Chivette of the Week: Meet Ellen Monohan (40 HQ Photos)

Ellen Monohan is a Kentucky girl with a wicked sense of humor. She's been submitting photos to the Chive for a year now and I always enjoy a sexy girl with a warped sense of humor. She's a massive Green Bay Packer and Michigan football fan.

So when Ellen told me she was moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, bringing her in as the COTW was a no-brainer. The girl can smile to say the very least and she was beyond enchanting with that southern charm she exudes.

Mac the Intern usually cries when Chivettes leave, but he cried extra hard, like an infant on a plane, when Ellen departed.

Say hi to Ellen on her Facebook page.

Say hi to Ellen here.

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  • mattythegooch

    #10 – I honestly don't have a smart ass comment to say………….speechless if you will!!! ( Go Blue )

  • AssClown

    #25 "They'll be gone soon enough my manny, I'll make sure of it…then it's just you and me at last…"

  • Christina


    You deserve it, Johnny Boy. Well done on this shoot

    • RAS

      Great shoot and Great looking lady.

  • Guesty


    (I'm also incredibley GAY!)

  • McDouche


  • Mauro

    Better than LG, for sure … thanks for your beauty

    • LG_

      I didn't realize being a Chivette meant being in a competition!
      We're all girls with different looks, personalities, styles, etc. so no one girl is 'better' than the other just like no one 'Chiver' is better than the other. 😉

      • Yea Yea

        Well put, but I still think your hotter LG!

      • Chouoi

        no, she's hotter than you.

        • LG_

          Considering that I personally could care less about my looks (I know I'm attractive and it doesn't matter what degree of hotness that I am), and considering that I do not want or plan to ever be in the entertainment industry in any way, she can take the cookie. She better be good looking if she wants to be an actress!

          My field of works requires a brain and I'd take that over looks any day.

          • Bogus_Shizzall

            As with anything in life there must be winners and losers… some are better than others and this is just a sad fact. For instance I am a winner because you, Ellen, and all the other Chivettes have served up a steaming hot plate of Awesome. Douche bags like Mauro and all the other asshats with their asshat comments are losers because they feel the need to point out the speck in others' eyes, and bite the hand they ogle at .

            Don't be bogus. That is all.

            • Guesty

              You look at chicks in their underwear and then kiss their ass in the hopes they'll reply to you in the comment section of a photoblog. Yup, you are just full of win, aren't ya?

            • Mauro

              douchebag your ass idiot! … i only said what i fcking wanted to say … and sincerely i /care much your comments … go play with your mouse and i'll continue fcking your unsatisfied girlfriend

            • Brother M.

              Mauro gave his honest opinion(which is what the comment section is for). take your white-knight bullshit somewhere else.

          • Guesty

            You obviously care, some random stranger posts that this chick looks better than you, and you jump in about competition. If you REALLY didn't care, you would say "meh" and move on. But you had to jump in about competition, and get all defensive. Just shut the fuck up. "I could care less" but just has to respond to some random person's opinion.

            • LG_

              How did I "jump in the competition" dear Guesty? I replied to him because his logic is flawed and I wanted to comment to his response because being a Chivette is not about being in a competition. I didn't say "OMG but I'm so much hotter" or any bullshit like that and not an ounce of what I said was 'on the defensive'. Stop trying to stir up shit because you're bored with your job and your life.

              I didn't say 'meh' and 'move on' because the guy needed a bit of a reality check – there is no 'top' or 'bottom' tiered Chivette, period. That'd take the whole point of being a Chivette away.

              I really can care less about what's thought about ME, but I DO care when people put these chicks (Chivettes) into a competition because it defeats the whole point of being a Chivette.

              • Guesty

                Noone said competition, you idiot. You saw your name and just had to respond. I like pizza better than hot dogs. It's not a fucking competition, it's a preference. He likes this chick more than you. Preference. You could've said something along the lines of "his preference" or "his opinion". Not "he needs a reality check because he's turning this into a competition". So everytime these pre-pubescent fan boys say the very overly used "hottest chick ever" does that mean they need a reality check because they are making it a competition? Didn't think so. You are making it the competition.

                • LG_

                  This is my last response to you because you are an idiot and engaging with drama queens like you is not how I'll be spending my evening, but the original poster didn't just state his preference. If he said "Ellen is so hot to me", that's one thing. Instead he said "better than LG for sure" making it into a competition by throwing me into the picture at all. If he's stating his preference, there's no need to compare one chivette to another. That's called a competition when that happens, btw. He's not stating I like 'pizza' – he's comparing 'pizza' to 'calzone' making the act of comparing a competition.

                  And yeah, actually. If people say I'm the hottest chick ever, I reply with a thank you because they've said something nice and people should be thanked for going out of their way to be kind. But to be honest. They don't mean. I know they don't mean it. It's called a platitude. if someone says "LG is so much hotter than Girl X" I WOULD chime in and say it's not a competition. I actually have done that numerous times. And the reverse? I have read multiple comments from Chivettes who have said 'but we all are hot and awesome', and I agree. Just as I'm doing now, here.

                  • Guesty

                    Yeah, you'll be spending your evening with lips wrapped around something cause "momma needs a new pair of shoes"… Also, didn't say anyone would say you are the hottest ever, you just kinda took that and ran with it huh? Conceded much… just saying
                    But I digress. The only competition is in your head. You saw someone post a comment with LG in there, and no matter what it said, you would've responded. Your ego is that fragile that 1 random guy on a photoblog says something and you have to respond. And stop calling yourselves "Chivettes". You're girls that posts pics of yourselves in underwear, and sometimes less, on a photoblog. Don't try to pretty up what you really are with the term "Chivette".
                    Lastly, admittingly, this last response was weak. Getting ready to leave work and didn't have my head in the game, so please excuse the sub-par effort here

                    • TRON


                  • Elle

                    LG its Ellen, I'm with you girl. We are all hot and awesome because we are happy with who we are. You know better than me – dont listen to the assholes. – Chivette Love 🙂

              • The New Yorker

                It's "couldn't care less", 'ya daft broad.

          • Patches

            Says "I don't care about my looks and don't want to be in the entertainment industry".

            Poses mostly naked for a photoshoot for an entertainment website.

            • LG_

              I'm a very voyeuristic girl, and that's probably an understatement. That doesn't make me an actress, model, or anything in the entertainment industry and I've turned away offers for just that reason. I work in the field of homeland security and if I want to 'let lose' by taking a few pictures in my bra and panties, I can do whatever damn well makes me feel good and exciting. 🙂

              • sheoncebelieved

                Just tell me when and where LG and I'll kick some little punk's ass.

              • Dax

                engaging A$$holes like guesty is beneath you. And definitely not worth any amount of time.

                • Seagull

                  it's not beneath her, she rarely likes to be on top.

          • Mauro

            be honest … don't "lose your wings" angel …

      • Dapper_Dave

        Everything is a competition.

        Don't worry, you didn't lose this one. Color me unimpressed.

        and… comes the thumbs down.

      • Mauro

        jeez … think about post … i said better because i like more Ellen … better for me ! i don't care about the rest

      • This side

        HAHAHAHALMFAO!!! You know everytime I am on thechive your catfight with other chivettes or chivers just gave me so much fun!!! No matter what you have to admit you are becoming old gradually and there will always always always be prettier and younger or even wiser chivettes and chivers than you? Are you feeling damn freaking sad when you think of it? The argument here shows you have no confidence when comparing to other chivettes. How come I never see other chivettes fighting all over the internet like you. So desperate so needy! The more you argue, the more you look like an idiot to me. I will come back again. Hope you feed me more drama.

    • Paula_

      Can't tell if ignorant or nice trolling.
      Don't know Ellen, do know Lauren is a gem on more levels than the superficial ❤

      – the one you love to hate

  • alexjn1

    You are one fine and awesome chivette

  • Kyle LeRoy

    Thank you Chive and thank you Ellen – you both make my day.

  • Drewcifer

    I think im in love! wow your so sexy hawt!!!

    • dungydouche


  • TGor

    Beautiful, that about sums it up right there…

  • Slick_Nick

    Oh My you are Gorgeous….i can see why Mac cried his eyes out.Chive On love, keep 'em coming!!!!

  • laelow

    Sweet baby Jeeezus god almighty!
    #10 #27 #36 FTW.

  • hipsterbgone

    damn, was hoping to see her in a chuck wood jersey. girl is hot. GO PACK!

  • uhhh

    hairy arms…

    • uhhh

      but she is still beautiful none the less. very impressed

    • isawoj

      I have hairy balls. What's your point?

  • Anonymous

    Ellen is god awful cute! Thank you!

  • Smuggler

    #22 YES, GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kai

      I'll hail that a Victor

    • Yea Yea

      From KY, but pull for Michigan. That's just wrong coming from a fellow Kentuckian!

  • dungydouche

    #35 Patty hover-hand

  • diego

    #34 lol at pat's hand

  • Rob

    #10 WOW…and #12 perfect smile

  • Amused

    #21. Yes. No, HELL YES!

  • Matt

    Simply put, Ellen is one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. Thanks for all the great pictures!

  • Mikey

    sigh…and she's even a Wolverine.

  • Sean Fleming

    #33 i would cry too

  • nepster

    Looks like Rachel McAdams and Amy Smart had a hot lesbian fling and had a baby.

  • Commoditytrader

    There weren't too many hotties like that at Michigan while I was there – absolutely gorgeous

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