Hot Right Now: Playboy model is pro golfer Grayson Murray’s new caddie, here are some smokin’ pics of her (17 photos)

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The DAR... it's late. Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes yesterday, Chivers. Really made my day and the long night that followed. If anybody has any Advil...

  • Vega

    #19 Itally mopped the flor with all the other countries.

  • stophatingyourbody

    #38 is not, umm…fat. The definition of beauty is so distorted. It's very sad.

  • BuckAustin

    #35 = too skinny
    #38 = one-size too small suit
    #39 = f*cking hot! I seriously can't stop looking at her boobs. I dunno who she is but she's got curves in all the right places. This deserves a two syllable 'da-amn'!

  • mozo


    Ignorance is bliss ? That is not Romania mentally challenged ones.

  • Anon

    So, am I the only one who thinks Kate Upton looks sooo much more normal with the extra weight?

  • NotPaula

    #15 is a ford

  • Cristian Smaranda

    #19 is fake, Romania has wrong language/towns, might be Hungary there

  • wanker

    #24 racially aware chick… MOAR!!!

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  • bigchap

    #18 Michelle Pieroway. Check FB

  • Neonazi

    #24. Smartest chick ever seen

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