Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

The DAR... it's late. Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes yesterday, Chivers. Really made my day and the long night that followed. If anybody has any Advil...

  • jrey81

    #41. T-SHIRT!!!! preeeeaazze?

  • ChiverBU

    #39 There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. She is TOO DAMN SEXY!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1385023723 David Fenton

    #20 the dude is gay obviously.

  • not working

    #33 MOAR PLEASE – anyone that can carry a lion like that… rawr

  • BMW

    Speechless….. #35 #46 #48

  • https://www.facebook.com/awesomeinabox Helen Gair

    Absolutely beautiful. As a woman with a few extra pounds I'm totally favouring the bigger look, wobble is amazing. Slap the fat and ride the ripples 🙂

    #37 #38 #39

  • http://planet27.wordpress.com payazo

    nice #48

  • SamanthaKristal

    #18 Hey I have the same photo on my living room wall, and I also like to pose in my underwear in front of it! What a coincidence! 😛

    • Dick Salad

      Ikea…. I guess I have the same one as well

  • SexyPoulet

    #40 I think we need another DB Gallery haha

  • Jason

    Kate Upton is still smoking hot. You are dumb and shallow as hell if you think otherwise



    Face or GTFO.

    Nice body. What about the face?

    Or maybe, your nerd is a complete faggot.

    Chive on y'all!

  • VJ_1

    #29 Fucking Legends!

  • Chris

    #13 #24

    OMG they are gorgeous!

  • ChiveMonger

    # 18 is Michelle Pieroway. A model from Canada living in Miami.

  • Jamie Thurman-Newell

    If that guy from bio class doesn't get his act together, I'm going to petition chuck norris to take his man card away violently

  • timmie

    #20. He’s completely oblivious… gonna have to step it up a notch…

  • james

    #20. Dude, you gotta get in there..and give it 110% !!! You hesitate and ppl die!

  • Lindsey

    #13 … but they have some expensive shoes…must pay well.

  • Anonymous

    #39 Everyone just needs to cool out. She’s hot.

  • tommy

    Maybe he DOES know who #20 is and knows she is bat shiat crazy and is smart enought not to walk into that bear trap

    And now I patiently await the angry replies from the sufferers of white Knight syndrome

    What is white Knight syndrome?
    Coming to the “rescue” and giving the whole “be with me and I will save you from the big bad evil boyfriend, husband, Guy that doesn’t deserve you” speil, to a girl that’s obviously bat Shiat crazy

  • Meaty

    Kate upton with a lil more weight if anything is way hotter. I would hot that way harder knowing she could handle the pounding!

  • Brad

    #24 – Racist white supremacists are not very Chivish. She’s ugly on the inside.

  • Barno

    #39 if you prefer skinny, needing a samvich Kate you are clearly a virgin. She has gotten way hotter.

  • doug

    #11 same as all the other cyclists!

  • D_Drogo

    this just in…#15 is a ford explorer

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