • IAmWags

    she was such a hottie!

  • Size14

    The good news is that a couple months in a dark place and the tan will be gone.

  • Merv

    That is the kind of leather I want oin my new sofa

  • oughtnot

    I don't know what's worse, the overdone tan, or the overdone peroxide job on her hair. The combination is awful.

  • @B_Abt

    she's pretty hot, i dunno what you guys are talkin about…

    • @B_Abt

      #15 thats cute she can be like my little snow bunny

      • cadillacrosa

        That looks like burnt grilled bunny…you mean?

  • Patrick

    watching too much of Jersey Shore apparently. She wanted to step up her douche bag level! NAILED IT!

  • Thomas Kile

    She looked beautiful until #7, but I would say she looked at her best at #5…

  • Smapdee

    Wait, is that Marlon Wayans or Shawn Wayans?

  • chivesworth

    If a chiver has said this already; my bad. But, she looks like the old landlady in 'Kingpin' or the dog kissing lady in 'There's Something About Mary'. And that's not good in someone so young.

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