Chive Everywhere (60 HQ Photos)

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  • sam

    problems of a first world country

  • HardCoreMike

    #44 – Yer doing it wrong. You never point the toe up! You'll end up with more beer on you than in you.

  • Kim83MD

    #56 my fiancé went there on Sunday, unfortunately I had to work. He must not have seen you, cause he would have informed me of chiver spotting. If I had gone, I definitely would have been wearing my Keep Calm shirt.

  • sam

    #18 problems of a first world country

  • -0==

    you're the one on the bottom left, right moose?

    • MooseMoose

      close enough

  • chicago

    #28 Is she doing a "right here" to Gilbert Gottfried…?.. She's tall and a keeper anyway. #60 SO NICE.

  • Alex

    my best friend's mom makes $77 an hour on the computer. She has been out of job for 9 months but last month her check was $7487 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here

  • bkfrijoles

    #60 why hello

  • Coldzilla

    #2 UofA sucks! UofC Rocks!

    #11 I agree with Travis!

    #24 "I went outside in forty degree weather"? 0_0 Awwww tough gig.

    #60 Thank you

  • Spork

    #19 I've golfed there! I think… That's a course in Utah, isn't it?

    • Guy

      Yeah we played Cedar hills course. Great course!

      • Spork

        Yes, I've totally been there. Friend had a two-for-one. We're not terribly good, so we shy away from nicer courses usually.

        • Guy

          That sounds like my style. They constantly have coupons and discounts. but to be honest with you, I like the course as much as any of the other ones around Utah. Favorite course ever for me is shadow valley outside Boise.

  • mojo789

    #9 Yoda in sunglasses…definitely needs to be made into a t-shirt.

    • theatreides


  • Skedaddle

    #16 GO DAWGS!
    #52 You can get a better shot of those than that, but I LOVE what I see. 🙂

    • Karen

      GO COUGS!

  • Skedaddle

    #16 GO DAWGS!
    #52 You can get a better shot of those than that, can’t you? I do like what I see though: )

  • laelow

    Your yoga pants are absolutely breathtaking!
    #52 FTW.

  • doreen

    #12 OMFG it's the Energizer bunny!!!!!


    #13 Boiler Up! Glad to see I'm not the only chiver at Purdue.

  • Name

    That's it. The trolls win. I'm done reading the comments. Too many people frustrated with their real life happy to take it on this site under the cover of internet anonymity.

  • Quinners1357

    What up Santa Cruz? From a fellow loyal Santa Cruz Chiver!!!!

  • Lobbin

    #52 Yoga pants plus perfect ass equals… heaven

  • BiGbOi

    #1. FSU came to out house and got rocked Go TIGERS!!!!!! Chive On from CLEMSON.

  • BiGbOi

    #1. FSU came to our house and got rocked Go TIGERS!!!!!! Chive On from CLEMSON.

    • UFSUX

      You had it right the first time. It’s an out house. GO NOLES!!!

  • Stan_Dalone

    trolls aren't happy unless they are trolling making an ass out of themselves isn't important to them


    #47 Chichen Itza!! I was just there on Sunday!

  • mitch

    Florida State cuties FTW. Please post again ladies!

  • bill

    #24, born and raised in Boston…dont recognize the view…..just sayin.

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