Daily Afternoon Randomness (33 Photos)

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  • EasternCanuck

    #30 I wouldn't be running to that McGyver'd POS with a damn fire extinguisher… find me the first damn fox hole

  • Raph

    #6, life is good being a mexican drug dealer

    • mike

      That's actually a Missouri car salesman who runs promotions where you receive a voucher for a free AK47/AR15/other firearm when you buy a car from him.

  • Smokin DMax

    #6 I love it when a plan comes together.

    #27 Classic

  • Franklin1138

    #32 makes me want to re-watch "Restrepo" and "Generation Kill."

  • Dutchie

    #25 played a big roll in the Russian revolution

  • Stan_Dalone

    #5 she's a cutie

  • Yoda

    #11 the most casual stormtrooper I've ever seen
    #17 nearly made me go off half cocked!

  • Anbu

    Hey,I hear you! But sometimes the lseosn is that it can be rewarding to do something you don’t want to do you never know what you might learn in the process!I didn’t learn that lseosn until well after university, and as a result I nearly didn’t get a degree at all!Ciao!Adam

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